Mission house, Mackinac island

Mission house, Mackinac island


The Mission House was built in 1825 by missionaries William Ferry and Amanda Ferry on the southeast corner of Mackinac Island, at a location called Mission Point to this day. It is the centerpiece of a major effort by the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, a Calvinist group, to disseminate Christianity among the Native Americans of the upper Great Lakes. It is also a standing remnant of the fur trade era of Great Lakes history.


The house was built to convert and help the Indian population of the area, it is said that when Indian children became infected with tuberculosis, they were locked in the cool cellar which it was thought would help them, needless to say it didn't and many children died there.

On top of that, Mackinac island is said to be the most haunted place in all of Michigan. The whole island was littered with burial sites and a very large number of bodies were dug up to be moved when foundations were being laid.

As for reports of hauntings at the house, the most common experience is to see apparitions of children walking around all areas of the house. Screams have been heard coming from the basement and eerie feelings, such as being watched and the presence of sadness have been felt throughout. Stories of hauntings all over the island include every type of ghost tale there is, this whole island is highly recommended to any ghost hunting enthusiast.

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