General Dodge House, Council Bluffs

General dodge house


What is known as the general dodge house was built in 1869 by Mr Dodge, who was a civil war veteran, it was built at 605 Third Street at the cost of $35,000, a lavish sum for that day. The fourteen-room, three-story mansion stands on a high terrace overlooking the Missouri Valley, and displays such architectural features as parquet floors, cherry, walnut and butternut woodwork, and a number of "modern" conveniences quite unusual for the period.


The ghost at this building is said to that of Mr Dodge himself, he was not thought to of died in the house, but a common belief is that ghosts are not bound to the location of their death. He has been seen numerous times by visitors to the house, appearing as an apparition in the form of a ghostly shadow, walking the hallways of the residence.

Lights, described as bright orbs have been seen in the house at night, as well as outside the building in its grounds. The other report of paranormal activity at this location is that of hearing two men argue within empty areas of the house, who they are and why their there seems to forever be wrapped in mystery.

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