Really scary ghost story's

After a really scary ghost story? well look no further. The Haunted Hovel are here to support all your spooky need's. Feel free to browse the collection of ghost stories on offer, all free of course.

Everybody enjoys a good scare once in a while and what better way to satisfy you paranormal crave than to read a good ghost story. Please note however that this section is relatively new to the Haunted Hovel and new stories and types of story will be added on a regular basis, such as true ghost story's, short story's and camp story's. Alternatively you can submit your own story within the submit a story section if you think you have what it takes to scare. Also any general encounters or experiences you would like to share will be greatly appreciated.

Now for the stories!

lease note that the below stories are of a fictional nature, they are stories related to ghosts and the paranormal. However they may contain themes not directly involving ghosts, such as vampires. A section will follow at a later date on this page containing true ghost stories based on actual events, so please come back and see us again some time.

Thank you - The Haunted Hovel team

Ghost story - The Haunted House

Ghost Story - The Crying Veil

Ghost Story - Chaldar's Conquest

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