Oliver House, Bisbee

Oliver house, Bisbee


Oliver house was built in 1909 by Edith Ann Oliver, the wife of a mining tycoon. It was originally built as a planning center and boarding house for the Arizona mining company until it was purchased in 1986 by a Dennis Schranz who was warned at the buying meeting that the place was haunted, at the time he didn't believe in ghosts and went through with the sale. He does now however after living in and experiencing the house's "other worldly" residents. The building is still open to this day as a bed and breakfast.


Oliver house has had a violent history, being in a "wild west" area, several people have died within the house. One of the first recorded murders was that of a Nat Anderson, who was shot at the top of the second story staircase on the 22nd of February, 1920, his killer was never caught and it remains an unsolved murder case.

There is a certain room in the house which was used by Dennis Schranz the first night he spent there alone, he claims to have heard footsteps walking down the hallway and straight into his room and up to his bed, even though the door was locked, could this be the ghost of Nat Anderson?

One of the most common experiences within the building is said to be in the grandma room, were an old lady passed away, guests have reported seeing the apparition of an old lady standing over them while their in bed. Other often reported happenings are to hear the sound of running water late at night through pipes that no longer exist, as well as the feeling of being watched and footsteps.

Orbs have been seen on occasion in the attic on both still and infra-red film. It appears that from guest statements and past happening's that the second floor is by far the most haunted.

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