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Three Chimneys Inn

Gilson Road Cemetery

Haunted places in New Hampshire

Charlestown - Indian Shutters Restaurant

There are reports from many people saying that they have seen and also heard somebody upstairs in the owners living quarters. He is thought to be the general who once lived there. In the main dining room there have been sightings of a woman in a white flowing dress that is seen throughout, many times she has been seen in the mirror of a large bureau. Also, down stairs where there has been a new bar built, there is a hallway that has a rock wall on one side that leads to a storage room, many people have reported feeling a terrible cold feeling and have seen a figure either in the hallway or inside the storage room.

Concord - Margarita's Mexican Restaurant

This building used to be a jail, they still have the jail cells inside as standing proof. There are many reports from staff members that they have heard voices and have seen furniture and table decorations being moved, and have put a plate down, turn their back to find that it is in another spot with nobody around.

Dover - The Dover Mills

This mill that stands next to the Cocheco River, many years ago caught on fire. The majority of it burned down and many people died as they were trapped in the mills. Now there are many reports that while someone is just standing outside of the building after dark, when everyone is gone and all the offices are closed, they can see strange lights coming from the higher level rooms. They have also heard very strange noises, which can be identified as machines turning on and off. At first they are quieter but when listening for about five minutes, one very loud machine turns on. When they looked in a few of the basement windows, they found that one light was on in the whole basement. No one goes down there all day and no one goes in at night, because the basement entrance is blocked off, however there is always a light on. When entering the building in either of the two towers, it is said that if you are to sit on the stairs alone, you can hear faint noises, which are undetermined, however, there is no one else in the tower to be the cause such noises.

Durham - The Three Chimneys Inn

The descendant, who is named hannah, of Valentine Hill is believed to be the home's most restless spirit. Over the years she has been found to be fond of electronics and also she seems to enjoy playing hide and seek with a variety of inordinate objects. It is believed that she does not like change and makes this very well known when new equipment with a power cord is brought on to the property. This often times has forced the Inn to seek outside assistance with help for something as simple as a new computer or copy machine which has confused the owners as to why certain items will not properly work. The numbers have appeared backwards on a calculators ten key. While printing one page from a computer several pages have began printing even after the computer and printer were turned off and unplugged leaving the printer without power, it continued to print for nearly twenty minutes until the paper supply ran out. Hannah has a special affection towards some of the Inns employees. The Inn is staffed 24 hours a day therefore the Inn has an employee stay overnight. On one occasion, an employee was sleeping and was awoken by someone playing with her hair. Aware that Hannah is often around, she simply tucked her hair into her nightgown and told her to go to bed. On another occasion another employee was fast asleep, again, awoken by the sound of someone walking around the front parlor. Quickly the employee went downstairs and found every drawer in the armoire, desk and filing cabinet pulled out by exactly one inch. On occasion Hanna has shown herself. One evening a former Chef was working in the food and beverage office late into the evening. Shortly after 1:00am the Chef locked the office and was making their way up the stairs from the Tavern to leave when they saw a movement. Below the staircase is a railing that looks behind the bar. In looking down to see what the movement was the Chef was shocked to see Hannah standing behind the bar area looking up at them. Often times locks with deadbolts have a way of locking themselves while no one is near. While a party from a local insurance company were dining in the Maples dining room during the holiday season the entire party witnessed a glass from a table across the room where not a single person was near, pick itself up off the table and smash against the side of it to land in pieces on the floor. Many of the Staff and Guests alike have witnessed the shadow, face, touch or vintage clothing of this wonderful woman named Hannah. Given the history of the Inn it is believed that several spirits other than Hannah reside in this home today. Guest have made mention of footsteps and moving furniture above their heads during the night while there was not any guest above them to have made any sounds.

Fitzwilliam - Amos J. Blake House Museum

There are multiple reports from museum employees and visitors alike, these include feelings of being watched, nausea, strange sounds, doors opening and closing, voices, objects being moved, and mist. There have been recordings of the mist and the other phenomena.

Gilford - Kimball Castle

Witnesses often report the strong feeling of a presence, and also seeing a ghost in the kitchen of the carriage house, and this happens quite often. The care taker reports that he would leave the heavy mahogany door open for extra light and all of a sudden, the door was shut. This door is very heavy, not even wind could move it. He also said that the light in Mrs. Kimball's sewing room would mysteriously go on and then a while later it would go off of its own accord.

Hampton Beach - Island Path Road

In the late 1600's Hampton set the scene of the second greatest witch hunt of the era. The hysteria from Salem had boiled over into this sleepy fishing community with a population of less than 300. Eunece Cole lived at the end of the road by the water. She is said to have cursed a group of mariners who were taunting her. Upon the mariners return to the Isle of Shoals, a rugged outcropping of islands that is seven miles from Hampton, a great storm blew up and sank their boat, they were never seen again. Eunece Cole was convicted of witchcraft for laying the curse. She was not executed for her crimes, howecer, she was forced to pay a heavy fine. She died in her home a few years later. Her body was removed and they buried her with a stake through her heart. Her body was dug up and moved many times. For the past 300 years she has been haunting the residents of the street. It is never spoken of. Figures appear in the Fog, Lights Flicker, objects are moved and livestock cats will go missing.

Hanover - Dartmouth College - Alpha Theta

Likely due to the untimely deaths of some fraternity brothers and their unidentified female 'companions', due to a boiler explosion and fire in the house many decades ago, apparitions have been seen and the presence of spirits has been detected in various parts of the house. Hot spots are primarily in and around the remaining original structure, the house basement.

Henniker - Ocean-Born Mary House

This home is believed to be haunted by Mary Wallace. The apparition of a six-foot-tall woman, with red hair and flashing green eyes started to appear in the upstairs windows or on the central staircase. Some even saw Mary’s ghost riding through the hills in a phantom coach drawn by four horses. Her apparition was often seen in the yard, throwing something down the well. Many of them reported feeling the presence of Ocean-Born Mary. Her ghost was once seen helping family members repair a garage during a fierce storm, and several subsequent owners believe her presence protects the house from harm. Recently two New Hampshire State Troopers Reported seeing the specter a tall, red-haired woman wearing colonial clothing crossing the road just below the old mansion.

Keene - Keene State College - Huntress Hall

Harriet Huntress is believed to roam the attic and fourth floor of Huntress Hall. As she got older she had to use a wheelchair to get around, and some say they have heard the wheels scraping against the floor, her wheelchair is still kept in the attic.

Keene - Woodlawn Cemetery - Sumner Knight Chapel

The whole area near this chapel is full of activity. The chapel itself is said to be home to a very unhappy spirit and the presence is reportedly extremely strong from about 15 foot away from the chapel itself. Nearby the chapel is also the spirit of a little girl who likes to sneak around and peer from behind trees at people, there have been several voice recordings of the sound of a girl giggling. It is said that you have to move away from the chapel to actually encounter her. There is also a warning that states you should not curse in front of the chapel. There have been reports of a spirit that washes peoples mouth's out with soap when they have. Several people have documented the taste of soap in their mouths and others have even smelled the soap on the breaths of the people who have been unlucky enough to have been caught.

Laconia - Old Streetcar Place

This used to be a large factory where streetcars for all over the United States were manufactured. It currently houses a restaurant and a medical store on the ground floor and State government offices and services on the second floor. The ground floor has never had any reports of any unusual activity. The second floor, however, has had several incidents witnessed by some of the workers who have stayed after hours and are working late. The most common thing that has been reported is hearing the sound of footsteps, coughs and the murmur of voices that would suddenly start at the time that the late shift were coming in. Telephones have rang on the odd occasion with noone on the other end of the line only static. People have also heard doors opening and shutting in this open concept office building. Needless to say no one really likes to work alone at night there.

Litchfield - Griffin Memorial School

There have been reports of a reappearing ghost sighting outside the baseball field at the Griffin Memorial School. It is thought to be that of a young boy that hung himself off the fence around the baseball field. He has been seen on warm nights when the stars are shining brightly. The care takers also report hearing desks moving in other rooms and when they go and investigate they find the desks and chairs have been rearranged to form a circular pattern.

Manchester - Hesser College

It is believed that a number of ghosts can be found in the halls of Hesser College. One of the spirits is the ghost of a young boy who bounces his ball around the third and fourth floors. Many people have heard him, but when they have gone to find who and where the sound is coming from, the boy disappears and the bouncing ball sound stops. Students have also reported hearing the sound of a wet finger running down their window and eerie blue eyes staring at them. Legend says that a young girl died of hypothermia and attempted to write help on the window. The back stairwell that goes down by the administration offices is also said to be haunted. There is a lady that walks the 5th floor in high heels, many people have heard the tapping of the heels, even though the floor is carpeted. The face of a little boy, believed to be the same one who bounces his ball, is imprinted, in profile, in the study lounge on the fourth floor.

Manchester - Youth Detention Center Abandoned Building

This building is separated from the rest of the youth detention center facilities, is an older brick building in a small field that is surrounded by woods. Not only have all possible entrances been boarded up, but all holes that could have been used to see inside the building have been sealed in one way or another. There have been reports of odd humming noises and other faint sounds coming from inside, and some people who have forcibly removed boards from windows to look inside reported seeing an odd, dim light. The noises are mainly reported to come from the basement entrance, which strangely seems to be locked up tighter than any of the other entrances.

Marlow - Murray Hall

There have been many reports of a very strong feeling of being watched as people walk through the old building. Many believe it is the ghosts from the 'never ending party'. In 1624 the building was burned to the ground on the night of the town wide Halloween party. It is believed that over 70 people lost their lives in that fire.

Nahua - Blood House\Blood cemetery on Indian Rock Road

Many years ago there was a house that had been built next to a cemetery. A family lived there and one night someone broke into the house and the whole family was tragically killed, yet the youngest of the family, a little boy, ran out of the house until he ran into the road hoping for someone to be there to help him, unfortunately he was shot in the back and killed. Now a lot of youths like to drive along that road at night and there have been many reports of seeing the little boy on the side of the road or jumping out in front of their cars looking for help, there are many skid marks on the road from all the times he has jumped in front of the cars.

Nashua - Gilson Rd Cemetery

There has been many sightings of 'misty people' reported. It is said that if you walk from the front entrance to the middle of the cemetery, it feels like you're wading in water. People that have parked across the road have also said it feels like they are being pushed back away from the cemetery. Standing at the perimeter many have reported hearing voices coming from the back, right-hand corner. Some of the tombstone dates go back as far as the early 1800's. A black hooded figure has also been seen on several occasions. There are also areas around this cemetery, in the woods, and also where new homes that have built, that are haunted. There have been many occurences that have happened in this area. There has been a glittering seen in many places in the woods, as well as hearing strange sounds and seeing shadows. Peoples voices seem to be heard, but cannot be understood. People have heard things, that are assumed to be un-human, moving around in the area. Horses and dogs sometimes shy at different areas no matter the time or even refusing to go anywhere near some areas. Some of the older homes have unexplained things happen in them such as glasses breaking as they have been reached for, cold spots, and doors and windows that open for no reason, or that refuse to stay closed. The local Elementary school has sports fields that are very close to the cemetery, and things have been seen and heard in this fields at any given time. There is also the belief that someone or something watches over this area. It has been seen by children just inside the woods or crossing the fields and roads in the area at different times of the day or night.

Newton - Cathy's Cottage

It is believed that two young children and an adult haunt this small cottage. They like to open the fridge door, turn the lights off and on, and also hammer on the basement door among other things. There are cold spots dotted all over the house, most predominantly in the first bedroom, and at night, whispers can be heard.

Plymouth - Plymouth State University - Mary Lyon Residence Hall

These dormitories were built in the 1800’s. Rumored to be haunted. There is said to be a girl who haunts the basement of Mary Lyon, and she is reportedly a very malicious spirit. Students who have ventured down to the basement at night report feeling an extremely strong negative energy, as well as a feeling that drives them to leave the basement as quickly as they possibly can. Mary Lyon is also said to be in the under ground tunnels on this side, and she is believed to possibly be trying to meet up with her lover on the Blair Residence side.

Portsmouth - Chase Home

There have been many occurrences here over the years. The house was originally built in the late 19th century and was a home for orphaned children and then later became a court appointed children's home. A young girl who hung herself in her dorm room has been seen in the hallway late at night and when she is approached she runs down the hall and disappears. There are also screams of a young girl in the girl's dorm late at night. The third floor, formerly used for counselors who lived at the home, has been empty for years but footsteps can still be heard walking and running towards the stairs and then they stop. On at least one occasion when the staff were in the kitchen discussing ghosts and they turned off the lights, the ceiling fans turned on, the only switch for the fans is on the other side of the kitchen at least 20 feet away. Locked doors are mysteriously unlocked and opened when the only people that have a key to them have not been in the house that day.

Portsmouth - Mark H. Wentworth home for the chronically invalid

This care home is haunted and has been for many years. It used to be a general nursing home, and has now become a multi level care facility for the aged. It was a private nursing home until the early 90's now it is open to state care residents. The hauntings have been witnesses by many of the caregiver's over the years. Seeing full apparitions who speak is one of the best examples. Many people have passed away in this place. It is said to be a pleasant place to visit relatives, and also to work in. The things that have happened over the years are varied from things moving themselves to another location, apparitions, doors that were stuck opening by themselves, footsteps and voices. A former member of staff on the 11pm - 7am shift says they heard voices and doors closing that were never open. And in certain places in the home, usually the older part of the building, felt as though they was not alone in the room. Other people who have and still work there also have their own stories, but generally the building has stood for a long time, and many people have died there. Some just hang around. There are workers who will not go into the old part at night if they don’t have to.

Rindge - Franklin Pierce College - The Manor

At the turn of the century, what most people know today as The Manor, was previously a brothel run by a woman named Edna McGuinness. McGuinness hung a large portrait of herself in the stairwell leading to the second floor. When McGuinness passed away the building was sold but the portrait was never taken down. During the late 1990's an employee of the college was cleaning the manor after a banquet and heard a piano playing. However, there had not been a piano in The Manor for many years. The employee went searching for the noise and didnt come across anything unusual until she walked by the stairwell and saw the apparition of a woman holding a baby in her right hand walking down the stairs. The woman was wearing a glowing dress and humming. To this day students and faculity members have seen and heard very strange things in and around The Manor. Some say McGuinness can be seen looking out the 2nd story window towards Pearly Pond.

Rye - Ray's Seafood

The spirit here who is called 'Goldie' haunts the top floor of the restaurant. She is known to open windows when they have been locked. One night when the owners children were in the bar sneaking drinks she made the phone ring several times, she also made the glasses shake, until they left. Back in the late 1950's Rays was a residence. Goldie and her sister Blanche shared a bedroom in the house. Goldie and Blanche both went to homes for the elderly in early 1960. Goldie had all her belongings stored in the attic of the house. Rays was built in the basement of the house, the house then became an apartment on the top of the restaurant. Several nights the two children, who were living there, had see a vision coming from the attic where Goldie's things were stored. On several occasions the attic light would turn on by itself. The mother felt a chill in her bedroom on a regular basis and one night she left a ring on the dresser and when she wokeup it was was missing. She felt that Goldie was always looking for her things and she just decided to take the ring, as all her belongings had been given to charity. The original Rays burned in the 1980's, and there have been no reports of Goldie since. But others have felt here presence too in the old building.

Sanbornton - Steele Hill Resort

There is a man here that wanders the halls and offices in the Corporate office. Several people have heard and seen this man. He can be heard walking up and down the stairs and seen opening doors and windows. Often he walks through the halls Whistling.

Weirs Beach - Winnipesaukee Marketplace

The Winnipesaukee Marketplace dates back to the 1880's when it used to be the Lakeside Inn. Employee's and tourists who have stayed there as well as locals have said they have felt cold spots, intense energy fields and said it feels as though your not alone. On a good night especially on a full moon they have reported seeing a hanged man in the middle window on the top floor. It is assumed to be a suicide though it has never been confirmed Also there is a woman who is the former owner of the location she only appears and talks to certain people. The man that can be seen in the window is thought to be the main cause of the occurrences here such as throwing light cover utensils, objects get misplaced, and lights have been seen on in building when no one has been near it.

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