The Good Shepherd Hospice, Auburndale



The good shepherd hospice used to function as a hospital until it was changed into its current function as a hospice. Reportedly, at least 2 or 3 people used to die here each week. The building is still open today as a hospice which offers care to many people and claims that around half the people who live in the local community die at the building from old age or illness.


There is only one main reported haunting for this location and that is of the ghost of Mary Morrow, who was the wife of one of the doctors. It has been reported that her apparition has been seen by many patients and staff alike.

She appears in the form of a woman wearing cloths of the mid 1900's fashion and has been seen walking through various areas of the building. She is classed as a very peaceful ghost and has never appeared aggressive or angry.

Other reports from this location come from staff who report the feelings of light headiness and nausea when in the office areas were the source of such feelings is unknown.

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