EVP Recordings

Welcome to the EVP recordings section of the site, within this section you can listen to various EVP's that have been captured from various locations.

One thing i would like to mention first though is that these recordings are very difficult to capture and some of the recordings take some listening to for you to be able to make out the sounds.

Most of the recordings are just clips where the sound has been captured and plays through as normal, at the end of some of the clips, the section where the evp has been captured plays through again, some times slowed down and amplified to make the sound clearer.

Each clip has the title above it of what is thought to of been said, if you disagree, think there is no sound or think it says something different from the title of the recording then please do let us know by sending us a message in the contact section. Enjoy!

*IMPORTANT* If the sound does not play in your browser then it may be because you don't have the latest version of flash player installer, you can download the latest version for free by clicking here!

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Hopefully you have been able to make out the white noise within these recordings, some are very hard to hear and some you have to know what your looking for in order to find the sound, but we hope you enjoyed them anyway, Keep an eye on us as well because more recordings will be added when they become available to us. Thank you.

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