Ghost Stories - Chaldar's Conquest

Chaldar's Conquest

Midnight. All Hallow's Eve. The sound of a nighthawk in the distance suddenly mixed with the eerie screams of the children stalking the streets in ridiculous costumes like wild rats on the loose.

"Little monsters dressed up like monsters," Chaldar silently mocked, peering from the edge of the cracked attic window of the haunted house on Fifth & Vine. Humans, so gullible, so vulnerable - such easy prey.

Chaldar popped another cinnamon dot into his mouth. His favorite candy, dead or alive. The cinnamon lent an icy chill to his taunting screams. Ms. Jerriatric's hair had turned white overnight due to her near-death experience with Chaldar's scream. Yes, that cinnamon dot did add a lot.

But enough thoughts of Ms. Jerriatric, whom he suddenly found a deteriorating, boring subject. These rotten kids currently presented quite an opportunity. He'd have them all bawling and running for the hills shortly, and at that thought, Chaldar giggled to himself.

Chaldar's eyes widened as he saw one of the children approaching the house. The boy was dressed in a pirate's Halloween costume and Chaldar raced through the halls of the house, reaching the front door with high anticipation, and with full intent of scaring the young lad.

There was a small knock. Chaldar giggled. Oh my, this would be good.

Slowly, he opened the door, allowing it to creak and groan until the lad could see full steam into the house.

"Andy! Get away from there!" Chaldar heard a young girl yell out. "It's not safe!"

"No way," Andy eased out, withdrawing his large bogus blade from its plastic holster. "I'm hunting for ghosts and this seems like a really good place to find one."

Little Andy stepped across the threshold - Chaldar's line in the sand, so to speak. The smell of human mixed with peanut butter and grape jelly hit Chaldar in the face, causing him to withdraw when he would have made mincemeat of the fearless lad. And that the lad was fearless sent a wedge of fear through Chaldar, for he had never encounter a man nor a beast who had not been frightened of him.

For the sheer fun of it, Chaldar illuminated his eyes, making them appear to the lad who was now planted directly in front of him. He laughed as the lad swung out with his plastic sword, hitting air and nothing more as Chaldar had expertly dodged contact.

Little Andy attempted time and time again to swipe the ghost with his blade, failing at each attempt. The girl who had been watching from the front porch had vanished a good ten minutes ago.

Chaldar was growing tired of the game; it was time to wrap up the night. He had bigger fish to fry, such as terrifying Ms. Jerriatric again. My, how he loved her frightened looking face.

He stooped down and whispered to Andy, "Fate awaits, lad! It's time for you to go-"

Andy hit Chaldar full-force, aiming the can of liquid streamer, and soon covering the ghost like a cocooned moth. Right as Andy whacked the living daylights out of Chaldar, he asked the lad, "Please, tell me - how did you pinpoint my whereabouts?"

Before Andy's fatal blow, he eased out, "Sinaman."

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