Sexton House, Russellville

Sexton House, Russellville


Sexton house, which is located at the edge of Maple Grove Cemetery, was built in 1870. A sexton is the outdated term for the caretaker of a cemetery. The house has only had a small number of owners in its time and has always been privately owned. Today the building is a privately owned residence.


The tales of this location are quite famous locally, and there are various versions of what happened here. The most common tale is that of a young girl who lived there with her father.

One day she was looking out of the second story window when she was struck by lightening which killed her and etched her portrait into the glass of the window, no amount of scrubbing could remove her image from the glass and in the 1920's the tale had become so popular and was attracting so many visitors to the house that the owner painted over the window and boarded it up.

Years later, another care taker by the name of Kelly Williams decided to remove the paint and see for himself, before he could complete the task however he died from a heart attack in the kitchen.

Many locals believe that the reason the young girl was struck by lightening was because she cursed God, others believe it was because of a freak lightening strike which just happened to kill her, and others believe she died from medical reasons, the truth of her death seems to be forever lost in folk tales.

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