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Welcome to the Haunted Hovel, please, do come in, there's nothing to be afraid of... not until you get past this page anyway!

ghost This site is dedicated to providing you with as much information about Ghosts and everything related to them as possible, including EVP, Orbs, Haunted Locations and Poltergeists information.

However, if you can't find what you're looking for then please send us a message in the Contact form and tell us what you'd like to see and we'll make it priority to cover it for you! Please note that new sections are being added all the time, you can see which sections are new and recently added below!

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Farrar school house Enfield case

So what's new?

Well nice of you to ask, this week we have a new spooky location added for the US! It is Farrar school house in Iowa. Also we've had some terrifying tales of poltergeist, you can find them by clicking Here!


What's Hot?

Well, we've had some rather chilling tales submitted by our visitors. these stories are of real life experience's about encounters with the paranormal, However, their authenticity is up to you to decide!

Real life ghost stories!

Other recently added features!

A new section on spooky places in Washington has been added which includes the hauntings of the white house. There are also 2 new haunted places in the UK, They are Bodelwyddan Castle in Denbighshire, and the Old Coliseum Theatre in Greater Manchester! Also a new picture box has been added on the Ghost pictures page to make it easier to view all the ghosts pictures from one easy box! A new page on Haunted Asylums has also been added, we will be covering all types of location eventually so please be patient, if you know of a location we haven't covered then please send us the info to share it with other paranormal fans, you can submit a location by clicking Here!

Another addition to the Ghosts page is several commonly asked questions which have been covered and an easy quick jump list to make it easier to get to the section you want! This page is one of the fastest growing on the site and will end up being quite large, however if you don't find what your after then send us a message in the Contact Form stating what you like to see or just ask a question and it will appear on the site!

Bodelwyddan Castle Ouija Board Old coliseum theatre

Are orbs actually real? Well some common arguments against them have been covered in the Orbs! section. Also make sure to keep an eye out for the articles and FAQ section. This new section, coming soon, will include all of the most commonly asked questions on ghosts and related subjects answered in an FAQ form, also articles on theories and histories of subjects such as EVP and Poltergeist case studies. So stay tuned and thanks for visiting the Haunted Hovel!

Some of the main features of this site include:

* A wide selection of Haunted Locations through out the UK and the US.

* Poltergeist section including case studies.

* A selection of slightly disturbing Ghost Pictures.

*Ghost hunting Info and Tips.

*Information on Ouija boards, including stories and rules!

ghost ghost ghost

After a good spook?

I assume that as a visitor you're here looking for information about the paranormal, after a little scare maybe? Well you've certainly found the right place, our team are dedicated to bringing you the most high quality, in-depth information there is. So please feel free to browse around and check out all our info on and everything related to Ghosts. After all, most people like a little scare every now and again, so check out some of our creepiest Locations and see what you think!

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