Lewiston civic theatre, Lewiston

Lewiston civic theatre


The Lewiston civic theatre was built in 1907 by the Lewiston methodist church. This impressive castle like structure wasn't used as the theater it is today until 1972.

Today this unique building still operates as a theatre.


There has been a huge list of stories of hauntings at this location over the years and i suspect that many of them are products of people just wanting to add theirs to the list, but i'll list the most popular anyway and you can decide for yourself.

One of the most popular stories is of 2 girls who were supposedly murdered in the building when it was a church and their spirits can be seen running through all areas of the theatre, especially on the stairs. During the very same night as the 2 girls were murdered, there is also the story of how a janitor went missing and has never been seen to this day.

There is also the tale of one of the late directors of the building who can be seen sitting in the seats as if waiting for a show to start.

Apart from individual ghosts there are various groups and individuals who claim there to be at least 50 different spirits in the building. Who they are and why they are there seems to be something that will never be known.

The actual activity that takes place within the building is to long to list, but includes all the usual things such as electrical equipment playing up without explanation, footsteps from empty areas, lights in empty rooms turning on and off, apparitions of all kinds all over the building and so on.

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