The sweet dreams Inn, Bay port

Sweet dreams inn haunted

The Sweet dreams Inn history

Overlooking the lake Huron, the inn is a beautiful victorian mansion which was built in the 1890's. The inn is located at 9695 Cedar St., Bay Port, Michigan 48720 and is due to be featured in 2 paranormal films and a book being released summer 2011.


The 1st owner of the Inn, William H. Wallace still roams the inn with his heavy footsteps, as well as him telling the guests to get out! He whispers it in their ear!

The building also has his first wife that died there, wandering the 2nd floor, trying to get into each bedroom to check on her 5 children?!

Also, Ora his youngest daughter lurks about the 3rd floor moving furniture, having parties, and touching the guests! The residents of Bay Port have known for years that the inn was haunted and saw a girl looking out of the 3rd floor window, which many guests have gotten pictures of her as well!

The spirits talk to us, cry, giggle, laugh, run, go up & down the stairs, move things, break things, answer questions, turn lights on & off, etc. We never know what they are going to do next.

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