Tynedale Farm, Pendle Hill, Lancashire

Tynedale Farm


Tynedale Farm is located in the infamous Pendle Hill area of the county of Lancashire. Although the current building was built in 1750, records exist which date a previous building back to at least 1600.

The building and the surrounding area are very well known due to the witch trails which took place in 1612, and amazingly the building is still owned to this day by the Nutter family. Alice Nutter was found guilty along with 11 other women from the area and hung for her crimes.

Along with the neighboring Lower Well Head farmhouse, Tynedale has a long and tortured history and it's rundown interior and exterior give it a truly terrifying presence.


The first alarming thing about the building is that the Nutter family refuse to come here and if they are coaxed into entering with guests they refuse to stay. Many phenomena and full apparitions have been witnessed over the years, ranging from the lowly figure of a ghostly woman in the downstairs corridor to heavy footsteps, groans, high-pitched screams and the feeling of strangulation and complete disorientation on the top floor.

Mediums have picked up on a woman making clay effigies of her intended victims in the basement. These dolls would have then been crumbled or burned to inflict pain or death. Could this woman have been Elizabeth Demdike, or Alice Nutter? Both have been sensed in the farmhouse by various mediums over the years. Another odd thing is the electrical box above the front door is still slowly turning and consuming electricity even though there are no appliances working in the house... Could this be fueling the paranormal phenomena in the building?

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