my haunted house (the man that wouldnt leave)

by lovely wells

this story starts with my sister haunted house she was all so happy to move into her house it had a wonderful curb appeal nice neighborhood something she had been waiting for for a very long was shortly after she moved in she start calling my mother and telling my mom about the horrible dreams she was having well then it went from dreams to what crazy things and noises she would here in the house as time went on she was calling talking about what she was seeing I don't think she wanted to tell me and my other sister because she was afraid we wouldn't believe her my mom had experience things like that before so she felt comfortable telling her .well after a while she reach out to my sister that lived behind her because things were happen more often she got to the point she would not sleep at night she would only sleep in the day time until she start seeing the things and hearing during the day. I know we all have experience something or at least we thought we have but never nothing as dark as she was explaining. one day I called my mom to ask her what was going on my mom start telling me that my sister was very stress and was going through a lot at the house sister said it got really dark when she woke up and seen a dark figure right in her face.she would her someone whisper in her ear .finger prints on her glass table doors slamming ..well I cant say that I really took it that serious or believed it all...well they had a name for the figure she would see they would call him victory. I think my mother and other sister try to make light of it would take my sister mind off of the situation me oh no I was not playing with that and I did not want to stay at her house until I was talked into staying the week of Thanksgiving..i figure with so many people in the house it would be claim that wasn't the case we all were sitting talking about games that we could play the next day on Thanksgiving I was sitting towards the kitchen where my sister always keep a night lite on I see a shadow of a man walking towards the room we were in I had to look again to make sure what I was seeing was really there I thought to myself no way I can see it today in my head as clear as day and this happen about 6 yrs ago I seen a figure of a man with a hat and it look like a jacket that you would see a police officer would wear when it was raining outside..i didn't say nothing I got really still because I didn't want to scare the kids in the room we were sitting in so I thought I would wait until later to tell my sister ..that night we all went to bed I felt safe because we all were in the house their were kids surrounding laying on the floor while watching tv I fell a sleep I was woken to the sound of the side door slamming I laid there for a minute and thought maybe I was just dreaming I heard that noise I close my eyes I felt as someone was standing over me I didn't open my eyes afraid of what I may see the next thing I knew it felt like someone sat on my chest and was holding me down I keep trying to get up and I could not move I knew I was not dreaming so I took my hands down by my legs and made a cross and said God help me as soon as I did that I felt the pressure lift off my chest I waited for a few minutes and look to the left of me and seen a figure walk up the split level stairs..the next day was Thanksgiving so I did not want to bring anything up then but the day after I mention it to my sister that lived in the home when I told her she didn't seem surprise but more as if I been telling you this .so I suggest that we would find someone in the neighborhood that has been there for a while and maybe we could get answers that is what we did we find a neighbor that was there for 20 yrs we ask her did she know who lived there before my sister she said it was an police officer tht lived there with his wife and his daughter he drunk a lot and was very mean to them so they moved out and left him he killed his self in the driveway so after visiting her and talking to her a lot of things now made sense like my sister would hear someone burping in her ear it explain why she would always hear the door open and shut on the side where the drive way was .I will tell you this I don't scare easy and have had some questionable things happen to myself but that house had the worse feeling every when you were there and listen to half the stories she told me about that house it leaves you thinking there is so many things we cant explain then what we can.i was always told its not the died you should be afraid of but its the living well I not sure in this case she went through so much and she has tough skin and to see her break the way she did was horrible I always pray I never have to live that..

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