Haunted Places In Scotland

Welcome to the Haunted Hovel's list of the most haunted places in Scotland. From ruined clan castles in the highlands to the dungeon like vaults beneath the streets of Edinburgh, Scotland's got them all.

With such a rich history filled with turmoil and great clan battles, Scotland has the making's for some truly scary ghost stories as well as some interesting legends hundreds of years old.

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Featured Haunted Places In Scotland

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Aberdeenshire - Fraser Castle

Aberdeenshire - Balmoral Castle

Aberdeenshire - Glamis Castle

Aberdeenshire - Craigievar Castle

Aberdeenshire - Fyvie Castle

Aberdeenshire - Leith Hall

Ackergill - Ackergill Tower

Angus - Ethie Castle

Ayrshire, Culzean Castle

Dingwall - Tulloch Castle

Edinburgh - Dalhousie Castle

Edinburgh - Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh - Edinburgh Vaults

Edinburgh - Greyfriars Kirkyard

Edinburgh - Ghosts of the Royal Mile

Edinburgh, Mary King's Close

Falkirk - Airth Castle

Highland - Ardvreck Castle

Inverness - Culloden Moor

Linlithgow - Blackness Castle

Midlothian - Borthwick Castle

Nairn - Cawdor Castle

Oban - Barcaldine Castle

Stirling - Stirling Castle

Other Haunted Places In Scotland

The A75

A length of the road in between Annan and Dumfries is said to be haunted, with apparitions appearing in the road and vanishing as soon as a vehicle gets to close.

Ackergill Tower

Thought to be haunted by a ghost named Helen Gunn, who was kidnapped by a man named John Keith. During her captivity she either jumped or was pushed from a window in the highest tower. Her ghost is said to still linger within the grounds wearing a long red ball gown.

Ardrossan Castle

This castle is said to have a very special ghost within its walls, during stormy nights the spirit of William Wallace himself is said to walk the ground.

Crathes Castle

A female ghost come to be known as the "Green Lady" haunts part of the castle.

Culcreuch Castle

Home to several ghosts, the most well known of which is that of a phantom harpist who has spooked many a guest by playing music from empty areas.

Dryburgh Abbey Hotel

Thought to be haunted by the ghost known as the grey lady who drowned herself in the nearby River Tweed after her husband was murdered.

Jedburgh Castle

Home to many ghosts and paranormal happenings. A ghostly piper is said to stand on the battlements and a strong presence has led many a guest to flee the area.

Mary King's Close

Thought to be haunted by the ghosts of plague victims who legend says, were locked within the tunnels to starve to death in an attempt to halt the spread of the disease.

Stirling Castle

Haunted by the spirit of a servant to Mary queen of Scots. She was murdered at the castle and is said to linger to this day.

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