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Need to contact the haunted hovel? Got a question we haven't answered? Whatever your ghostly needs, just fill out the simple contact form below. The only thing we ask is that you keep your messages civil, any aggressive or rude messages will not be responded to and will be blocked so you will only be wasting your time. Thank you - the haunted hovel team!

Please make sure that the e-mail sent back to you in response doesn't end up in your junk mail folder, i've had so many people mail me asking why i didn't reply to their original message. I ALWAYS reply to every message received so please make sure you aren't accidentally filtering me out, thank you!

About visiting Haunted Locations

All of the locations featured on my site are purely for entertainment purposes, and have been researched through the web. I do NOT hold any contact information for any of the locations on this site and there for am unable to help out with how you could go about visiting such a place.

If you are interested in any of the locations then there are a few things you could try yourself to arrange a visit.

1)  See if the location has an official website. Normally if somewhere holds ghost walks they are normally more than willing to let it be known, and if they do not state that they do, a quick call to the main contact number should sort things out.

2)  If the location does not have an official site or you simply cant find it or any contact details, the good old fashioned phone book or a look on google maps street view may provide such details.

3)  If you cant find any details and really want to visit a place find out who owns it and request contact details. For example if it is a rather old building then find out which councils territory it is in and contact them with a request that they pass on your contact info, at the least they will probably be able to tell you who owns it.

Also alot of older buildings are normally managed by some sort of trust. In the UK English Heritage is responsible for managing pretty much all of the castles and ancient sites, and a quick call to them, or the equivalent of them, should point you in the right direction.

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