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This section on real life ghost stories was inspired by a submission received on the 29th of July. The story impressed me so much I decided to create a whole new section for user submitted true short ghost stories. I say true however but the stories authenticity is up to you to decide.

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Real life ghost stories entry number 1

The person who submitted this story wishes to remain annonymous, but is displayed un-altered:

I was about five years old in 1985 and we were going to visit my aunt because she was very ill. We were originally going to stay for a week but our time was cut off. It was too long ago to remember exactly where it was, but I remember that I had a very odd and unfriendly feeling in my gut. As we arrived, I looked out the window and I saw a young girl. I did not have any female cousins or sisters. I was an only child. So I asked my mom "who is that?" She looked and said, "who? there's no one there!" But I distinctly remember she was staring right at me, like she knew that I could see her. When I got out of the car I went up to her and said "hi, my name is ----." (I didn't write my name to protect my identity) she said in a almost demonic voice "my name is Anistasha, come play." And then she just ran into the woods next to the house. As I was going to chase her my mother said not to play in the woods so I went inside. I was confused at this point because I asked everyone that was there and no one had seen her.

Nothing else happened that day until I went to bed. I was awoken by someone shoving me off my bed, then I looked up and saw her, the little girl. She said "come play with me" and I said "ok" being a foolish little girl. She told me to take the knife from the kitchen and cut my aunts' breathing tube. She convinced me somehow, I don't remember, but I think she said "do it for me it will be fun."

As I was walking over to my aunts room my mother came out of her room and said "---- what are you doing with that knife?!" I said "Anistasha told me to cut the tube!" After that my parents started to get irritated with me supposibly making up lies about her. As the time goes on she kept getting me to do her dirty work, I don't remember everything, but I remember that she told me to throw a rock at my mother. My mother ended up in the hospital. After that my aunt passed, and we were the first ones to leave. As I got older I started to look though my aunts trunk that she left my family and I found a news artical from 1864 stating that a 5 year old girl was raped and murdered by her parents and her aunt.

They drowned her in the lake in the woods and claimed she had run away because they were unfair to her needs and most people didn't believe that was true but there was no evidence they did it. So one day, someone was fishing with his son and discovered a 6 year old little girl. I think that she is angry and that's why her energy is still there.

Real life ghost stories entry number 2

More real life ghost stories submitted by our readers, however the name of the visitor was not submitted with the story, so they shall remain anonymous. However the submission remains un-alterered.

I live on a street named Dawson Street. The street is actually an illegal street, because on one side you have railroad tracks, and the other is a dead end. And the dead end area is supposed to be haunted. I live on the side near the tracks, close to a church. I first moved to Dawson Street three years ago, and I wanted to check the street out.

I took the walk in the daytime, and I made it about 3/4 of the way. I had to stop because there were three roosters in the street. I didn't know if they would attack or not, so I backed away. They didn't even seem to be paying attention to me. I thought it was weird to see roosters in the street, but I'm no rooster expert.

A few days later I decided to take the walk again, but I didn't see any roosters. But I heard them. I heard roosters crowing from all around me, only it wasn't morning. It was about four in the afternoon.

On my third trip, I took my brother and a friend with me. Once again, we didn't see any roosters, but we heard them. At least ten roosters, loud, and all around us.

Eventually, I summoned up the courage and took one final trip, alone this time. And I walked to the original spot to where I originally spotted the three roosters. They weren't there, but I heard a door, and an old man came out. He look really aged, and frail. He walked with a stick, and slowly approached me. He said "Can I help you, young man?" I looked at him, unsure wether to speak or not. My mouth was suddenly dry.

I answered "I'm looking for the roosters, the ones I've been seeing and hearing". A weird smirk came across his face, and I will never forget what he said. "IS THIS SOME KIND OF A SICK JOKE!!! ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT MY ROOSTERS? BECAUSE THEY ARE DEAD BOY. BEEN DEAD FOR TEN YEARS. NOW YOU GET OUT BOY!! YOU GET OUT OF HERE AND YOU NEVER COME BACK!! Frightened, I turned and ran. But on the way home, it happened again. The roosters cockadoodle doo...

Real life ghost stories entry number 3

There was an old man that lived right next door to us, and me and my cousins and little sisters loved to play hide-and-go seek in his yard so I guess he hated day he died (he was a real old man) and so did his wife , we were so young, but almost my whole family lived in that house.

so one day i was watching t.v alone in my grandmas's room and every body else was outside so the t.v just shutt off and the door just closed, i was so scared i ran out the room. My grandpa wakes up early in the morning to go to work and he said that he saw a ghost walking outside while every body was sleeping.

Another story is when my sisters were sleeping downstairs in the same house, And they made a room in our old basement. So one night they heard someone coming down the steps ,but they didnt pay any attention to it. Then they went to sleep and they heard something tapping on the window. They wook up scared then all of a sudden they heard a loud scream outside.

Then all of the dogs in the neighborhood were howling and barking super loud, And let me just tell you it was not a human scream. My mother said it wasnt a person and she said that she thinks it was a witch trying to get in the house.

Months later we moved to a bedroom upstairs in the house me and my little sister were scared to sleep there so we went to sleep with our mom and my older sister stayed in the room sleeping so as she was sleeping she noticed that there was a black bird outside her window, so she ran to my mother's room and slept there then we started hearing things outside and my dog was barking and howling in the garage.

Then in the room we decided to sleep in that room with our older sis and i woke up and saw a shadow that looked like my mother and it was staring back at me so it turned around and looked at the mirror that was in front of my bed. The next morning i ask my mom if she was in my room around 3 and she said no. Since that night i never slept in that room again.

Real life ghost stories entry number 4

Growing up i philly i experienced a lot of strange and unusual things. Well, not exactly strange to me. For as long as i can remember, i have always Seen things others can't or refuse to See, i have Heard things that are not meant to be Heard in this realm, and i have Felt things that do not exist in this dimension. My earliest child hood memories are of Shadow children as i had called them then. They would come at night after everyone else had fallen asleep, making noises, playing with my siblings toys, opening and closing doors, windows, and cabinets, running up and down the stairs, singing and writing on the walls. i have severe insomnia, and i had always been awake during these events, usually occuring at around 3:00 am.

One night, when i was about 8 or 9, i had gotten up to use the bathroom. Before leaving my room i checked the time, something i had done frequently, and it stated it was 2:58 am. When i opened my door to go into the hallway, there was a little girl standing in my doorway. I had never seen this girl before and she looked to be just about the same age as i. She had blonde hair that was in two pigtails, bright green eyes, and had on a red and blue dress. I knew something wasn't right because the dress looked really old, like a dress from the early sixties, and this was the late ninties. In her hand was my collectable teddy bear from a company that didn't even exist any more. I never took this bear out of its case, so i was pretty upset when i saw it swinging freely from her hand.

I looked her square in the eyes and asked "Who are you and how and why do you have my bear?" At first, she didn't answer, just stood there and stared back at me as i stared at her. Then, she turned her back towards me and turned the corner leading to the stairs. "Where are you going?" i asked her but she only looked back and out a finger to her lips as though to shush me. Then, with the same finger, beckoned me to follow her. By this time, i forgot about using the bathroom and was only interested in this strange little girl in my house with my teddy bear. So, i started to follow her downstairs into the living room.

When i reached the bottom of the stairs, she was no where in sight. "Hello?" i whispered this about three times into the darkness before i heard a giggle come from behind me. I turned around and there she was on the stair right above me. "How did you do that?" i asked. "I'm Samantha." was the only thing she said. This was the first time she spoke to me and i knew immediately something was off. Her voice sounded broken, as if we were on the phone and one of us had just driven into a tunnel, but she was standing right in front of me. I backed off of the bottom step and lifted my hand up. "Well, Samantha, thats my bear and i would like it back, and since my moms asleep you have to leave now."

She snatched the bear away from me and had became extremely aggitated. I had had enough and grabbed my bear out of her hands. She immediately disappeared. I became confused. I wasn't scared, i just simply did not know where she had gone. I went back upstairs to put my bear back in its box, but the box had been destroyed. I put the bear back on the bed and looked at the clock again, this time it said 3:15 am. I realized i still had not gone to the bathroom. As i was leaving my room, my door slammed shut, missing my fingers by millimeters. The slamming door woke everyone in the house, but no one was in the hallway when it slammed.

Real life ghost stories entry number 5

I was about 4 or 5 when I was living in my old house on the other side of town. From a very young age, I understood what spirits were and that they sometimes were in houses or buildings. Because of this I knew that there was something in my house.

Before I had my experience, my mother had a rather frightening experience. One day when she came home from work she went upstairs to go into her bedroom which was right down the hall from mine. She turned the doorknob and pushed, but the door wouldn't move. Now, that door never stuck and it was in the dead of winter, so there was no way it was humid out.

She pushed against the door hard enough to get it open so she could slide her hand in and low and behold, the dresser which belonged on the other side of the room was in front of the door. Being that this happened during the winter, the windows were all shut and locked so there was no way that anyone could have gotten in and rearranged the furniture.

This continued to happen for almost a year. My father also experienced something in my room. I had a door in my room that went into my closet and my closet was also the landing to the attic. This door had no lock on it and also didn't stick in the humidity. He was trying to get up into the attic and the door just wouldn't budge, so he went downstairs to get a screwdriver to get the door off the hinges. Meanwhile I was sitting on my bed watching the whole thing.

He passed just through my doorway when the closet door flung open out of the blue, almost like someone had been holding it closed and then just let it go. Then came my experience. I was trying to get to sleep in my bed and I just couldn't. I know I was wide awake because I pinched myself to make sure. I looked up at my doorway and I saw this glowy mass. It had the shape of a being, but somehow I knew it wasn't because I could see directly through it into the bathroom.

The being moved over to my bed and picked me up. Naturally I was scared to death being 5 years old, but at the same time I knew that I shouldn't be because this thing wasn't going to hurt me. The next thing that I knew I was in my parents bedroom down the hall.

Real life ghost stories entry number 6

When I was 13, I was sitting in my bedroom, grieving over the death of one of my oldest friends, when I felt a sudden cold gather inside the room. It was the middle of the summer, the temperature was 87 degrees and my windows were closed.

It gathered around me and as I sat there, shivering, I could have sworn that I heard my friends voice say,"Good-bye."

Not to long later, the same sensation came over me again, this time, however, my mom was in the room and felt it to.

Yet another friend had died in a similar manner, only she was my mom's friend. When the cold lifted, my mom said,"It was Mari coming to say goodbye."

Real life ghost stories entry number 7

Some people believe ghosts are inexistent. Well, honestly I have always believed in ghosts. I read stories interested, but then I got scared. My first ghost experience I will never forget. I will actually never forget any of my experiences. My experiences at my own house in Virginia.

My first experience was when I was in the 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade. It was 3:00 am. Most people know this as the demon's hour. I had my closet door open, and I had awoken. Seeing as my bed faces the closet, I couldn't help but look.

As I looked into the closet, I saw the shadow of a person. I opened and closed my eyes to try and make it go away. It never did. I wanted to cry out to my parents, but i was too scared to make a sound. A FEW NOTES ON THIS STORY:

1.I was wide awake. I have a chemical in-balance making sleep impossible without pills, if I wake up, I'm wide awake for a couple hours.

2.Later I found out the spirit was a shadow spirit

3.After that night, I slept with the closet door shut

4.I could see in the closet cause I had a night-light

My next experience I have no explanation for. Most of the time I was alone in the house as my parents worked downtown which is an hour away. One night alone I heard voices. And knocking. I talked to them. I heard wind-chimes even though we didn't own any. I got so scared I was crying.

A few days later I was playing my guitar, and my cat was in the hallway hissing and attacking the air. A FEW NOTES ON THESE EXPERIENCES:

1.I later found out that my step-dad's grandmother had died in this house

2.My cat disappeared a few days later

3.My parents didn't believe me about the ghosts (at least my mom didn't)

This experience ties in with the first one. It happened a few months ago. I had forgotten to shut my closet door. I awoke at 3:00 am. I noticed the closet door open and jumped up and shut it. I laid down and after a few minutes I heard knocking. It wouldn't stop. I tried blocking it out. With headphones, pillows, my hands and fingers. Nothing worked. I gained the courage to go to my parents room and bring my mom. As she entered the knocking stopped.

I have saved the best for last. One day alone in my house (my step-dad was outside), I was by myself in my room. I heard glass break in the kitchen. I thought it was my step-dad. As I went out there I called his name. He was nowhere to be found (outside of course). The glass that had broken was a collector's item. We had 2 of them. It was broken 5 feet from where it was at. It was located on a shelf up high, with bars around it like a crib so stuff wouldn't fall out.

I think logically. I don't jump to conclusions. I used the replica for a short experiment. It was loaded with a knife so it was much heavier. I tipped it over against the shelf bars to see if it would fall over. It wouldn't. I concluded the glass had to be lifted up and thrown.

SOME NOTES ON THESE TRUE STORIES:1. I am 13 years old.2. My house is over 50 years old.3. There are 3 acres of land.4. My step-dad's grandmother died in here.5. It is very haunted.6. The hauntings have not ceased, just slowed down.

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