Foote Farmhouse, Eureka

foote farmhouse


The Foote farmhouse was built in 1852 by Augustus and Argalas Foote it was a country dream house for the inseparable brothers and their wives. Foote Brothers It is set on three hundred acres of farmland just a mile outside Eureka on County Highway K, the cream brick home had a central hall, with fifteen rooms on each side.

The furnishings on both sides were the same and some of the best that could be bought. The brothers and their brides, all with the same initials "A.F," made their home a showplace and icon that they were set for life. The house has since laid abandoned and remains an empty shell to this day.


The two most commonly known ghosts at this location are the twin sons of Augustus and Argalas Foote. Their apparitions have been seen to roam the grounds, the reason for them being here is a mystery as they are buried peacefully in a near by cemetery. Lights are also a common occurrence, as the house is abandoned the police have been called numerous times to check out reports of floating lights in the windows, only to find no one inside.

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