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Sweetwater Library - Greenwater

Wyoming Frontier Prison - Rawlins

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Casper - Ivy House Inn Bed and Breakfast

There is reports of a male spirit, who sets off the car alarms in the parking lot where a house used to be. There is also a lady, who was a former owner, who goes from room to room. Small catlike animals have been seen running down the halls and up the stairs from time to time. There are cold spots in the house. Items have been moved with no explanation. The original 1916 house had a traveling cloud in the sitting room, but after it was torn down for parking spaces, any car that parks where the sitting room once stood have the alarms set off, usually after 2:30 am and late in the morning. Many pictures taken in the house have anomalies or vortexes in them.

Casper - Natrona County High school

A junior who attended the NCHS in the 1940's is rumored to haunt the NCHS auditorium. There are many stories of her death, the most popular one being that she was auditioning for a play one night and forgot her bag on stage so she crawled through a window to get back inside and get it...not realizing how high it was she fell and broke her back and died. There have been many experiences. The most eerie is a certain chair in the front row center, that is always down. The chair has been replaced on many separate occasions, they have also changed the springs, anything possible to keep it upright, but it always goes down. Its rumored if someone sits in her chair during a performance something goes wrong in the performance. She has been known to lock doors, laugh, and apparitions are seen up on the balcony by the lighting booth.

Cheyenne - Old Underground Tunnels

These tunnels were originally built in the early days of the railroad, and where used to travel between the Plains hotel, The train station, and the Heyman building. Its is rumored to stretch as far as the capital building, which is approximately 3 miles, though know one knows for certain exactly how far it is. Those who have been able to access them have reported strange things such as loud footsteps inside when everyone in the party is accounted for. The footsteps are described as heavy almost leather boot like steps. Similar to boots that might have been worn by railroad workers. It is also said that voices can be heard in the distance when there is no one there. No actual sightings of any apparitions have been reported.

Cody - Cedar "Spirit" Mountain

Cedar Mountain use to be known as Spirit Mountain because people have been lost and never found in the caves that honeycomb the mountain and its surrounding area. The caves were closed to public access except that you can register with the forest service and explore these caves. Even the canyon that runs along side the mountain is considered to be haunted. People have heard footsteps behind them but when they turn around, no one is there. Also, some of the long time residents claim the mount is occupied by "little people."

Evanston - Wyoming State Hospital

There is a single sheet that hangs in a room window facing the interstate. Authorities deemed it necessary to place it there because of repeated sightings of a young girl reliving her death (caused by hanging) every night. Many people have witnessed this disturbing occurrence. Even though there is no power the lights will be on at night, a rocker that will be rocking, there are howling noises and strange floating lights have all been reported.

Green River - Green River Library

People have reported hearing strange noises and books falling off the shelves at night. One person even stayed the night in the library. They reported having many different eerie feelings. But they didn't see anything until they remembered they had their voice recorder recording in the conference room. It had several unexplained clicks on it. Then about halfway through someone breathed into it. Then on the other side of the tape, a small girl is heard yelling, "HELLO!" And they reported that they were the only ones in the library! One night the janitor was vacuuming and the light came on upstairs so he went to turn it off, but when he returned the vacuum was gone and then he heard someone upstairs vacuuming and when he went up there nobody was there! As it turns out they had built the new library on the old city graveyard. A new graveyard was constructed up the hill and it was thought that all graves had been removed from the old site and were accounted for. Not quite. During construction, workers dug up several old caskets, which broke open and the bones fell out.

Powell - Northwest College

Residents have reported hearing footsteps in the shower when there is no-one in there, also they have heard noises such as chairs scraping, cabinets opening and closing in locked rooms in the residence halls. Other interesting phenomena has occurred in the residence halls, such as the oven being turned on as high as it will go (including all four burners) at around 2am, a general temperature decrease in one of the wings of the residence halls (rumor says a resident that committed suicide is still there), the summer crew have reported funny smells and buckets of hot water turning cold for no real reason and then suddenly back to hot again.

Powell / Cody - Heart Mountain Relocation Center

This center was built during World War II for the relocation of the Japanese. During the day nothing really spectacular happens except that a friendly spirit has been felt following people around. At night however things change. Noises and footsteps have been been heard when no one else is moving. People have also reported to feel that someone/something is following and watching them. They are called Shadow People and they are an old Native American legend. They are usually not malicious and mostly observe people.

Rawlins - Old Wyoming State Penitentiary - A.K.A - The Old Pen

The 'Old Pen', as it is affectionately called by the residents of Rawlins, was put out of use during early 1980's. Now the it is a tourist attraction, a historical site, and the subject of many tales of paranormal activity. Members of tour groups often report hearing strange voices in cells, seeing people disappear around corners, and feeling hostile or tense presences. Employees have also reported apparitions and sounds. Recently an investigation was conducted by a group of paranormal experts, but specifics were not revealed except for in vague terms. There are several hotbeds of activity in the prison, including the showers, Death Row, the Gas Chamber, and the Hold or isolation area, and certain specific cells, including one filled with the artwork of an inmate. Only recently restored the Chapel and women's facility is also suspected of paranormal activity. Public functions are now held in the prison, including bazaars and Halloween 'haunted house' tours. During the bazaars, booths were set up on ground level, near the shower area. The shower area was always inexplicably cold, with a sense of malice. Many inmates were attacked in the shower area. There are also tales of an inmate being unsuccessfully hanged a first time by fellow prisoners, and having to be thrown off the rails again.

Rawlins - Rawlins High School

The High School is located less than two blocks from the middle school, and may very possibly be on the same ground. There have been reported sightings and sounds throughout the building, one of the worst areas seems to be the auditorium. Whilst it was being built, a worker fell from one of the catwalks and was killed when he landed on the chairs below. There have also been a few other deaths reported in that area. An area under the stage where props and sets are kept, nicknamed 'Siberia', is a hot spot as well. Lights turn on and off by themselves, things move around, and people have heard voices when no one else is down there. Interestingly, it is also the part of the school that is closest to the middle school.

Rawlins - Rawlins Middle School

There is a 2-3 acre area, including Rawlins Middle School, which is supposedly an Indian burial ground and passage of an old pioneer trail. Almost all of the houses in this area have reported sightings, both of Indians and old-fashioned people. A janitor at the Middle School was working one night when a short, well-dressed man approached her. She asked him his name, and he bolted. She chased after him, and as he turned a corner, she could see that he no longer had a head. All of the janitors that have worked there have similar experiences, including strange noises and moving objects. In two houses in particular, about 2 blocks away from Rawlins Middle School, the activity is especially bad. They have reported apparitions, moving objects, and have even recorded clear voices on a cassette tape hidden in an upstairs bedroom while the family was away.

Rock Springs - County Offices Building

There have been many strange and unusual happenings in the building, mostly at night when a lonely deputy is on duty making copies in the office or just simply sitting down and having a cup of coffee. Report seeing people out of the corner of their eye when the building is empty. They shook it off again and went back to their reports when suddenly they turned around and there standing in front of them was an old man wearing a blue bathrobe and blue slippers. They say the old man just looked up at them and turned around and walked out. The deputy, not realizing what had just happened, followed the man out the door, but when they reached the hallway, there was no one to be found! Another unexplained occurrence happened around the same time when the Emergency Management Director was sitting in his office early in the morning and was drinking a cup of coffee when suddenly someone slapped the back of their chair and sent them flying up on top of their desk! When they turned around to investigate, they realized that no one was in the room with them, let alone, no one was even in the building at the time of the event!

Sheridan - The Historic Sheridan Inn

The Historic Sheridan Inn is reportedly haunted by the spirit of a woman who was a caretaker, seamstress, waitress, and many other things from the time it opened at the turn of the century until her death in the late fifties or early sixties 'Miss Kate' has made noises, startled guests, turned lights on and off, and even set the fire alarm off several times one night to warn of a soon to happen fire in the kitchen. Her ashes are behind the wall of her third floor room, and you can sometimes see her rocking chair rocking by itself. Other ghostly inhabitants include a little girl, and the spirit of the son-in-law of Buffalo Bill Cody, the man who built the Inn. He shot himself in one of the rooms.

Sheridan - Kendrick Mansion

It has been said that during night surveillance by the local police department that the cameras show a ghostly being in a room, and when an officer goes to check he calls in that the room is empty. It is also said that the ghost likes to make the rounds with the officer, and when radioed about who is with the officer his answer is that there is no one there except him regardless that the cameras are showing another person in the room.

Yellowstone National Park - Old Faithful Inn

The hotel is about 95 years old. Various apparitions have been seen including a man in a big black hat and a bride that was beheaded on her wedding night by her new husband. There was also an incident where two guests woke in the middle of the night in a steamy hot room with their night clothes completely removed and folded neatly at the foot of their bed. The radiator in their room was stone-cold.

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