Springer Opera House, Columbus

springer opera house


The Springer opera house first opened its doors on February the 21st, 1871. The opera house was converted into a movie theater in the great depression of the 1920's but was converted back into an opera house again in the mid 1960's. It's regarded as one of the finest opera houses in America. The building remains as an opera house to this day.


The Opera house is said to be one of the top ten most haunted locations in America. The most famous ghost at this location is said to be that of Edwin Booth, brother to John Wilkes Booth. He is known to be quite helpful to the actors, by moving missing pieces of wardrobe into plain sight amongst other things.

In the upstairs dressing room the sound of childrens laughter is said to be heard when the room is empty. Another popular story of a haunting at this location include seeing an apparition dressed in theater costume appearing in the center of the stage. Other reports include many cold spots and glowing orbs all over the building.

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