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Brief History of the state and its hauntings

The state has seen many owners in its time, including four main Indian cultures, which were the Paleo, Archaic, Woodland and Mississippian, with the Mississippian culture building many truncated pyramids within the state.

As for violence within this state, it's seen much blood shed, there have been battles between the British and Spanish for control of the land, as well as between the British and Georgian settlers and wars against various Indian tribes. The state was also the site of various battles during the American civil war, where it joined the confederate side. There was a famous holding area for captured union soldiers here called the Anderson-ville prison camp, it's thought that at least 13,000 union soldiers died here from disease, starvation and execution.

Featured Haunted Places In Georgia

Atlanta, The Masquerade

Clermont, The Clermont hotel

Columbus, Springer Opera House

Macon, The Hay House

Newnan, Caswell House

Saint Simon's Island, The Old Lighthouse

Savannah, Fort Pulaski

Other Haunted Places In Georgia

Acworth - Allatoona Battlefield

Gunshots, voices, strange orbs of light and a ghostly train. Orbs of light by an old grave of an unknown Confederate soldier have been reported. Temperature drops about 10 degrees in the old train bed is also commonly reported. Also gunpowder has been smelled here.

Acworth - Hickory Grove Subdivision

Sound of light footsteps, assumed to be a child, running down the hall. The sound of doors slamming loud enough to wake a sleeping adult and strong enough to feel a vibration on a wall has been reported. The sounds of chairs moving in the kitchen and the icemaker being used when no one is around have been heard. Furniture moving in the basement office, sounded like banging of a metal file cabinet.

Adairsville - Barnsley Gardens - The Adair House

There is a little girl that many people have seen on the property and she is usually seen in the Adair house and turns the lights in the attic on and off. The employees have left toys in the attic and they will be in one spot when they leave that day and when they return the next morning they will be moved. Many employees have reported seeing a figure matching the description of Godfrey Barnsley in the cottages at night. He was the owner of the property in the 1800's.

Alpharetta - Hopewell School

Apparently it was shut down in the 70's after 7 elementary school children were killed by a poisoning, the accuracy of this however, remains unclear. Reports claim a strange presence is all throughout the old school, which has been abandoned ever since then.

Americus - Windsor Hotel

Legend says that the ghost of a little girl, daughter of a former housekeeper, runs laughing at night. Both the housekeeper and the little girl lived at the hotel and were pushed down the elevator shaft in the early 1900’s. On the third floor you can feel the presence of a little girl. You can also hear a woman's voice and the cry of a baby.

Andersonville - Andersonville prison cemetery

A civil war re-enactor, for the CSA reports while they were in Andersonville they were visiting the Drummer Boy museum. While in there a woman came in and said that last year, she and her husband were leaving the cemetery, which closes at 5pm. She said that she was just scanning the scene one more time and that she saw a man on a crutch. He was missing a leg and wearing a confederate uniform standing beside one of the graves. She asked her husband if he saw it, not taking her eyes off the man. She pointed to her husband and he too saw it. At first they thought it was a re-enactor, but they were all at the camp. When they passed the spot, the man looked in his rear-view mirror and no one was there.

Appling County - Surrency

The Surrency Ghost Light is said to be seen on a long deserted railroad track which sits low under a bridge on Highway 341. The old story is told many ways, but the most popular is of a husband and his wife that lived next to the tracks. One night after a heated argument, the wife ran blindly out of the house and down the tracks. She was hit and killed by an oncoming train. Witnesses today say they can see the light of the man on the tracks trying to find his long dead wife. Some have even claimed to see the silhouette of a lady with long blond hair walking down the tracks at night.The locals call her the blue lady.

Atlanta - The Shakespeare Tavern

During a production of Henry IV Part I in 1993, the actor playing Falstaff suddenly came from the men's dressing room, very shaken. He had seen a very young boy dressed in a velvet suit, much like children wore in the 1800's beside his dressing table. Others have seen passing images and odd lights over the years. Sometimes when the theatre is pretty much deserted, voices will be heard, as if a group is meeting together. There is a room in the top level of the building that sensitive people will not enter, because it is clammy and the energy feels terrible in there. An old man has been spotted on a couple of occasions. A female energy once warned of a fire, and sometimes upsets things in the women's dressing room. Occasionally a shadowy figure can be seen on the catwalk above the stage.

Augusta - Augusta State University - Bellevue Hall

The ghost of Emily Galt is said to haunt the building. Emily etched her name ("Emily Galt, 1816") in the glass of one of the windows before her fiancé left and was killed, in the Civil War. Finding out her betrothed was dead; she threw herself out of one of the upper windows, and died. It's said at night you can hear the two lovers arguing over whether or not he should go off to battle. Phones and TVs mysteriously go haywire. The widow still exists and is in storage at the university.

Austell - Six Flags Over Georgia - Crystal Pistol Music Hall

According to legend, back in 1967 when Six Flags over Georgia first opened; an actor by the name of "Joe" was to star in the opening number for the very first show at the Crystal Pistol. Due to unfortunate circumstances, Joe was killed in an automobile accident on his way to work. Apparently, Joe is still waiting to perform that number. Several sightings have occurred in the Crystal Pistol of a man who stands at the edge of the balcony and watched performances that are currently being put on. Orbs have been found in photographs taken inside the music hall. After closing, many employees will hear a man singing backstage even though there is nobody back there. Employees have also found props missing from the stage and later find the props next to the Railroad tracks, which run beside the theatre.

Austin - Old St. Mary's

A man named Jack Peacock died in a house by a heart attack. His children were on vacation when it happened. He was not found until two days later. The family who occupy it has seen him in the house. The mother sees images in the middle of the night. Mostly she sees a young girl, possibly one of Jacks kids. She looks like Marsha Brady with long, straight, blonde hair wearing 60's clothing. Sometimes she sees people climbing through the window, even though the bedroom is on the second floor. To this day she is grateful not to see anything paranormal for just one night.

Braselton - Braselton Town Hall

The older employees at Town Hall will talk about "Little John" inhabiting the house. Town Hall operates out of what used to be a residence built in approximately 1910 by of one of the Braseltons. The place later became a boarding house, an event house for weddings and then eventually the city renovated it in the late 90's and used to it to house its town hall, police department and water utility office. Older employees talk about things being moved, odd knocking and footsteps on the stairwell after the close of business, and opening up the business in the morning to find closed/locked desk drawers opened. Most recently, two employees were standing in the upstairs landing in broad daylight talking when they heard an odd knocking coming from one of the interior closets near the window that is near the attic. One of the police department canines visibly refuses to enter a downstairs conference room that was originally a formal dining room. Little John was at first thought to be some sort of myth created by one of the former patrol division members to delight and scare the female staff members, but some current and some retired employees can tell of the oddities that have sometimes occurred in the house. "Little John" was supposedly a son of one of the Braseltons that had some slight mental problems. Little John allegedly occupied the house for a while and used to pick up stray dogs as pet. He and the dogs mostly resided in the attic until his death. Although rarely talked about, there is also a report of one of the former Braselton matrons being seen in the downstairs bathroom. Prior to the house becoming the Town Hall, it was sometimes used for wedding receptions and other events. Supposedly, a guest at one of the weddings proclaimed to be a psychic and he told of seeing people dressed in formal attire from the twenties standing in the hall and of seeing the Braselton female in and around the bathroom. Being that no harm ever seems to be done, some of the employees just laugh when things occur and write it off as Little John being in the house. Some other employees are a little scared and do not like staying late or by themselves in the building.

Cartersville - Camp Sandmann

50 years ago a 12 year old a girl was riding her horse at this site and the horse went berserk and she ran into a branch and it beheaded her. Now there have been sightings of her in the woods by her grave inside the camp. She looks transparent and glowing.

Columbus - House of a Thousand Cadavers

Reports of doors slamming, cold spots, strange moaning from the middle bedroom, feelings of insanity and confusion upon entering.

Columbus - Jordan Vocational High School - The Auditorium

The story goes that a girl was watching her boyfriend perform a play, when she yelled his name she fell over the balcony and died on impact. Witnesses report seeing her apparition wandering the balcony and stage.

Cumming - Old Lanier Lodge

The old Lanier Lodge Hotel just outside downtown Cumming closed a few years back and nobody is exactly sure why. Neighbours of the complex say that they hear and see things at a constant. It is believed by many that someone was murdered in the west building on the second floor balcony hallway but wasn't publicly announced as to keep the citizens from becoming stricken with panic. When visited at night witnesses reported hearing strange things as if people are coming in and out of rooms and closing doors very loudly. If you peer into the top windows of the east or west buildings you can sometimes see lights flicker but the power has been shut off for years. When walking by the pool there is sometimes a long splash or the chairs near by move around on their own as well as the unattended weeds all around the complex swishing to one side as if someone had walked through them.

Dahlonega - Fred Jones Building

A building formerly owned by Fred Jones. One night after hours he is believed to have been murdered. Witnesses report seeing the ghost of a man walking around in the halls of the building.

Dahlonega - Holly Theatre

This theatre has been standing for almost a century. Now newly renovated after 50 years of abandonment, strange sightings have occurred. The occurrences are after hours or before mostly. When there's not much mortal activity inside the building, you can see figures white and glowing float past the etched glass windows. It said when you see the shapes you can also feel a cold presence fall upon you.

Dahlonega - The Gold Museum

In the centre of town, this old Civil War building used to be the town courthouse and jail. A tall figure in a hooded robe has been seen in the windows and on the balcony after hours. There is knocking from through the walls, and clanking noises from the attic and basement.

Dalton - Downtown railroad tracks

The area is haunted by the spirit of Cherokee chief Red Bird. It's said the chief was thrown from his horse during a race and died of his injuries. According to legend he's buried underneath where the railroad tracks now run. Train crews have reported strange lights around the bend of Crown Cotton Mills, and there have been many strange car accidents along the tracks, supposedly caused by the angry Chief.

Dawsonville - Amicalola Falls Lodge

Built on the crest of Amicalola Mountain, the area was once a spiritual place for the Cherokee. People experience cold spots and poltergeist activity, especially in the kitchen area. Doors also open and close. If you want to stay at the lodge, it's located in Amicalola State Park on GA 52, northwest of Dawsonville.

Demorest - Piedmont College

In the girl's freshman dorm, Getman-Babcock, there is an orange ghost which has been described as an outline of a person, usually found in the lobby of the dorm. In the basement, if the door is shut to the laundry room, the handle turns on its own. Also, sometimes, there is a little girl in a blue dress wearing black dressy shoes that appears on the stairs in the lobby.

Douglas - The Ashley Slater House

Since it was built about six people have died in the house. It is said that the grandmother died from a disease and the mother died from giving birth to her second son. Later on the father hung himself in the attic. A little while after that both of the children died from a disease, And someone else who moved in died also. If you go into the house it is very cold and it feels like someone is pressing down on your shoulders. And every few months all of their spirits are said to appear at the same time in the house.

Dunwoody - Insane Asylum

Cold breezes felt in rooms with no windows. There is a morgue in the basement and at sometimes you can see dead ghosts lying in the morgue trays. You hear footsteps walking on the 3-floor building steps, and you can feel presence behind you. This is the all-time best place to go to if you want to be frightened.

Elberton - Georgia Guide stones

7 miles outside of Elberton, Georgia stands the Georgia Guide stones, the smaller version of Stonehenge, they are set up on a hill out in the middle of nowhere. No one knows whom the land belongs to or what the real name of the man is who had them made. They are engraved with eight different languages, they stand 19 feet high, and a time capsule is buried six feet below the stones. When you park your car there and get out you will get a faint feeling, apparently the sky is clear only above the stones and bats circle them at night.

Fairburn - Peter's Woods

There's an old cemetery in the woods and they are said to be haunted by an Amish girl who was in love with a non-Amish boy and her father found out and told her she could never see the boy again, so the girl went into the woods and hung herself. People have often reported seeing her ghost by the side of the road as they drive by, but often upon a second glance she is gone.

Fayette County - Old Hanging Ground

The old hanging ground that belonged to Old Man Padgett. During a hanging, a Negro broke loose and hung Padgett from the nearby railroad bridge. Padgett still walks the tracks looking for his killer. The track has been abandoned for over 15 years and you can still hear train horns and see figures on the dirt road, tracks, and in the woods.

Gainesville - Brenau University

One of the United States most prestigious female universities is haunted by a ghostly shadow that hangs from the balcony of the auditorium. A young dedicated dancer supposedly hung herself after being denied lead performer in a popular ballet play. Many students and faculty continue to witness the mysterious apparition.

Gainesville - Clermont - Crybaby Mill

More haunted places in Georgia added by a visitor. The following entry was submitted by Skye from Clermont and remains unaltered: In north hall county off of 129, there's a rock road leading to an old wooden bridge that connects to an old grain mill. Years ago a woman threw her baby off of that bridge and if you go up to the mill, you can still hear baby's crying and yelling and what not.

Gainesville - East Hall Middle School

A thirteen year old girl was killed by two boys in the boys bathroom. On the last stall to the left you can hear the stall shaking. The toilet flushes sometimes without anyone moving the knob, and bloodstains appear after they have been washed several times. The administrator denies it but the teachers report seeing it.

Gainesville - Flatshoals

In August of 1987 there was a girl about 11 or 12 years old that was abducted by a sheriff and was taken to Flatshoals. She was raped and murdered, and then thrown over the bluff. It is said around midnight you can hear her blood-curdling screams for help!

Glynn - St. Simons Island

On stormy nights, island folk have reported seeing a small figure, with her lantern held high, running through the fog. Her name is Mary the Wanderer, and she haunts the coast of St. Simons looking for her lost love, who was killed in a hurricane.

Griffin - Griffin High School

Janitors who have been at the school after dark have claimed to see a large shadow walking down the halls and hear tapping coming from certain lockers on the 400 hall.

Griffin - Trestle Bridge

Many people report of hearing train whistles and feeling the tracks vibrate. Some have said to have even seen a large white object pass over the bridge. People have also seen a mysterious white light coming toward them on the bridge, which is believed to be the worker looking for his head. Apparently, people have been chased out of the woods surrounding the Trestle by a mysterious figure.

Hawkinsville - Pig Man's Bridge

A man was part of a circus at one time. He trained pigs and they did tricks. It is said that he was mean to the pigs and that when he got to old to travel he settled under this bridge and built pigpens on the hill. The pigs ended up killing the man and now the man haunts the bridge and has a face of a pig.


All over the city limits of Jonesboro, fallen Confederate and Union soldiers stalk peoples homes, cemeteries, and the main battlefield off US highway 19-41. Peoples homes have been haunted by blood splattered walls and mysterious bullet holes. On the anniversary nights of August 31 and September 1, it is said that gunshots and drums can be heard when all is quiet at night.

Jonesboro - The Warren House

The Warren House was used as a hospital during the Civil War. While at the house many soldiers carved their names in the wall. At night a figure of a soldier can be seen holding a candle and looking out the window. There have been several reports of this. There is supposedly a bloodstain still on the floor in the attic. The confederate cemetery across the street is said to be haunted as well.

Kennesaw State University - Campus Green

Long ago, this used to be the farm of the Frey family. The campus green is built right on top of the old family's pet cemetery. In the late 1800s, the farmer put his rabid blue tick hound out of his misery by blowing his brains out with a shotgun. He then proceeded to drag his body in circles around the outskirts of the campus green. They say that on the anniversary of the dog's death, you can see him chasing cats around campus with his head still split from the shotgun.

Kahilli Park - The Bridge

There has been sightings of a woman inside the bridge, and there have been voices heard there. There is sometimes very intense growling coming from around the bridge. Several people have been pulled down under the bridge when there was only one person there. These sightings and other things happen at midnight mostly.

Lavonia - Southern Oaks Inn

Footsteps can be heard upstairs in the main house. Several people have also witnessed ghostly apparitions of a male and female, thought to be former owners of the house. Employees have witnessed loaves of bread flying toward them in the kitchen. The present owners have repeatedly had to reposition furniture to its proper position.

Lithonia - Original Lithonia Schoolhouse

Located on Stephenson Road, across from a rock quarry, is the original Lithonia schoolhouse, built circa 1865. It has been converted to a private residence, but the ghosts of children are frequently seen. Many of the former pupils are buried in an old church cemetery located about 200 yards away. 8 year old Elizabeth has been seen by several individuals (including psychic Shirley Janey) flaunting her golden-brown curls. Several people have also seen the ghost of a teenage boy walking around the entry hall, as well as a mysterious hooded figure. The rustling sounds of a schoolmarm's heavily starched dresses are frequently heard as well.

Lookout Mountain - Ruby Falls

In the rock formation "Ruby's Drapery", and in the twilight zone, there has been sightings of mysterious shadows and figures. On a school trip, a child named Katie saw a woman dressed in ruby red clothes. Said to be the ghost of "Ruby", who the caverns were named after.

Madison - Old Civil War Hospital

Many strange noises such as footsteps walking up the stairs at night, and witnesses report seeing a tall man dressed all in black at the top of the stairs. Also In one of the rooms you can see a lady dressed in a blue old fashion dress.

Marietta - Kennesaw House

Used as a hospital during the Civil War, now a museum, people have seen ghosts of soldiers here. An entire hospital scene complete with soldiers in their hospital beds and 2 people witnessed doctors working with them at the same time in the basement area and lower floor. Employees have also heard several unexplained noises. While on a field trip of the Marietta Museum located in the Kennesaw House, a girl reported seeing a woman dressed in a light blue antebellum style dress with pink flowers around the neckline and bodice. This woman smiled at her and then vanished. She claims it is a woman in a picture at the museum. The picture is of the original owners of the Kennesaw House.

Mcduffie county - Old Bonneville Motel

Located near the railroad tracks, close to the old post office, if you go by there late at night, you can see a little pale girl in a white dress crying tears of blood.

Milledgeville - Old Governor's Mansion

The mansion was built in 1838 and is said to he haunted. Lights turn on and off, beds unmake themselves when no one is around, and the smells of freshly baked foods can be smelled in the kitchen when no one has cooked. The mansion is currently owned by Georgia College and State University and is located on the corner of Clarke and Hancock.

New Hope - New Hope Church

A Civil War solder can be seen at the battle trenches across the road from the church. Other sightings have occurred behind the graveyard in New Hope. Phantom lights and distant moans and groans of pain from the two thousand solders killed on the place referred to as the "Hell Hole" just before storms occur.

Peachtree Industrial - Peachford Mental Hospital

A woman wearing an older nurse outfit is said to roam the hallways and sometimes crack the doors of patients rooms. It is believes she makes sure the patients are okay. Cold spots are felt when you're in the gymnasium, kid's room, and conference rooms. Sounds of children laughing can be heard in the kid's room and in the outdoor courtyard at night.

Ringgold - Boynton

The house that stands here was built in 1918, but a Union Soldier named Captain died on the grounds long before. He haunts the front of the property and the front rooms of the house. If the Captain likes the occupants of the home, he shows himself by doing parlour tricks. If he dislikes certain visitors however, he frightens them with constant rapping and banging noises. He has even been known to reveal his full form at the person's bedside in early morning hours. Sometimes, he will get in bed with visitors! One of the buttons of his coat was unearthed in the front of the property, along with other objects. Legend states that he is hanging around to await a letter from his sister.

Ringgold - Chickamauga Battlefield

There are many reports of seeing a mysterious set of glowing green eyes from a ghost of a confederate soldier. Even during the war, soldiers had reported him looking over the dead during battles. Also, there is an old tower here that is visible from the main road. The top four steps have a mysterious blood stain on them. People have tried to remove the stains, but to no avail. They always seem to return. A mysterious being haunts the area beneath the stairs at night.

Roswell - The Public House Restaurant

Supposedly back in the days of the civil war this place was the Generals outpost. The upstairs was some kind of nursing station where they took some of the wounded to get help. The story goes something like, there was a soldier and a nurse who fell in love and got married, then the soldier was tried for some crime and was hung in the town square right across the street. So, they say that the soldier and the woman haunt the place today.

Sale City - Shady Grove Cemetery

It is an old Historic cemetery that locals say is haunted and that there is unusual activity that goes on there. Locals say to park your car on the side of the road near the cemetery and look at the small prayer chapel that is located in the middle of the cemetery, while being quiet, you can hear moans and high pitch noises coming from the chapel and at times there seems to be a low glooming light that emerges from the foundation of the chapel. Locals say that upon approaching the cemetery at night there seems to be an unexplainable chill that goes down your spine every time you try to pass through the arch at the entrance of the cemetery.

Savannah - 1790 Inn and Tavern

This Inn was built in 1790 and is haunted by a girl named Anna. She was a seventeen year old girl who was shunned after getting pregnant by a sailor. The sailor was said to have jumped out of the third story window and died. He haunts the same room the window was located in. Guests claim to lose things such as wallets, ID's, and underclothes. They will later be found in planters or behind bookshelves. People have also reported hearing Anna in the room moving things around.

Savannah - Hampton Lillibridge House

This is said to be the most haunted house in Savannah, and the only house known to have had an exorcism. When the house was being restored in the 1960s, some workmen refused to finish the job because of strange occurrences (tools disappearing, hearing footsteps when they knew they were alone, and strange feelings). On one occasion, a man was seen wearing a black suit and bow tie in the third floor window when no one was living in the house. Neighbours have also heard a woman's scream coming from within the house, and a grey haired man has also been sighted.

Savannah - Savannah River

The woman known as The Waving Girl, Florence Martus, was immortalized in a statue on the Savannah River for her habit of waving a cloth or towel from the land as a helpful signal to boats coming in. The statue depicts her waving with a large dog sitting next to her. Many times the stone cloth has been seen waving as if in the wind. Many believe it to be haunted by a ghost boy who broke little children and animals necks. It is said he was hung near the river. On calm, autumn, under a full moon you can see him walking looking for victims.

Savannah - The Old Pink House Restaurant and Tavern

This popular tavern is said to be haunted by its builder, General Habersham. He often appears in the basement, which is now the tavern. However, he has sometimes been known to walk among guests in the upstairs dining room dressed in his full General uniform.

Savannah - Pirate's House Tavern

The story is this restaurant is haunted by Captain Redbeard (Captain Flint) and was built back in the 1700's, and was originally a pub for sailors. Captain Flint would go there with his sailors and take women through a secret passage that led out to the docks and would take them onto his ship. They have had so many reports of ghostly activity on the second floor that they had 12 experts from the National Ghost Chasing Association come and stay in the second floor for 3 days. There was so much weird activity that all of the experts except 3 of them left by the end of the 3 days. All of the experts were scared out of their minds.

St. Simon's Island - Ebo landing

Supposedly a group of chained slaves were being held on the beach (having just arrived on the slave smuggling ship the Wanderer), the slaves made a suicide pack. Rather than live their lives in irons they ran, chained side by side to one another, into the water and drowned. It is said the sight is haunted by their spirits, you can hear the heavy irons clatter as they sprint from the beach for the water.

Stone Mountain - Stone Mountain Park's Antebellum Plantation

Several Buildings in there are haunted such as Thornton House were Workers have reported feeling a spirit at the top of the stairs, between the children's rooms and Dickey House were Confederate re-enactors have reported seeing a woman in top floor windows when they camp out on the lawn.

Stone Mountain - Village Inn

Hotel built around 1830's was used as a hospital during the civil war. Many audible hauntings including black man singing, whistling, mores code, and footsteps have been reported. Doors slam open, and glimpses of shadows moving out of the corners of your eye. The haunting seems to come and go over the years. There is a long history of paranormal events here.

Thomasville - The Lynching Grove

A murderer of women was lynched and hanged from a tall tree in the grove. Before he was hanged, he cursed the mob. At night it is said you can hear the killer's ghost laughing.

Troup County - McCoshish Mill

The owner of the mill in the 1800's caught his wife having an affair. He killed his wife and her lover. Reports of seeing a floating woman in white and screams are heard at the mill. Apparitions of the lover are seen in the woods around the mill. He is said to be an angry spirit.

Valdosta - Warrens Blue Bayou

It was said that when this bar use to be a house, the former owner hung himself in his office locking the door behind him. Now during the night chairs end up on the floor after being put up the night before. The recent owner apparently was locked out of the office room after she went to use the bathroom. On another occasion, patrons starting screaming vulgar words towards the ghost, when as soon as they where done the lights and sound just cut off for a minute and a cold chill ran through the room.

Waleska - Reinhardt College

Cobb Hall was built on the site of an old barn which burned early in the school's history. A little girl killed in the fire wanders around the building, appearing in rooms, and giggling through the air vents.

Waleska - Reinhardt College - Paul Jones Hall

Many of the buildings on the campus of Reinhardt College, a Methodist school founded in 1883 in the northern section of Cherokee County, have supernatural occurrences attached to them. The ghost of a janitor who hung himself in the 65-year-old building's attic haunts the oldest still-standing dormitory, Paul Jones Hall. In that dormitory, the doors open and close by themselves, showers and water spigots turn on and off, and the noises of the suicide can be heard replayed almost nightly by someone on the top floor coming from the padlocked attic.

White County - Stovall Mill Covered Bridge

This historic covered bridge is said to be haunted. If one stands in the bridge alone at night you're supposed to hear the cries of unseen babies and the sounds of horse-drawn carriages. This bridge is a local landmark and opens to the public. This bridge also appears in the film "I'd climb the Highest Mountain".

Worth County - Holland Tire Company

In what is now the Holland Tire Company, a man that was running from the FBI was killed. People now say that if you ride by the tire yard on 82, you can see a shadow lurking about. You also get cold chills whenever you ride by. People that worked at the factory say that you hear strange things there.

Young Harris - Young Harris College - Dobbs Theatre

In the early 1990's there was a janitor named Jesse who loved the theatre and would participate when a particular role called for someone who had visible age. He one day was driving home and wrapped his car around a tree. His ghost has haunted the Black box ever since. In the storage room, the noise of moving chairs and other items can often be heard. In the classroom, the motion sensor light turns on when the door is locked and nobody is in there. Footsteps up the stairs and around the building are common. Movement upstairs and in the catwalks is also very common.

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