Treasure Holt, Essex

Treasure Holt, Essex


The building that is now know as Treasure Holt dates back to 1138 and was formerly a farmhouse known as Pearl's Farm and previous to that was a couching inn. Their are numerous stories about witchcraft and murder, in fact in 1928 whilst a brick floor was being re-laid, workers found some leather buckles, human bones and a token which dated from 1793.


Many apparitions have been reported in and around the grounds including a woman dressed in a crinoline gown, a cavalier witnessed wandering around in the lounge, many people claim to have seen a monk in the grounds, usually walking about a foot or so above the floor!

Another ghost seen here is that of a lady with long blonde hair seated near the fireplace playing a spinet. Also around the corner from the building, a local highwayman's ghost has been seen hanging. The man had been hung there by the locals after commiting numerous robberies in the local area.

top of Treasure Holt

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