Craigievar Castle, Aberdeenshire

Craigievar Castle


Craigievar Castle is a 15th century, 7 storey building with multiple turrets and a pink colored exterior. The building was actually owned by the same family for 350 years, until 1963 when it was gifted to the National Trust for Scotland. The building originally had more defensive elements to it, including a walled courtyard and four rounded towers - only one a the towers remains today. Another notable fact is that during the the First World War the castle was used tou house wounded Belgian soldiers.


The Castle has a whole host of paranormal inhabitants - a lot of it considered to be serious poltergeist activity.

A bedroom known as the Blue Room (formerly known as the Ghost Room) is the most feared room. Doors open on their own so often in this room it's actually considered normal. Music also fills the room for no reason, objects move on their own and a dark shadowy figure has been seen multiple times over the years.

One historical story that may back this supposed haunting up involves two rival families during the 17th century. The Forbes family had a daughter who was infatuated with a boy from the Gordon clan. They were eventually found out and the boy from the rival Gordon family was dragged up the spiral staircase by Sir John Forbes and pushed out of a window in the Blue Room.

This may also explain why footsteps echoing up the spiral staircase are often heard and shadowy figures seen. The shadowy ghost on the stairs actually scarred one new member of the staff so much, that she left and refuses to come back!

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