The Vinoy Hotel, St. Petersburg

vinoy hotel


The Vinoy hotel was built in 1925 by Aymer Vinoy Laughner. The hotel charged $20 a night which was the highest prices for the area at the time. During World War II the hotel was taken over by the U.S. Army and used for a training school.

In the early 1990's a private company brought the hotel and a $93,000,000 renovation went under way. The building is open to this day as a hotel.


The most reportedly haunted area of the hotel is the 4th floor, many people have reported seeing apparitions there, the most common of which are the figure of a women wearing a white dress, and a gentleman in a top hat, both apparitions are wearing fashions from around the 40's period.

Who they are however is unknown, other stories include the usual things related to hauntings, such as cold spots, orbs and sounds of footsteps and doors slamming from within empty areas.

Reports on exactly how haunted this building is depends on the source, some claim it to be minimally haunted, were as others claim it to be immensely haunted, to the point of them saying that many people have checked into the hotel and never checked out again, i leave it up to you, the reader, to decide for yourself what you wish to believe.

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