Real Haunted Houses

chingle hall

Welcome to the Haunted Hovel's section of real haunted houses. Here you will find a list of all Haunted locations on the site that are based around the home structure, such as houses, mansions, manors and so on.

molly brown houseFor some reason Haunted houses have always been the most commonly thought of haunted structure, not sure why, perhaps the thought of a building that people actually live in being haunted can be scary as hell. If you think that your house is haunted then we would love to hear from you! Send us a message in this contact form and tell us all about it, we'd seriously love to hear from you. But, for now please enjoy the list of haunted houses below.

Bolling hall

Preston Manor

Hudson house

Raynham Hall

Oliver House

The Molly Brown house

The Leach mansion

Caswell house

Athelhampton Hall

The Hay house

Stickney Mansion

Palmer House

Ruthmere Mansion

Hannah House

The General Dodge House

Sexton house

The Felt Mansion

The Lemp Mansion

Charnock Hall

Kelton House

Treasure Holt

Levens Hall

Chingle Hall

Astors Beechwood Mansion

Tynedale Farm

Sprague Mansion

Belgrave Hall

Fitz Manor

Moresby Hall

Leith Mansion

Llancaiach Fawr

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