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Brief History of the state and it's hauntings

Michigan officially became a state in 1783 with the signing of the treaty of Paris. The state was hotly disputed and fought over through out the 1700's. Many battles took place within the land, the local Indian tribes fought the American settlers, as well as wars against the British. There was a lot of French activity here as well, French colonists built the settlement which has become Detroit, and they also sided with the American settlers against the British.

Featured Haunted places in Michigan

Bay city, Visitation church

Bay port, Sweet dreams Inn

Livonia, Ardmore Center

Mackinac island, Mission house

Saugatuck, Felt mansion

Traverse city state hospital

Other Haunted places in Michigan

Addison - North Adams Rd

A little girl was killed suddenly here while waiting for a school bus by a speeding car. Since her death strange things have happened. The day of her funeral she started knocking on the doors of the house she was born in. One month later as her clothes were to be removed the doors in the home flew open with no reason. Cold spot can now be felt and knocking at the door is still present to this day in the home. Lights like to go on and off in this house and she moves things to let someone know she is there. The cemetery where this child lies has had a lot of activity also. Some have said she has been spotted walking the cemetery very restless as if she doesn't realize she has passed on.

Algoma Township - Hell's Bridge

On a winding dirt road next to the Rogue River called Friske, there is a small turn-around for no particular reason. On this turn-around, there is a trail that leads off into the woods. If you follow the trail, it leads to an old iron bridge called Hell's Bridge. It is said that if you are sitting or standing on the bridge at midnight you can hear the devil laughing. The reason is, in the 1800's, when Algoma didn't really exist and Rockford was known as Laphamville, a man named Elias Friske murdered several children and claimed a demon made him do it. Later the bodies were found in the part of the river where the bridge is now. Sometimes you can also hear the children crying or the noise of splashing water where their bodies were thrown. Some fishermen in the early morning have reported seeing a strange figure near the bridge.

Algonac - Morrow Road

Morrow Road is a Haunted road in Algonac Michigan near Harsens Island. In the 1800's a woman lost here child on that road and is still looking for her today. At night people see strange glowing orbs floating down the road and through the woods. Some see the lady walking by the side of the road in an 1800's dress covered in blood. Still others have reported seeing her hanging from a tree by a noose. The road has been on the popular show Unsolved Mysteries as well as several local news channels. Now there is a movie being made about the road. The story behind the road is a woman went out in the middle of the night to find her toddler that had somehow got out alone in the winter and they both froze to death.

Ann Arbor - Mercywood Hospital

Mercywood was a mental hospital before closing down. Security guards heard the elevators moving when the building was empty. Sounds would come from the boiler room. In the basement were personal belongings of the inmates. There was also a bowling alley and bumper pool tables in the basement. There was insane rambling written on the walls in some of the rooms. Behind the hospital there was a convent where the nuns lived that worked in the hospital and even to go in there was a very uneasy feeling. It is like you can feel the insanity that surrounded the place. Also an evil feeling is felt by many who visit here. They have since torn down the old hospital but something has been built there recently. It is on Jackson Ave. in Ann Arbor a little way down from the cemetery next to I-94 on the right side if you are going west.

Assininns - The old tribal orphanage

Before the building was turned into a Tribal Centre, it used to be a Catholic Orphanage. People have sighted apparitions of little kids, nuns and priests, and have also had encounters with objects dropping or moving, and other various sounds through out the building. This entire piece of land still has a church that's active, and other inactive buildings that date back to the early 1800's.

Battle Creek - Court Apartments

Reports of strange occurrences happened only in the East side building, usually in apartments 1 to 4, and 8. Closet doors would open, even when closed securely and if the closet door was closed, you can sometimes hear the coat hangers (even if immobilized in some way) tap against each other, despite the total lack of breezes or heat updrafts. Other strange happenings included: Heavy footsteps and yelling in vacant upper apartments, the feeling of an unpleasant presence, cold spots (in only one upper apartment), the feeling of being touched or groped, knocking on doors, dishes being broken and pans thrown (but still intact and unmoved when you check them) and flickering lights. The buildings are about 100 years old, but no one has made any connections of deaths or tragedies to these Haunting’s.

Battle Creek - Oak Hill Cemetery

At approximately midnight every Sunday night a statue of the Virgin Mary seems to weep. This story is over 60 years old and everybody in Battle Creek has heard of this story. They call her crying Mary.

Bay Port - Sweet Dreams Inn Victorian Bed & Breakfast

They report to have many ghosts roaming the halls, opening & closing doors, walking up & down the stairs, moving furniture, throwing objects down, etc. They are good spirits, but very active.

Bay city - AA Ranch

This one of our haunted places in Michigan was submitted by Bryce and remains un-altered: Back in the early 1900's a farmer who had a barn here would have people over to his house for parties. After the parties were done the farmer killed the people and hung them on hooks in the barn. The authorites eventually found out about this and they hung him from a tree on his property and it is also said they buried him there. Now the spirits of all the ghosts, the farmer included are said to be trapped there, there is no evidence suggesting that this actually occured although there is a lot of wierd feelings and occurrences at AA Ranch.

Birmingham - Adams house

The house was built in 1920. Originally inhabited by Margaret parks who owned Parks Cole Company in downtown Birmingham around the same period. Countless paranormal experiences in this home. Such as lights turning on and off by themselves, curtains opening as if someone where looking out when no one is home , cold spots , ghostly apparitions both male and female, items vanishing and reappearing and a strand of bells ringing in early morning hours. This is only to name a few.

Brighton - Brighton Women's correctional institute

Before the death sentence was revoked in Michigan hundreds of inmates died in the prison. Rumours of ghost hitchhikers are known to be on the road leading to the prison. These are thought to be the souls of inmates executed while attempting escape.

Brimley - Point Iroquois Lighthouse

Point Iroquois Lighthouse, outside of Brimley is said to be haunted. There is a story about a ghost girl who was eaten by a bear, the bear was later killed and parts of the girl where discovered inside. The site is also the location of an Indian battle, which took place in the 1600's, where the Ojibwa and Iroquois had a battle, and the Iroquois's where slaughtered. The lighthouse has had cold spots and figures have been seen.

Byron - McGuire's House

There was a man named Nick Bradon that lived and built the house, he was ploughing the field when he fell of the tractor and got ran over with the blades of the plough. There are reports of lights that go on and off, rocking chairs that rock on their own, foot steps, and there have been reports of people sleeping in the upstairs rooms who have seen figures of people watching over them.

Central Lake - Murphy's Lamplight Inn

The Lamplight Inn has been a landmark in Central Lake since 1924. It was built in the very early 1900s. Beginning in the early '50s, the successive owners have had persistent reports of ghosts. A man and woman dressed in late '20s clothing have been seen many times over the years, not only by owners families, but also by employees and customers alike. The descriptions are uncannily similar. A customer recently reported the man and woman ghosts dancing together in the bar area with a little girl ghost looking on. Another story tells of the daughter of a former hotel manager, who was preparing to elope with her fiancée, and tripped on her gown while descending the ladder. She fell to her death and returns to walk the hallway upstairs in her wedding gown. It is a fact that Mrs. Gill who, with her husband, were the first managers of the hotel, returned and lived out her remaining years there. She died in the early 50s in one of the upstairs bedrooms. Many people have reported seeing her stand in the upstairs window looking onto the village. In 1979 Ted Strzempek bought the lamplight and he said he was in the upstairs hallway painting when a woman in a white dress ran by him and through all the boxes he had stacked by the wall. She ran into a bedroom and he ran in after her only to find an empty room. The Murphy's now own the lamplight and if you ask them if the lamplight is haunted they will not deny it.

Coldwater - Oak Hill Cemetery

On the end of a deep, wide, circular pit is a mausoleum. It is painted green; vines have long since overgrown the name and front. Pictures taken on three different days and times all show a mist in the top corner. One the shapes of two figures are clearly visible. Vandals have written, "meg lives" on the ground in front and a pentagram in red on the door. A deep sense of unease is felt in this circle. This is located in the old section of the cemetery; you get a very strange feeling as you walk through it.

Croton - Croton Dam

There was a young boy in the 1970's who was fishing at the top of Croton Dam. He slipped and fell in the turbines, and was killed. Several fishermen have claimed they have seen the boy walking at the top of the dam sobbing. Most sightings have been in the early morning before sunrise. The boy's figure is illuminated by the lights at the top of the dam, and he is said to be walking about ten feet above the wall. The fishermen of the community seem to believe he is a sign of good luck, who ever spots him seems to have a prosperous day.

Crystal Falls - Mansfield mine cave-in

In the late 1800's when iron ore mining was in its prime, a group of 27 miners were killed when the mine caved in and they drowned or were crushed to death. People who live close by can sometimes hear screaming and noises like someone was hitting a pick against a rock. Apparitions can be seen in and around the water where the mine filled up. Lights of the mining helmets have been seen coming from below the water.

Dearborn - Divine Child High School

Several years ago, when a new gym addition to the school was being built, a construction worker fell from scaffolding and died from head injuries. Many people say that the new gym in the school is haunted and see his ghost up on the catwalk at night. If you walk down the halls of DC you feel like something is watching you, or following you, usually due to the footstep noises. It has been said that at night, in the empty halls, if you get in the school and walk around, some of the rooms are lit up and the janitor equipment will be standing outside some of the rooms, but if you go in the rooms there is no one to be found, but often strange things written on the chalk boards.

Dearborn - Greenfield Village

Haunted by many ghosts in most of the homes, the most active are in Firestone Farm, and Webster home. A man committed suicide in the barn at the farm, and Webster is just thought to be unhappy.

Dearborn - Tournament Players Club

The cleaners have claimed at night time to have felt presences and witnessed the lockers opening and shutting on their own. Also visitors claim of a feeling of never being alone. It is believed to be the spirits of golf legends.

Dearborn - Ford Rouge Plant

The overpass bridge at the plant also has haunting facts from the day Walter Reuther was beaten up by Harry Bennett's thugs. It is said that people who use this bridge late at night get an eerie feeling of being pushed from behind and a strange voice yells at them.

Dearborn - O.L. Smith Middle School

One of the most recent encounters was in one of the seventh grade classrooms. The teacher left the room to copy some papers. Right after he left, the door connecting the rooms together flew open. When some of the students checked, no one could've gotten into that room. They sat back down, and again, the door moved a little. Right after, the students heard faint whispering.

Detroit - Dept of Transportation Main Office

A former employee killed himself on the 2nd floor and the story goes that every night around 11:00pm, he roams the building operating the elevator and walking the stairs. When he is really restless he rides the elevator with the living stopping on the 2nd floor on every up and down trip.

Detroit - Detroit Historical Museum

In the lower level of the museum, there is a stain on the floor and it smells like sulphur that seems to disappear when it is touched. There are also claims that some workers have seen an orb in the lower level by the stain.

Detroit - The Detroit Masonic Temple

This huge edifice was built in 1912 especially for the Masons. The building has over 1,000 rooms, many secret passages, and secret floor compartments. The builder, a gentleman named George D. Mason, was said to have gone broke financing the building, and having lost all his money (and his wife, who left him shortly after filing bankruptcy) became despondent and jumped off the roof to his death. Night watchmen have seen his transparent form at the bottom of the stairs that lead to the roof. Also, one of the roof doors will always be open, sometimes only moments after the watchman has locked it. Many other unusual sightings have occurred there, including unnatural cold spots and shadows moving in the third floor hallway behind the Drill Hall, various footsteps, the sound of doors slamming in locked, unoccupied rooms, and feelings of being "watched" or being "unwanted". Many night watchmen have quit on the spot after having an experience with the ghost, and others refuse to even enter certain rooms.

Detroit - Orchestra hall

The Detroit symphony orchestra's Second Music Director (and Son in Law of author Samuel Clemens) Walks through his old office and rehearsal spaces in Detroit's Orchestra Hall. The hall was built as a prerequisite of Gabrilowitsch before he would lead the Detroit Symphony, and many maintenance and Security personnel still find his apparition walking around as if he were still the Music Director.

Dexter - Warlock Willie's

There is a small cemetery near an apple orchard about a mile from town on Huron River Dr. There are only a few gravestones, but there is a particular tree that is said to grow over the grave of a warlock. The tree has thorns growing on it although it isn't the type of tree to naturally grow thorns. People say that if you lie on the ground in front of the tree you can see a shadow come at you and pass through you into the ground.

East Lansing - Michigan State University

In Holmes Hall, on the sixth floor of the west building, students have reported seeing a male figure enter the elevator. Immediately after the door closes it reopens, revealing an empty elevator. Appliances have also been known to come on by themselves.

East Lansing - Michigan State University - Mason Hall

There have been sightings of an old man in the oak room in the basement. Supposedly he was locked in there in 1975 and suffocated and died. The toilets flush themselves and voices have been heard in halls. There is a loud banging noise that can be heard early in the morning. Sometimes the lights will flicker and an eerie presence can be felt in the laundry room.

Eastpointe - East Detroit High School

The high school's auditorium is said to be haunted. Shadows have been seen on the walls when the auditorium is dimly lit. There are also stories of apparitions being spotted. Cold spots are felt on the stage as well as a strange presence being felt there from time to time. Occurrences only seem to happen when there are a few people in the auditorium. When there is a crowd nobody notices anything.

Enterprise - The Mitz's House

Is a house that has been standing since the Civil War. During a recent renovation project, the carpenters and other workers said to have come in to work and all of their tools have been moved or missing, they have heard music when there was no power on in the house and they have heard laughter of children. Also they claim to of come in one day and all the furniture had been nailed to the floor. There were also reports of some of the workers seeing blood on the stairs and banister and the head carpenter was down in the basement and looked to the top of the stairs where he saw a figure standing there that was dressed like a general from the Civil War. Mrs. Mitz still lives in this house today.

Fenton - Fenton Hotel

Several reports of activity in the Bar area, glasses breaking and shutters being opened or closed. Phantom drink orders taken by wait staff. Included in the book Haunted Michigan. Noises such as footsteps and voices have been reported in the upper levels by employees closing the restaurant at night. The building has a long history in the town, used to serve as a Hotel, but has been a restaurant for many years. Many unexplained light flickering also occurs.

Flint - Diane's Pawn Centre

A heavy and oppressive feeling takes over you as you enter, and specifically in the isle with leather coats and guitars, you sense an overwhelming amount of depression and dread. You get the urge to leave immediately. The hair stands up on the back of your neck, and it also seems hard to breathe.

Forester - Lake Huron

A young girl named Minnie Quay is said to haunt the shores of this lake. When Minnie was around 15 years of age, she fell in love with a sailor. Unfortunately, Minnie's parents disapproved and would not let her see him. The sailor later died at sea. Minnie was so upset upon hearing of his death that she dressed herself in all white and jumped off the pier into the cold waters of Lake Huron. Her body is buried in the nearby cemetery. People have claimed to see her ghost walking the beach, crying for her lost love.

Frankenmuth - School House Mall

Story has it, that in the late 1800's when the mall was still a school, a teacher was killed there. A murderer was running loose and this unlucky teacher was right in harms way. She has been seen wandering the hallways trying to protect her students from the killer.

Gladwin State Forest Area

More haunted places in Michigan submitted by our users. The following was submitted by brice and remains un-altered: The woods are rumored to have had a strange cult like group of people that would spend nights in the woods chanting and doing rituals, according to locals and witnesses the group stopped visiting the area some time in 2007. Since this time strange incidents have been reported, people have reported blacking out randomly, and entering cold spots that soon go away. Two different police reports have been filled out claiming that the person was suddenly scratched across the back, but both people claimed that when they turned to face their attacker no one was there. The most common thing people have reported in the woods is screaming from a long distance away, and loud talking that quickly stops. The last strange thing reported about the woods is a certain area in the woods named "Elliotts pass", supposedly this location is where the cult held their gatherings, animal sacrifices, and initiations which came in the form of rape for women and for men, and draining a pint of blood by cutting off the tip of the left ring finger.

Grand Haven - The Grand Theatre

Haunted by the old janitor that ran the place a long time ago. When it was up and running as a theatre, employees would report lights turning on and off and garbage being cleaned up when no one was there to clean it up. There also might be someone buried in the basement according to stories. How accurate this is however remains unclear.

Grand Haven - Lake Forest Cemetery

There have been sightings of a "blue man" apparition on top of Ferry Hill, an old part of the cemetery where the founders of the city are buried. The "blue man" is believed to be that of William Ferry, a reverend and founder of Grand Haven.

Grand Rapids - Aquinas College - Holmdene

It is rumoured that this mansion located on the campus of Aquinas College is haunted with the spirit of one of the Lowe children, a small boy who according to stories drowned on the property. Night security guards report turning off all lights in the locked and secured building and having them mysteriously turn on again. Reports of water faucets turning on have also been mentioned.

Grand Rapids - Ottawa Hills High School

In North House Lecture Hall there are reports of strange noises such as water spilling on to the floor, footsteps and things turning on by them selves. A girl who was dropped of early one morning decided to sit and wait in the hall until school had opened and reports someone or something pulling her hair. Why these encounters are happening no one knows.

Grand Rapids - West Catholic High School

There is a cemetery next to the high school that has a 'glowing nun' near one of the tombstones. You can only see this glowing nun during a full moon. When you see it, it is glowing and transparent. There is no logic of the source of light or why it glows like a hologram. After you get past the tombstone, it disappears. Hundreds of cars would line up to see the glowing nun every full moon in the 1980's.

Grosse Isle - Ford Yacht Club

Strange noises and sightings on the grounds after the clubhouse closes. Some think it is the ghosts of past commodores. The ford yacht club has the largest grounds of any yacht club in the United States. During the American Revolution, the British controlled Grosse Isle, as they did during the war of 1812.

Hancock - Finlandia University - Phi Kappa Tau House

In the 102 year history of the house, it has been a hospital, hotel, doctors office, and now a fraternity house. One of the brothers fell off the fire escape 20-30 years ago and died. Strange things happen such as faucets turning on; lights going on and off and doors will open and close on their own. In addition their dog will not go into room one. She will stand outside the door and watch something or someone go around the room. There have also been sightings of miners and other strange people in the house. The basement was a morgue, and every now and then when down there it will go from being warm to ice cold even though it may be 70 degrees outside.

Hartford - Maple Hill Cemetery

There have been reported sightings of a creature that lives in the back woods of the cemetery with glowing green and sometimes silver eyes. Eyewitnesses say this creature is very large and appears to be very hairy. It was reported that the creature itself once chased a couple teenagers out of the cemetery.

Harrison - Old white house

Back in the 1960's there was an old woman who owned half of Harrison and her grandson beat her and she died not to long afterward. The old house is known to have the toilet flush in the middle of the night, the doors slamming, an old woman's voice talking, screams, and things slamming up Harrison Township.

Holland - Castle Park

According to legend, this castle was built in 1890 by Michael Schwarz in order to properly seclude his family from, "America's uncivil influences." Despite his attempts to keep his daughters secluded, one of them fell in love with a local Dutch boy, with whom she ran away to elope with. Schwarz interfered with the attempted elopement and locked his daughter away in the castle's tower. Reports claim that on moonlit nights, her ghost can be seen in the tower window looking towards Holland for her lost love.

Holt - Holt High School

During the recent construction of Holt High School a young man was working on the catwalk over the stage in the auditorium. While he was working he fell over the rail and went head-first into the stage, covering everything within 5 feet with his blood. It is said that you can feel an eerie presence while in the Auditorium. Other accounts from actors using the stage say they would feel a hand grab their shoulder and turn around only to find out no one is there.

Howell - courthouse yard

People have mysteriously been hung on large tree branches, people have seen spirits, and have heard ghostly moans and screams. Sprits were seen in windows and in the court house yard. Females wearing all white and very pale, blonde hair and blue eyes have been seen.

Jackson - Michigan Theatre

While the rest of the theatre is pleasant enough, the basement is a whole other story. While performing there, members of our group were unwilling to go alone into the basement for some props and folding chairs. If you attempt it alone and are the least bit sensitive you'll find yourself frozen in place on the top step. The sense of evil is overwhelming. When accompanied and with several lights on, you'll get the feeling of being watched from the shadows (of which there are plenty).

Kewadin - Oasis Red Bull Tavern

The bar was built in 1932 where it is said that a man hung himself in the basement. At night you can hear foot steps, objects moving and sudden feelings of discomfort, such as on an 80 degree night, you get a brief ice cold draft across your neck. Lights go on and off as do the TV’s but no one has ever been injured from these events.

Lansing - State Capitol Building

There have been four recorded deaths in the building, including a worker when a boom slipped during construction, an elevator maintenance man who was electrocuted, a roofer during the restoration, and A teenage page in the 1880s when he tried to jump between the rails of the grand staircase floor and plunged two floors to his death. The death of the page happened on the "House" side of the Capitol. Apparitions of all four ghosts have been seen around the building, but strangely never on the same night.

Livonia - Almon House

In the early 1970's the man of the house was going to cut the grass and accidentally fell in a hole in the back yard and the mower ran over him mangling his body to an almost unrecognizable state. It is said by people who live here that they can see him walking late at night pushing the mower and also sitting on the porch with a mysterious look on his face while staring at his arm barely attached to his shoulder. It is said that he mutters incoherently while cutting the grass and sometimes when the grass has gotten too long it is short in the morning because he likes it to look nice.

Livonia - Rotary Park Woods

At night if you walk around the nature trails, you are able to hear weird noises and screams. Sometimes in the distance you can notice little girls dressed in white dresses moving around. It has been said that these little girls were killed in the woods and their spirits roam around showing the directions to get out of the woods if you’re lost. The best time for seeing the girls or hearing the noises is from fall to spring time.

Mackinac Island - Grand Hotel

Uncountable skeletons were unearthed when the foundation was laid for the Grand Hotel which now is supposed to hold many spine tingling feelings. The little horse coral behind the fort is supposedly right where the first post cemetery was. Not all of the bodies were removed when the US moved the cemetery to its present location.

Mackinac Island - North side of island

During the war of 1812, it is said that the English slaughtered 75 Indian men on the north side of the island, since that time, people who live on Makinac Island say that they see Indian men running through the woods at night, many tourists have reported several sightings of the ghosts of the slaughtered men.

Mackinac Island - Ruins of Stairway and Cave

On Mackinac Island there is a trail, where below and slightly into the woods are the ruins of an old stone staircase leading up to nothing but two caves. While two explorers claim that while they were there they got the chills just standing there, it was an eerie feeling. They took a picture of the staircase and they claim when the picture was developed a human sized black blur was in the centre of the picture, atop the ruined staircase. The blur was interesting because of the way it was in relation to the lighting and trees and shadows, it was obviously not a film defect, but rather something with "form" that was in the picture itself. The shape was "in front" of some objects, but behind things in the foreground, suggesting that it was not a defect but something that was standing in front of and behind stones and trees.

Manistee - Ramsdell Theatre

This theatre is thought to be haunted. Actors and custodians have all experienced such phenomenon as doors closing behind them and lighting fixtures falling to the ground near the stage and throughout the rest of the building. In one promotional picture from a few years ago, the distinct image of the founder, T.J. Ramsdell, appears to be floating in the air near the balcony seats.

Marquette - Old City Orphanage

There is an old orphanage on Fisher Street that is haunted, it is said that children were beaten and killed in this orphanage. Also a nun once beat a boy so badly that he died and a funeral service was held for him in the basement only for the children and faculty. The nun did not want to be punished for killing the boy so she had him buried in the nearby cemetery, if you go into the basement late at night you can see the boy laying in the coffin and a green light around it.

Marquette - Shamrock Pub

The Shamrock, on Front Street, is reported haunted. The building was built in the late 1800's, and was originally a furniture store doubling as a funeral home. It was common for furniture makers to build caskets years ago. The building was converted to a bar in the 1930's. Most of the Haunting’s are supposedly late at night, after the bar has closed.

Millington - Fairway Discount Store

It used to be a butcher shop. When no one else is in the store, employees claim stuff has flown off the shelves and they have felt someone breathing on the back of their neck when they're stocking shelves. They have even seen people walking around, and then when they go to see if they need help...they are gone. No one goes in the basement, at least not alone anyway. It has strange "vibes" apparently.

Mount Morris - Auto City Junk Yard

During the 1980's and through the 1990's many bodies were dumped in this junk yard. Most of them were due to professional killings. Since this place was once a hot spot to dump bodies it has become very much haunted. There have been reports of screams coming from the junkyard during the night. Also many police reports have been done on the sighting of people standing by the road. When the motorist would stop to help these people they would be gone. One wild report states that the motorist believed he hit a person but no damage was found on the car. This Junk Yard has and is becoming a smoking hot spot for ghosts and Haunting’s. The owner of the yard now makes sure the place is always closed before dark and there has been a for sale sign in front of this yard for more than three years.

New Boston - Miller Elementary

This one of our haunted places in Michigan was submitted by Marysa. In the computer lab, every so often you can see a little girl"s face with long black hair and blue eyes staring at you. On the chalkboard you can also sse the initals "CC". every Tuesday and Thursday, This one computer number 34 the same one every time turns back on when we turn them off. When we turn all the computers off No. 34 turns back on and a bunch of words come on the computer screen in French. Only two words come on in English, and they are "Help Me!!!". Only a few 5th graders there like myself know We don't know what went on in there but all we know is that we feel bad for who ever is in there this year and we hope nothing like this happens to them. Also in one little hallway where they keep the paper my friends and I were taking a test in that little hall, when we heard footsteps we looked at each other and asked if the other person was making the noises and we all said no. then we looked down the far end of the hall and no one was there. Then all of us looked back and we saw the chair move all by its self, then a cold breeze cam by us. We thought we were imagining things so we looked down again. Then we got done with the tests, we looked to the side and found a grey sweater were the chair moved by its self. We ran out of there we never went back into that hall again.

Niles - Bond Street Mansion

The bond street family cemetery is across the road. A little boy who lived with his parents in the mansion died of fright in the 1800's after his bedside candle was blown out by a draft in the middle of the night. He is buried in a tomb in the cemetery. It is said that his mother had an underground pathway built under the road to her son's tomb and she would visit the tomb every night. They say to this day, you can see the woman's ghost walk across the road and weep at her son's grave and every night a mysterious light will shine in the upstairs bedroom window and then suddenly go out.

Niles - Marris Chapel

Legend has it that a lady named Kathryn was jilted on her wedding day and hung herself in the chapel. At night it's said you can hear her screaming and feel a VERY strong presence. Also reports of seeing a young woman and man hanging in the tree by their necks and whining and moaning coming from the building.

North Street - Dorsey House - Restaurant & Bar

The Dorsey House is located near Port Huron. It is haunted by a ghost known only as Ira. It is rumoured that Ira may have been killed in a bar fight in the parking area of the original Dorsey House. That building was torn down for the construction of a new building in the mid 1995. Water faucets turn on an off, toilets flush, doors open and close and lights go on and off. A few people have reported seeing a ghost like image in parts of the building.

Olivet - Olivet College - Margaret Upton Conservatory of Music

The College was founded in 1844. In the Conservatory, there have been reports of piano music being played when there is no one in the practice rooms. People say that it is Margaret Upton whom the Conservatory is named after. Also there is something in Dole Hall. In the basement when walking away from the laundry room you will feel like something is staring at your back. No reason why this is but there have been different reports of it. Rumour has it that during a period when the cemetery was being moved to make room for the growing college a few bodies weren't found and put into the new cemetery. The old cemetery is where Dole Hall now stands.

Owosso - Baker College

The actually college dates back long before Baker was established. It was originally a small Christian college. The original sections of the dormitories date back to the days before Baker. Many of the rooms have 'cold spots' particularly one on the first floor. There are also stories of a girl who long ago hung herself. Witnesses report of shadows at the edge of their vision and hearing unusual sounds coming from what seemed within the walls.

Oxford - Rob's Place

A bar in which there is an old slave tunnel in the Michigan basement. Glasses fall off shelving, juke box volume goes loud and quiet at random. Bathroom stall doors bang open and shut after hours as barmaids clean up. A ghostly figure of a man with white hair in a northern civil war uniform sometimes appears on steps that go down to the basement by the old slave tunnel. Photos taken here have shown blue coloured squiggles as well as orbs.

Pinckney - Cordley Lake

Stories have been told that in the late 20's a mother and father were murdered and had their bodies dropped in Cordley lake. People that live there now say that to this day you still hear the screams of the children as they see their mother and father murdered before them. Sometimes at night you can hear children running up and down the road screaming for someone to help their parents.

Plainwell - Sam's Joint Restaurant

Various ghostly activities have been known for hearing people talking after hours, and objects moving, hearing foot-steps, and chairs moving. Lots of old portraits hang inside the restaurant. A lot of employee's have heard and experienced paranormal activities.

Plymouth - Johnson Controls

This corporate office is haunted by the spirit of a women who was brutally murdered by her husband in the purchasing department. Officer Dolinski who is a security officer has spotted her ghost on numerous occasions and is said that people have instantly soiled themselves.

Presque Isle - Old Presque Isle Light House

This true story involves an elderly couple who were caretakers of the lighthouse, and how the husband tried for years to get the light in the lighthouse working. Before he could get it to work, the husband died leaving his wife a widow. She almost moved out until the light started working. She then knew her husband was still there. And as the story goes, every night about ten o'clock the light works and then slowly dims. The husband finally makes the light work every night.

Redford - Bell and Sons

In the early 1900's there was a cemetery for the civil war soldiers. Bell and Sons in supposedly over that exact site. It is located on Seven mile road and near Inkster road. Many former employees have said they have seen images of people standing in the back of the warehouse, only to find there is no one there. Also strange sounds come from the roof, and eerie feelings are common.

Rochester Hills - former Hampton Theatre

No longer a theatre. Supposedly a man was killed during the construction of the theatre. Employees reported occasional flickering of lights, whispering, drafts, and doors slamming, with some disturbances in the projection equipment after hours.

Rockford - The Rockford Dam Overlook

The dam is haunted by the ghost of a boy who drowned there. Witnesses report odd occurrences like losing items after being on the dam overlook, feeling a presence, being pushed, etc. Some even claim to have seen the boy running from the dam into the nearby nature trail.

Rockwood - Old Soap and Toothpaste factory

You get strange feelings of people all around you, like you’re not wanted. If you go into the chemicals lab everything is left normally, such as documents and such. Plenty of footsteps walking around and slamming of doors. Also the occasional laugh that always causes people to quickly leave.

Romulus - Van Born Warehouse

Off Van Born near Wayne Rd there is a warehouse complex that originally started out as Stinson Aviation. They built planes there in the 1930's. On the floor of the area are the initials of the workers who called themselves the "Left Wing Gang". Ironically, some of the initials are the exact same as those of workers who are there today. Legend has it that a wing fell from one of the planes and killed several workers there. After that, it was expanded and Detroit Diesel occupied it for years, where it is said a man committed suicide there. That part of the complex is now used by Ford Motor Co as a warehouse. At any time during the day and night you can hear voices and sounds as if people are working with tools like they are building something. Many times, they call out to you by your name, leaving workers to answer back to no one! Carts move all by themselves, and several of the workers have had their clothes tugged on and have been tapped on the back, only to find they are alone in the area. You can hear someone enter the toilet stall next to you, only to find no one there. Several times, workers have approached strangers, thinking they were employees, only to see them disappear into the air! Even disbelievers agree that something is going on there. Any one who visits the building will tell you they have never been anywhere like this before!

Romulus - Wellesley Town Houses

Ancient Indian Burial Grounds that have been built over. Many abnormal happenings and visions have taken place here. People experience lots of weird deaths. Many families who live in these houses claim to have seen the devil himself and many other evil spirits. Including people in mirrors and Indians in the woods.

Roscommon - Doughnut Hole

There is said to be many suicides in the woods behind this bakery. The baker, who works the night shift reports of a small girl standing by the entrance door, or by the bathrooms. Workers have reported seeing a figure as well, they also report of things being moved. The napkin holders have been moved to certain places, and it would appear that the ghostly figure has their own wanting of where things go.

Saugatuck - The Junction Asylum

This is located near the Felt Mansion; it is a small building that is behind a BMX track. It is all broken up and windows are busted due to vandals. At night if you were to go and look around the house, curtains in the windows move and windows open and close, and strange lights are often visible in them. If you were to go inside and walk around you can hear heavy breathing, loud footsteps, screams, and even be able to see silhouettes of figures walking. Sometimes you can feel as though something walked threw you and sometimes you may encounter a sudden pain in the wrists of your hands. The building has now been torn down but strange happenings still occur within the area.

Somerset - Sue's Lakeside Lounge

Several ghosts in mirrors, restrooms, the kitchen and the beer cooler. It has been told that one likes to throw things across the room to let you know he is there. There is also a black shadow that can be seen from time to time. There are also spirits in the parking lot where a couple of young girls were killed by an out of control vehicle. Some times you can hear noises and screams out there. Some times band equipment is readjusted without being touched by anyone. Some say they can see a man and/or a woman standing in the ladies restroom. When they are present the room temp drops considerably.

Southgate - Anderson high

A boy is believed to have drowned when the pool was first built. He has been seen there, almost trying to ward anyone off from the same fate. Another story is every homecoming a girl in a formal dark blue gown rides on the senior float when the float passes by, you get a immediate chill and feel like your being watched and not wanted there.

Stevensville - Tosi House

About 15 years ago the couple that lived in the Tosi house got into a fight and the husband killed his wife and stuffed her in the chimney. He then moved out. They didn't find her until about 3 months later when they finally figured out where the stench was coming from. There have been reports of people seeing her apparition around the building.

Thunder Bay Island - Thunder Bay Island Lighthouse

This uninhabited island on Lake Huron is haunted by a lighthouse keeper named Morgan. It is not known how or why his spirit dwells the lighthouse and island, but those who pass by the island claim to see and feel his presence walking the shoreline.

Traverse City - Old Town Playhouse

The Playhouse was once a church. There was either and accident or a suicide that today results in the piano player haunting the Playhouse. He mostly plays tricks as he will turn lights on and off just to get a laugh or two. Some even say they can hear his music at night when the building is completely empty.

Utica - Haunted Slaughter House

An old abandoned slaughter house that has been boarded up and a barbed wire fence has been erected around it. If you get past the fence and though a broken loading door you can see blood stains and bones on the floor apparently, also you hear voices and pigs squealing from rooms in the back and eerie noises from the offices up stairs.

Vienna - Spot Bar

After shutting off lights in the bar for the evening many waitresses have witnessed the sightings of several ghostly figures standing on the landing between the upper and lower levels of the bar. On several occasions in the upper part of the bar the area of the South West corner appears to fill with a Smokey atmosphere. On further examination of this area you will find as you enter this area it is rather chilly and will experience a slight "touching" of someone's hand upon your face.

Warren - Historic District - the old Moore Building

A shadow of a man climbing the stairway to the second story of the building above the ground level shop's. Store keeper's hearing noises and footstep's in the second level and rear of building's first level leading to the basement of the building. Some storekeeper's tell of walking in to cold spots and areas where the hair on your arms and neck stand on edge.

Warren - Warren woods tower

The rock in front of the school is said to have been brought to the school from a graveyard. It is said that orbs are flown off the rock when pictures are taken by it. It is said if you put your ear up to the rock at night you can hear strange noises.

Wayne - The Red Apple Diner and Hotel

In room 17 there is said to be a ghost of a man named Charles "Chick" McGee. McGee was found stabbed to death one night in the late 80's. A waitress was the main suspect, but she was never found. She was said to have killed him because he left her no tip. McGee is said to "hide" the TV remote, and to move the holy bible from draws, and to shrink the shampoos for some reason.

Westland - Avondale wildwood church

A priest was murdered there in 1960. A ghost is seen wondering the grounds near the woods in back of the church at night time only on full moons.

Westland - Eloise Insane Asylum

The ghosts of many of the tormented patients walk the halls of this asylum that was converted into an office building. Voices are heard by the workers and teenagers who go to this location for a thrill. Many pictures of paranormal things have been captured at this location. Lights are turned on and off. Growls and moans are heard by the playground built for the use of the office workers kids. Most of it has been torn down but there is still a building standing that people still go to and also there is a cemetery behind it that is actually more haunted then the building itself. Only a few buildings remain on the property of the old Asylum. The D building now known as the Kay Beard building, also the fire house, the power plant and the bakery are all still there.

White Cloud - Dudgeon Swamp

In the 1920's a family moved to the Newaygo County area buying 1300 acres. It is known that there were murders, incest and madness that happened during that time. There have been reports of sightings, weird noises, voices, eyes in the darkness, nooses hanging from trees and inside one of the old barns, weird happenings with vehicles that go out there and many other occurrences well known in White Cloud and not many people dare to go out there because of past history.

Ypsilanti - Ladies' Library

This historic structure was once the home of the Starkweather family, but was donated to the city by Maryanne Starkweather upon her death, to be used as a library. It was renovated for office space about 15 years ago. Many claim to have seen Maryanne in the upper halls of the building, or have heard footsteps above them when working after hours, long after the building was closed up for the day.

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