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Brief History of the state and it's hauntings

The history of Florida can be traced back as far as 14000 years when Indians inhabited the area. In 1845 the land officially became a state after being admitted into the union. As with all states, this one has again seen a good amount of bloodshed, including the wars between the various tribes of the land and the Spanish settlers in the 1500's. As well as the Indian and British conflicts of the 1700's. The state was also the site of major conflicts during the American civil war. The potential for hauntings within this state once again present themselves, also, as with any state inhabited by Indians for so long, Ancient Indian burial grounds cover the land, although it would be impossible to say how many exactly as they have been there for so long and remains may never be uncovered.

Featured Haunted places in Florida

Auburndale, Good Shepherd Hospice

Bartow, The Old Courthouse

Cassadaga, Cassadaga Hotel

Jensen beach, The Leach Mansion

Key West, Robert the Doll

Marianna, Florida School for Boys

Palm Beach, Flagler Mansion

Pensacola Beach, Fort Pickens

St. Petersburg, The Vinoy Hotel

Other haunted places in Florida

Anna Maria Island - Bali Hai

Reports claim that every year, around early August, a shadowy figure of a woman walks the beach of the Bali Hai hotel. You can usually see her out of the corner of your eye and when you glance in her direction, she will disappear.

Apopka - The Captain & The Cowboy Restaurant

According to a local radio station that did a few shows there lights were seen in the middle of the night, sounds, and temperature Changes were noticed. The radio station was at the Plantation that year because they were having a haunted house there for Halloween. Workers there report hearing loud bangs in the attic where no one is allowed to go, and the feeling of someone brushing up against them when they are alone.

Auburndale - the Bowling Alley

The land it sits on used to be swampland, and people say gangsters used to dispose of bodies there. No one who has owned the bowling alley supposedly has been able to make a go of it. Some say the building is supposed to be cursed.

Baker - The Lundey House

More haunted places in Florida submitted by our visitors, the following is by Rowan and remains un-altered: My house is in Baker and I am interested with the paranormal world. There's this old house out in my yard that my grandparents lived in. The Lundey family lived in it first though. There is only one Lundey left in the family. We hope to find her and talk to her. I wanted to look at it more close so I went to it and I did some call and response (try to communicate with a ghost) and I recieved answers for every question. I feel the ghosts are calling for help, because they feel they are forgotten and nothing to humans anymore. So I really think the house is haunted.

Black Creek - Black Creek Cemetery

The cemetery had an old church next to the cemetery that was built in the 1800's. It is said that a young girl and her little brother were walking home one night in the early 1900's. They decided to cut across the cemetery. A bear chased them into the churches bell tower were they were killed. It was said that you could go to the church at the stroke of twelve midnight and here the little children screaming. You can also here the bear with them as the church bell would ring. Now there is a new church built and the old bell tower has been relocated.

Boca Raton - Florida Atlantic University

The building has a ghost that has been spotted by employees on night shifts. She was seen at the top of the amphitheatre crying, when approached, she vanished. When locking the building up at night, one person started on the third floor, checking and locking all the classroom doors. When he got to the second floor, he radioed in that there was someone on the third floor running through the halls slamming the doors. He and another unit went to the third floors from opposite ends and found all the doors locked and nothing out of place, and there was no one in the building.

Boca Raton - The Hole

There was a girl raped and killed there in the late 1960's. People have claimed to have seen her walking around in the parking lot crying for help.

Boynton Beach - Holiday Inn

The Holiday Inn on Congress Avenue is said to be haunted by spirits. Many people who have stayed in the hotel have said to have seen apparitions of human figures roaming through the hallways. This Holiday Inn is said to be built on top of an old Indian Burial Ground.

Bradenton - Coquina Beach

On Coquina Beach, at the very southern tip of the island before the Longboat Key bridge, there is a span of public beach where there once was a hote. On the beach, a male figure in black clothing walks from the picnic area to the shoreline and vanishes. This particular area has a lot of wandering spirits at night, but this male ghost has been seen in daylight and looks totally out of place.

Brooksville – The old Courthouse building

The old court house building is haunted by an escaped criminal that ran from the jail on the second floor, as he ran a bailiff went to scare him with his gun, but he pulled the trigger on accident, killing the criminal. People have claimed to of seen a large blood spot on the wall and floor where he was shot.

Brooksville - The Brooksville Nursing Manor

Once when one of the patients was badly sick and about to die, one of the nurses reported seeing a woman coming down the hallway going into the patient’s room, but when they got there the patient had died and there was no sign of the woman they had seen in the hallway, this claim has been reported several times.

Brooksville - Hernando Heritage Museum

Many things have happened in this house, including hearing a child cry when no child was around, and seeing orbs and mists on digital cameras. Lights have also been seen at night when it is closed and people on tours have felt cold drafts pass by their bodies.

Brooksville - The Weeks House

There is a house in Brooksville that has been featured in the Tampa Tribune and the St. Petersburg Times. The building is a family home built in the early part of the 1900s. The story goes that if you pass by late at night when the building is empty, you would see a candle passing by the windows on the second floor. Doors being slammed and whispers are also very common.

Captiva Island - South Seas Resort

In employee housing, room 51, a baker died there and still haunts the room. Orb sightings in pictures, footsteps heard, presence detectable. Also on the North end of the resort, the King's Crown restaurant is haunted by the former manager who died on the premises. He plays the piano after hours and employees will hear the piano after closing and come in to find nobody there. If the silverware is not rolled right, employees will leave the room for a moment and come back to find the bucket dumped out.

Cedar Key - The whole island

There are a lot of presences here; just about every business in town has more than one ghost. Some are supposedly from the Seminole war.

Chief land - Antioch Cemetery

One of the Haunting’s is a small boy that likes to play hide and seek around the headstones. He has come to be known as Josh. The other haunting is an unknown presence that watches over the cemetery and people have claimed to see the outline of its apparition.

Clearwater - Clearwater Bach

In the late 1930's and early 1940's, Clearwater Beach stationed not only the Coast Guard, but also had a Military Police Training Barracks. There Army MP's would train for deployment to world war two theatres. Sightings of a young woman in her early 20's running down the beach while wearing an all-white dress have been witnessed. It is said that she was engaged to be married to a G.I. who was shipped overseas. When he died in combat, she disappeared days later. She waits for him to return to her.

Clearwater - Eisenhower Elementary School

In 2000 Eisenhower Elementary School was to undergo massive renovations to its interior. Once the plans were announced night custodians would hear strange banging’s and often see a small boy in a baseball uniform run by. The occurrences became worse and many custodians would not work the night shift. A tape recorder was left on one night. The sounds of a recently deceased teacher talking to a recently deceased student were heard. This is the boy in the baseball uniform who had died after being hit by a car in front of the school while on his way home. The image of the first principal of the school was observed numerous times and her distinctive perfume could be smelled. Once the renovations started the strange occurrences ceased once and for all.

Clearwater - The Royalty Theater

The theater is said to have been haunted by 3 different spirits. The first was an aged man with a beard dressed in a blue coat and a fisherman's hat. The owner himself reported sightings of "The Captain" as many at the theater refer to him. The second is a previous manager of the old theater. It is said that this spirit, Bill, was robbed and killed in the balcony by drunken tourists because he was believed to be a homosexual. The third is a young girl, believed to be between the ages of 9 and 12. She has been described as a friendly spirit who watches over the theater and all within it. There have been numerous reports of alarms going off in the middle of the night when no one had come near the theater at all, chandeliers swinging during and after performances, and "mists" or "orbs" showing up in random pictures taken at the theater.

Coral Gables - Biltmore Hotel - 13th Floor

IT has been recorded that the 13th floor of this world renowned hotel is haunted by the ghosts of soldiers who were treated and died there during the world war two era. Unexplained noises and lights are seen here.

Coral Springs - Coral Springs Medical Centre

A nurse that used to work in the hospital had a deadly incident and was hospitalized within the building and later died in it. Now she has been seen in the halls just in front of the main elevators for visitors and at night she often opens the doors for people when they are walking towards it without them pushing the button.

Crestview - Jameson Inn

In the year of 2000, a new hotel was built next to Cracker Barrel off of Interstate 10 in Crestview. Within a year, strange happenings were going on. An apparition of a man was seen walking through the hallways of the second floor and frequently hanging around the elevator. Employees that work there claim that the man haunts room 208. There have been complaints from guests that have stayed in the room, about strange smells, Cigars, cigarettes, and other things are mysteriously left there burning out of nowhere.

Davie - Waffle House

Last year, two employees were shot and killed in the freezer by a crazed former employee, early in the morning. Since the murders, employees and diners have reported a strange feeling around the place and employees have sensed a presence while their there without any customers, during opening and closing. Apparently blood stains can still be seen on the floor of the cooler, although covered with boxes.

Daytona - Daytona Playhouse

Two people haunt the playhouse. Their names are unknown but we know it is a man and woman. The man died fighting a war in Spain and when the woman could wait no longer for him to return, she committed suicide. She was pregnant and dove into the Halifax River killing her and her unborn child.

DeFuniak Springs - Emergency Operations Center

Ghost of a small girl wanders the Emergency Operations Center. The girl, who is known as Sally May keeps E-911 Operators alert on the Midnight shift. Locals say she died a violent death in the 1920's on the location the building now stands.

Eustis - Bay Street Theatre

The Bay street Theatre was once the State theatre of Florida but sadly is now a mere echo of its former glory. Theatrical productions still thrive, as do the encounters with the supernatural. Screams have been heard in the upstairs costume and prop rooms, orbs have been witnessed and presences felt. A man was seen hanging by his neck from a hole in the balcony ceiling. On several occasions during technical rehearsals the switch board on the same balcony operated unmanned, randomly turning lights on and once the main spotlight dimmed and pulsed slowly to a heartbeat rhythm. The area under the stage known as "the hole" has marked temperature variations and few people will go down there because of the sense of a presence. Nearly everyone who has worked there has some kind of experience, there are simply too many to list.

Fernandina - Fort Clinch

Fort Clinch is an old Union Civil War fort that was never finished due to of a lack of funding from the government. During construction, the fort was ambushed quite a few times by Confederate troops. Several of the Union men died in the process. One incident included a man who was shot after promising his wife in a letter that he would not die until seeing her again. He is said to haunt the fort today. Re-enactors that volunteer at the fort often see his ghost in the courtyard along with several of his comrades. Perhaps he is searching for his wife?

Fernandina Beach - Amelia Island

A lighthouse on the main beach is said to be haunted by its former caretaker and his young bride. She allegedly died tragically and he killed himself at the top of the lighthouse. When people visit putrid smells appear, the radio is turned on every night and a door is constantly unlocked.

Fort Pierce - Old Antique Store

There is an old antique store sitting on a hill overlooking the St. Lucie River on US1 that is long rumoured to be haunted. In the early 20th century, a man was brutally murdered by his wife on the staircase of their house which later became an antique store. On the second floor, the smell of cigar smoke seems to follow you around and you never feel completely comfortable. The stair on which the man was killed makes a horrible sound whenever it is stepped on and an old man was "pushed" down the stairwell on that exact stair a few years ago on Halloween night. The owners boarded it up after Florida experienced all of the Hurricanes and there is no word on whether or not it will open again.

Fort Pierce - The Boston House

Is rumoured to be haunted by a woman looking for her family that had been missing for years. It is said that she still looks out of the top window hoping to find her family. It's now a lawyer's office and papers or personal belongings become missing or moved around.

Fort Pierce - Indian River Community College

There has been sightings of a tall male figure in the theatre. This figure appears pale blue and has been seen in the broom closet on the left side of the stage. He has also been seen in the light and sound room. Sometimes the figure dances and waves, but mostly just watches people silently. Cold chills have been reported as well as soft gusts of wind when no doors or windows are left open.

Gainesville - The University of Florida - Beatty Towers

A girl committed suicide here by jumping off Beatty Towers into the street. People who have lived in the towers have often seen a ghostly figure walking through the halls and in some of the rooms. Strange noises have also been heard throughout Beatty Towers, along with things being moved around in the rooms. This girl's dorm has been around for years, and it is rumoured that she was pregnant at the time of her suicide. Tom Petty, who is from Gainesville, sings about her in his song "American Girl."

Gainesville - Sweet Water Bed and Breakfast Inn

There are two parts of this Bed and Breakfast. The pink house and the blue house. It used to be an old plantation of the family. Many people claim that the old blue house attic rooms have a spirit. Many claimed to be sleeping and have a heavy feeling on their chest. Also, the maids that clean the rooms experienced an old bureau having its door open and close. There is a strange feeling in those rooms. Even the owners claim to have seen an image in the window of the third floor.

Gainesville - University of Florida - Norman Hall

Norman Hall, now the College of Education, used to be the P.K. Young School. It is haunted by children who died in an elevator accident many years ago. People have heard the children running and laughing on the third floor during all times of the day but mostly at night. The elevator that they died in is still there.

Green Cove Springs - St. Jon's Landing Apartments

Various apartments are haunted in this complex. Originally built as military housing back in the thirties and has a cemetery on site in the middle of the complexes grounds. When the military base closed in Green Cove Springs, the housing was sold to a private owner and over the years became A slum until 1997. Then a new owner took over the apartment complex and began restoring the buildings back to their original glory. There have been many sightings of apparitions, shadows and electrical charges in the air. Tenants report voices, doors opening and closing on their own and footsteps up stairs and through out the apartments.

Hialeah - Hialeah-Miami Lakes Senior High - fourth floor

It has been told that a few years ago a group of students were in the planetarium on the fourth floor of the main building. One of the girls that were in that group of student fell through a big skylight and was killed instantly, they then shut the 4th floor down. Nobody is allowed up there, you rarely see any janitor up there either but it is to be said that the janitors that do go up there have heard many noises from the 4th floor and believe it is the girl who died there many years ago.

Jacksonville - Orange Park - The Sports Authority

The phone extension in the Footwear department will ring, even though there is not an outside phone line. Other times, the store alarm will sound by itself. The manager on duty and the police will be called to the store. This happens often and it is usually due to the motion sensor from over in the Footwear /Team Sports area. The police will search the store and find all is secure. Other times, the store will be left neat and tidy and staff return the next morning to find an entire shelf of sport bags from the Team Sports area all over the floor.

Jupiter - Jupiter Lighthouse

Employees have reported strange noises and cold spots inside this lighthouse. Visitors claim to feel someone's hands upon their shoulders, only to find no one there.

Kennedy Space Center - Apollo 1 Launch Complex 34

The old abandoned Launch Pad of the Apollo missions is believed to be haunted by the ghosts of the three astronauts that lost their lives in a tragic fire. It is said you can hear screams of panic and distress from areas of the launch pad. NASA, at one time, let visitors tour the facility, but due to 'strange occurrences' they no longer include the Apollo Launch Pad on the tour.

Key West - Monroe County - Fort Zachary Taylor

Is haunted by the spirit of a man named Wendall who died in Civil War days of Yellow Fever. Many staff and visitors alike have claimed to see his apparition roaming the grounds.

Key West - Ocean Key House Resort

Cold spots during the day. At night, sounds of keys and objects moving around on the dresser, sound of sighing, and the feeling of someone sitting down on the bed while you're in it. Day or night, upon returning to the room, the lights and curtains are supposedly never in the condition in which you left them.

Kissimmee - Dead Man's Oak

There is an oak tree south of Kissimmee where a headless horseman has been seen on many occasions. The legend behind the haunting is the horseman was beheaded beneath the tree by Spaniards, some say for stealing the horse.

Lakeland - Florida Southern College

Cleaning staff reported feeling things touching them and breathing on them and they will now only clean during the day. It also has tunnels below the school, some of which they haven't been able to open. Apparently, lots of suicides happened in the freshmen women's dorms over the years.

Lantana - Red Lion Pub

There are three ghosts in this pub: a male, a blonde female, and a brunette female. The story says that before the pub was built, the blonde woman lived in that area. The man was in love with her, but their relationship was ruined by the brunette woman. Today, bottles and other objects fly towards brunettes and sometimes they feel a hand hitting their head. Blonde women feel their hair and face being gently stroked.

Leesburg - Warren W. Willis UM

This is a United Methodist summer camp for kids from grades 4-12 that was built in the mid 1940's. There are two cabins known to be haunted on this site. Lodge 5 is said to have things be moved from one place to another and suitcases will end up on the other side of the cabin. Also campers will be pushed out of bunks. In Girls cabin 45A, strange things happen in the bathroom at night. Lights flicker and one of the toilets will flush during the night all by itself.

Long Boat key - Old Ritz Carlton

In the early 1920's, John Ringling of circus fame purchased considerable acreage on the south end of the island. Ringling constructed a golf course there. He also began construction of a luxurious hotel, the Ritz-Carlton on New Pass. The hotel was never completed. The story goes that a worker brought his young son to the job site one day and showed him around. The worker got distracted or called to do something and had to leave his son for a while. Some how the young boy fell down the unfinished elevator shaft and was killed. The site was abandoned after this and the hotel was never completed. Currently a shopping centre and a chart house restaurant are on the site. Staff at the chart house often report seeing a small boy playing in the men’s room with a ball or in the seating area after close. Often times a faint scream has been heard by various witnesses.

Longwood - The Old Longwood Hotel

Now converted to an office building but has not been changed structurally due to being a historic place. Lights go on and off in different offices and footsteps are heard but no ones there, also the elevator opens and runs by it self. Cold spots and shuffling sounds are heard on the 3rd floor.

Maitland - Enzian Theatre

While watching films guests have seen a disembodied head of a woman in the north corner of the room. The head will appear suddenly and float from one corner to the next screaming emphatically only to disappear in the next-door restaurant named Nicole St. Pierre. For reasons unknown, the head is present only on moonless nights very early in the morning.

Marianna - Bellamy Bridge

There is an old foundation of a large home near the bridge. The story is that on this girl's wedding day it was cold so she had a fire in the fireplace in her bedroom. She walked by it in her gown and the trailer caught fire. The girl panicked and ran through the house catching fire to the home in her distress. She ran out of the house across her yard over to the middle of the bridge and jumped in. According to local legend they never found her body. Many people say that they have seen a fiery apparition run to the old bridge and jump in to the river below.

Marion County - Ocala National Forest

There are many locations in the "forest" as it is know to locals. There are many secluded camping sites where the "rainbow people" (a group of modern-day travelling gypsy-like people) have told stories of seeing ghosts of children that giggle with affection. Campsites have been found destroyed and scattered over miles of rugged terrain. One of the most famous of paranormal activities that occurred in the forest is that of a man who wanders up and down the country roads. Dressed in a long hooded black coat (which is worn so you cannot see he face). Numerous travellers from Daytona Beach to Ocala have called local rangers and the highway patrol reporting a man lying on the side of the road, and sitting on the guard rails of bridges late at night.

Marco Island - Olde Marco Inn

It is said that there is a ghost that inhabits the original building, now the lobby & dinning room. The ghost can be heard at night walking up the stairs and opening and closing doors. It has even been said it can move chairs.

Miami - The Jockey Club

People who work and live there complain about lights turning on and off, hearing footsteps when they know they are alone, hearing voices and doors locking by themselves. On one occasion security was called when people heard a fight going on in the garage. When security got there they could hear the yelling but could not find anyone there and then suddenly the voices stopped. It is not certain how many spirits are there but at times they do make themselves known.

Miami - Miami River Inn

This is a beautiful hotel on the edge of Miami River in the oldest part of town. Henry Flagler and many U.S. Presidents stayed there during their visits to the city. It has been around since the early 1900's and has been restored a few times. In one of the cabins, there are many noises heard by the concierge and security guards. Many guests who check into the cabin complain about the noises and request a room change the next day. The noises that are heard are part of a series, almost like a night repeating itself at 11 PM every day. In the front room, you can hear a door opening and shutting very loudly, feet wiping on the welcome matt and then a brief silence followed by running towards your room and a fierce shaking of the door knob, which you can even see move. The shaking gives up and is followed by the crashing and breaking of antique ornaments right outside the room, then running up the front stairs followed by the opening of a door in the room above yours. The worst is what commences after a minute of silence in the room upstairs. For an hour, furniture can be heard moving, scraping and the room can be felt vibrating. Finally, the sound ceases and there is silence once again, try going to sleep after that. (note from the Haunted Hovel team: Ok, lets think about this for a second, I know some of these Haunting’s listed here sound a bit “yeah right” but this one to me is some what way over the top. But of course it has been listed because apparently it’s haunted so its here for your viewing pleasure.)

Micanopy - The Herlong Mansion

Inez was the oldest of 6 siblings. They fought for 20 some odd years over the house after their mother passed away. The day Inez took possession of the house she had a diabetic seizure and died in her childhood bedroom. That room remains haunted. The Herlong Mansion is now a bed & breakfast and has been investigated by professional ghost hunters and labelled as positively haunted.

New port Richey - The Hacienda Hotel

This one of out haunted places in Florida was submitted by Jassica and remains un-altered: The Hacienda Hotel right off of Main street in new port richey, fl, use to be an extravagant hotel for hollywood celebs during the mid 1920's. When it was last open, it was used for patients with severe psychological problems. A lot of reports were said to see things at night, such as the elevators opening and footsteps being heard walking out but no one was there. Doors opening and closing, and people seeing things down the halls. I have wanted to go inside this place and investigate for myself but it is closed down.

New Smyrna - Beacon Theatre

In the girls bathroom there have been reports of sinks coming on by themselves and the stall doors opening and closing when nobody is in there.

Ocala - Ritz Historical Inn

Rich socialites from NY would spend summers here and would have parties during prohibition. During one such party, a fire started and several people died including awoman and her 2 dogs. To this day you can here the sounds of that party in her room and also the sounds of people running into the hall and down the stairwell trying to escape the fire.

Orange City - Blue Springs rail road tracks

An old house that has been there for years, its falling apart and the windows are broke, some say a old man killed himself in there, at night you can see him on the door step, some have seen him on the rail road tracks right next to blue springs, the legend is he overdosed on pills and if you go in the building you can feel an unhappy spirit there and you feel cold lonely and not wanted.

Orlando - Leu Botanical Gardens

The old mansion in the Harry P. Leu Botanical Gardens is haunted by the ghosts of the former residents. Visitors to the house on guided tours have reported cold spots in the upper bedrooms and tour guides have reported spirits making an appearance when there showing people round.

Orlando - Miller Sellen

It’s an old historic house from the early 1900's. A former employee states People that had worked there for a while would talk of strange noises like someone running though the hallways when no one was there. One employee got a call from an inside line only to hear static and a sound of a little girl playing on the phone. Problem was everybody was out to lunch.

Orlando - Oviedo - Boston Hill Cemetery

There is an image of a man hanging in the trees and a lady kneeling at the mans feet. The woman is weeping and praying. Foot steps heard on the ground and the grass has been seen moving as if someone was passing through it. Also reports of pockets of fog spinning in circles. There were also many cold spots here.

Orlando - Oviedo - Oviedo High School

In the girls dressing room there has been an apparition of a girl crying with blood on her dress. She has long brown hair and is sad and pale. It’s said she’ll follow you though and stalk you for a little while.

Orlando - Oviedo - The Oviedo Lights

These eerie lights can be seen from a bridge where a young man killed himself after he lost his love. It is well know to native Oveidans and has been seen by many, many people. The mans ghost has also been seen in the area below the bridge.

Orlando - Rouse Road Cemetery

The ghost of a man who died in the 1840's is seen here. He is seen often as a shadowy figure in period clothing in the cemetery, the adjacent woods and the fields across the street. The apparition is known as Benjamin Miles, a local settler who is buried there in an unmarked grave. It is said that this is a particularly angry and dangerous spirit. His presence is accompanied by a chill in the air and the call of an owl. The sound of that owl is said to be a warning that Benjamin Miles is nearby. All of these phenomena are almost always seen at night, usually in the fall and winter seasons.

Orlando - Sunland Hospital

Sunland was an old Mental hospital in the Pine Hills section of Town. Many reports of poltergeist activity, voices and screams. The building has now been demolished and turned into a park but it is believed that this hasn’t stopped the spirits from making themselves known.

Orlando - universal studios back to the future
This ride has now been replaced with the Simpsons ride, it is not known whether hauntings still occur here.

Some guests have died from natural causes while riding the ride and two maintenance workers have been crushed by the cars while working on the hydraulics. On the third floor at the entrance there are large mirrors where a small hand print appears about 7 ft up, especially when that floor isn't being used. Apparently it won't be cleaned off. Also on the third floor when it's closed you hear the song one of the maintenance guys liked to whistle and the sound moves up and down the halls. On the second floor when cleaning cars at the end of the day the cars will close on the employee with no one at the controls and you hear a small girl giggle. Also some heavy doors open on their own when the ride isn't turned on and shadows are seen in the employee hallway up to the third floor followed by a feeling of foreboding.

Palatka - San Mateo First Church of the Nazarene

The ghost of an old man who used to attend the church shuffling up the aisle has been witnessed. In the nursery the ghost of a pilgrim woman has been seen as a shadow figure and faint screams are heard in this area. It sounds like she in sheer terror.

Panama City Beach - Holiday Inn

In one of the rooms near the top floor, the ghost of a man was seen standing between the two double beds. He wears a white T-shirt and sunglasses around his neck, but his head cannot be seen. Strange occurrences also happened, such as radio stations changing by themselves, belongings missing and then reappearing, and being mysteriously woken up every night at the same time, usually around 4 a.m.

Pensacola - Dorr House

There is a floor to ceiling mirror in the Formal sitting room and when a female visitor stands in its sights, if they have on a short skirt, they report feeling a 'tugging' as if someone is trying to make the skirt longer. Many visitors and guides have reported smelling fresh cut Roses at intervals followed by an extreme cold. Roses were Mrs. Dorr’s favourite flower. Visitors have reported hearing soft crying coming from the sewing room. It thought that Mrs. Dorr doesn't allow rudeness and has been known to make sure the perpetrator doesn't stay.

Pensacola - Original Sacred Heart Hospital

There is a hallway that is about where the nuns would cross to go to the chapel of the hospital. It is been reported that there is the kind old spirit of one of the sisters that frequents the hallway and corridor. She will often tap people on the shoulder from behind, much as she did in life.

Pensacola - Seville Quarter

About ten years ago there was a man who would visit the bar at Seville Quarter frequently. He would visit so much, that he was offered a bartending job there. He worked there for a while and everyone loved him. He died in the bar one night and people have reportedly seeing his ghost in the bar area.

Pensacola - St. Michael’s Cemetery

This is a large cemetery that was started when Pensacola was settled. This cemetery contains famous people and people that helped to shape Florida in history, politics, and commerce. People say they have seen lights circling a number of gravestones. They have also heard voices inside the cemetery at night when it has been empty.

Ponce de Leon - Corinth Church

This church is believed to be haunted. The story behind the church is that back in the late 60s early 70s a young boy was playing in the church at the time, while an escaped convicted was hiding in the back pew, and brutally murdered the little boy. In the church can be found bloody handprints all over the walls and ceiling, small enough to belong to a young child. Among walking in the church you will encounter cold spots and scratching noises on the left hand wall if entering from the side doorway.

Riviera Beach - Suncoast High School

In the schools auditorium there is said to be a phantom ghost on top of the rafters that frequently makes noise and startles the drama students. The ghost is speculated to be the ghost of a boy who was buried on the schools campus. How accurate this is however cannot be proved.

Sanford - New Tribes Mission

Former hotel is now home to missionaries from New Tribes Mission. In the East Wing there have been disturbances of many kinds including poltergeist activity and cold spots. To date there has been no formal paranormal investigation due to fear of bad press, but an informal check shows that something is going on there.

Sarasota - Ritz Carlton Sarasota

Formerly known as Ringling Towers, the building was built in the early 1900’s and this hotel housed the richest of the rich, presidents, movie stars etc... After its demise satanic worship and black masses were known to be held there. The stairs still had red carpet on them but no railings. The top penthouse floors have various cold spots. Freezing room temp apparently. Feelings of being watched and in the lobby there is a very evil feeling. The building has now been demolished but the Haunting’s are said to continue in the area.

Sebring - Harder Hall

Harder hall is a large hotel that was first built in the 1920's. It has changed hands MANY times, and every owner has died under extremely strange circumstances, most of the time, right in the hotel. There have been many accidents in the hotel, and all of which had at least 1 fatality. Some of the accidents include fire, flood, floor collapse, innumerable suicides, murders, and others. Witnesses see lights inside and hear music from an unidentified source.

Silver Springs - ocala national forest (mud lake)

It was said that mud lake was where the members of the KKK dumped the bodies of the people they hung. most people that can get to the lake say they see hands rising from the waters surface and at some point you can see dead klan members surrounding the lake's edge. there have also been reports of seeing a ghostly burning cross in the distance and truck headlights tearing through the forest then they go into the lake and disapear. on the walk back there you may experience being choked as if you were being hung and you may not be able to breathe. when i arrived home from this walk i had a red ring around my throat that later bruised as if i had been hung along with everyone else. you can also hear faint footsteps and if your lucky someone may whisper in your ear but all in all it is not an adventure to take on your own!

Silver Springs - Old Six Gunn Territory Property

Once the land, which now is filled partially by a shopping centre, was the location of Six Gunn Territory, an attraction which lasted many years. On this site two tourists were killed, both accidentally. It is said at certain times screams are heard but upon investigation, nothing is found. Some remains of the rail-road which visitors would ride can still be located among a heavily wooded area. The rail car was a factor in one of the deaths and the park was closed in the early 80's.

Sorrento - Al Capone's house

There is a still standing, beautiful Victorian style home, that residents still believe is Capone’s home. Many, many people have tried to live in this home, but no one lasts. They are frightened by pots and pans banging at night, as if someone were cooking in the kitchen, and by lights going on and off. Also voices of what is believed to be deceased notorious gangsters and what feels very much like a body crawling into bed with the people who reside there.

St. Augustine - Castillo de San Marcos

Some of the most unusual occurrences include the Battle Echoes heard by visitors. By placing an ear to the wall, it is said you can hear the echoes of cannon fire and yelling. There is also telling of a young solder that can be seen leaning on the outside wall facing the bay after sundown.

St. Augustine - Old City Gates

As the story goes, at the time an epidemic of Yellow Fever was going around and a little girl about 13 or 14 years old wearing a white dress was found dead by the City Gates. No one claimed her. But sometimes early in the morning you may see her dancing on the Old City Gates, her name is believed to be Elizabeth.

St. Petersburg - Florida Sunshine Skyway Bridge

This Bridge was the scene of a tragic accident during the early 1980's. The bridge was struck by a boat and collapsed, killing a great deal of people. The ghost that haunts the bridge seems to be unrelated to the accident. He is a hitchhiker that will climb into people’s cars at the bottom of the bridge. By the time the unlucky individual gets to the other side, the hitchhiker is gone. Also, there is a woman dressed in a nightgown that appears usually around 12am at the top of the bridge and hitches a ride with oncoming cars. One semi truck had his story printed in the paper where he said he picked up a young woman, dripping wet and she told him to drop her off on other side of the bridge but as soon as he got there, she was gone. There were many sightings of this woman on the bridge who locals believe was a suicide victim, one of many jumpers on the bridge. The Skyway Bridge is 200 feet tall and connects St. Petersburg to Sarasota.

St. Petersburg - Royal Palms Apartments

Residents have reported feeling a tugging on their pillow, a very hard tugging. So strong in fact that it felt like the pillow would come out from underneath their head. People claim of seeing a man standing by their beds, the feeling of being paralyzed, as well as strange incidents with water coming from no where.

Tallahassee - Leon County Jail

The new Leon County Jail was constructed in the early 1990's. It was built on the same location that the old jail was built. (Ted Bundy was housed there for some time.) According to locals, the site it is built on is an air field. Corrections Officers and medical staff claim to have seen a woman in period clothing walking the halls crying, late at night, in the medical department. Also shadows seen and the feeling of not being alone through out the building.

Tallahassee - The Lively Building

The Lively Building, located at the SW corner of Monroe Street and College Avenue, was the location of The Leon Bar. It operated from 1892 to 1904, and was a gathering spot for the roughest sort of element. Many shootings occurred there, as well as murders. The City passed an ordinance in 1904 that outlawed the sale of alcohol within the city limits, effectively putting The Leon out of business. Today, there is rumor that some of the "Crackers" (slang for the cowboys who frequented the bar, so named for the whips they used to corral the cattle) are still hanging around the corner where The Leon was once located.

Tallahassee - Oak Lawn Cemetery

A man by the last name of Phillips built a 20ft Mausoleum for himself so that he could go there to die. He also placed a Cherry Wood coffin in it and gave a friend a key to close it up after he died. People have reported feeling eerie feelings after leaving this site and the sense of being followed.

Tampa - Old Tampa Theatre

It is an old theatre that is very intricately detailed inside and has a particularly haunted look to it anyway. A young man in the 1940's started working there, his job was running the projector. He loved his job and continued to work there until his death. Now employees have said that they occasionally hear footsteps and chains in deserted hallways behind the stage and have spotted someone in the projecting room even though there was no one up there at the time. Also reports of smelling rancid smells, such as vomit and garbage, drafts of icy air and reports of something grabbing workers by the neck.

Tarpon Springs - Former winter home of Al Capone

The Manor is Known for hundreds of sightings. Screams in the dead of night and Faces appearing in windows. Also known for a women in white on the roof looking over the edge.

Treasure Island - The bridge at John's Pass

Reported to be haunted by the spirits of two farmers who were pro-union during the Civil War. They were murdered by local rebel militiamen and buried on the south end at the mouth of the pass. On nights of the new moon, some have seen the two walking near the bridge or even silently sailing by in their boat trying to return home, some say the rotten stench of decaying flesh accompanies the apparitions.

Umatilla - Stanna's Restaurant

In the early 1900's, a young woman hung herself on the third floor above the restaurant. Several workers and customers have had experiences with her ghost. People have claimed to see shadows of her in a long dress and wicker baskets falling off the women's bathroom wall. Several customers have complained of cold spots and strange laughing accompanied by piano playing from an unknown source.

West Palm Beach - Palm Beach Atlantic University

The library, built many years ago is claimed to be haunted by an old janitor. He worked there for many years and then mysteriously disappeared. He is claimed to be heard rummaging through the old janitors closet that has been locked up ever since the day of his odd disappearance.

Winter Park - Annie Russell Theatre

Annie Russell is widely believed to haunt this theatre named for her in the early 1930's. She was a teacher and director at Rollins College. She has been seen and even spoken to by numerous people. There are stories of former students who had encounters with Annie while working in the theatre on audition pieces, sets, or lights. One story in particular that sticks in my mind is there was a guy who was working alone in the theatre on the light grid. Suddenly he fell off the ladder. He was all alone in the theatre and lay there for a few minutes. Someone came in a few minutes later and saw him laying there. The person immediately went to call an ambulance and was told that they had already been called and one was on it way. A minute later, an ambulance appeared and took the injured boy to the hospital. There was no one in the theatre when that boy was initially injured. There have been other stories of people seeing Annie's statue (a bust of her head) moving across the theatre. Also, Annie had a seat that she always sat in when she watched rehearsals and that seat has often been heard banging up and down, pulled down when no one was sitting in it, and clapping has been heard coming from that area of the theatre.

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