Algonquin resort, New Brunswick


The Algonquin resort opened it doors in June of 1889, boasting 80 rooms with its impressive medieval influenced design.  The St Andrews Land Company were the original owners, and under their leadership the hotel flourished, attracting many visitors from the warmer and humid areas of the US.

The Hotel quickly came to the interest of the train companies who had a habit of building grand hotels along their major train routes, and in 1903 the Canadian Pacific Railway purchased the property.

In 1970 the Canadian Pacific Railway sold the Resort to private ownership. After this it was again sold to the provincial government in 1984. Changing hands a number of times again the resort today is open and operating as one of the best places to stay in New Brunswick.

Is the Algonquin Resort Haunted?

The Algonquin resort seems to be home to many ghosts and is said to be one of the most haunted places in the province. Why however is an interesting question in this case as since the day it opened it was simply a hotel and resort and wasn't involved in any unpleasantness, shall we say. Perhaps there may have been the odd accidental death during the construction process, or a guest maybe died from natural courses while staying there, but this doesn't explain the large amount of active spirits who chose to linger here.

The most well known ghost who is also the friendliest is that of an old bellhop. He approach's guests and helps them with their things as if he is a normal living person, but suddenly disappears when they turn away from him. This has been reported a number of times to the point were guests have left tips at the front desk for him since he left before they could do so in person.

He isn't the only employee who chooses to remain at the resort. The apparition of a maid has been seen late at night in the dining room going through the motions of setting tables, and the spirit of whats thought to be a former nights watchmen has been heard jingling keys in empty areas.

Room 473 is probably the most well known haunted area of the resort. Often known as the brides room since the spirit there is thought to be that of a bride who broke up with her fiance on the day of their wedding. Crying has been heard coming the corners of the room when guests have been in bed at night.

Rooms 308 and 373 are also hotspots for paranormal activity, with reports of electrical equipment going crazy when within the room, only to work normally on the other side of the door. Claims of apparitions from these rooms has also been heard more than once.

The tower in the resort was officially closed for years but people saw a dim light, as if a single candle flame lighting up the faint outline of woman in a flowing dress.

The resort has become a favorite for paranormal enthusiasts and has received reasonable media attention, including being featured on the TV show "Creepy Canada"

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