Palmer house, Crystal lake

Colonel Palmer House


Palmer House was built in 1858 by Gustavus A. Palmer and his wife Herietta. The building was originally used as a farm until it was donated to the City of Crystal Lake in 1979 and for many years maintained by the House's Restoration Association. The building is now open to the public for tours, special events and research of local history.

A description of this buildings history has been submitted by Kim R from the US and goes as follows:

It was a very long running farm until the owners and eventually their son passed. It was then rented for decades before a Palmer descendant sold it. Eventuallythe new owner started selling off the land to developers and in order to becomeannexed into Crystal Lake, the house and remaining acres were donated to CL.


The stories of hauntings at this location are somewhat of a classical nature. The owner of the orphanage was supposed to be a cruel man who beat the children and there are even claims that he killed some of them.

Reports of hauntings include hearing the sounds of children crying coming from within the house, even when it is empty. The sounds of children scratching at doors and stamping on the floor are also popular claims.

It is said that particularly naughty children were sent into the basement, this is also were bodies were temperarily kept before disposal. People have reported to see the sad faces of children in the basement windows, also these faces have shown up on various photographs.

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