Stage Coach Inn, Hot Sulphur Springs

Stage Coach Country Inn


The Stage Coach Inn has a pretty basic history, it was built in the 1880's as a stage coach stop for travelers offering overnight stays and good food. The Building is still open today as an inn and restaurant and is a very popular choice for the hungry traveler as it's food is very highly recommended.


There are a several reported ghosts at this location, both adult and children. The Inn has seen various deaths in the area, from bandit killings on the road to the near by mining related deaths.

One of the things that separates the ghosts of this location from others is there level of violence, many guests and employees have reported seeing objects being thrown around rooms right in front of their eyes.

Also there are a large amount of reports of people being touched by ghosts, at the majority of locations, the reports are usually that of just being tapped or gently pushed, but not here, there have been some claims that the ghosts have shoved very hard and grabbed people, to the extent of actually leaving bruises on them.

Other reports tell of hearing heavy footsteps in the night from an unidentified source, and warm rooms becoming very cold all of a sudden as if the heat was literally being sucked out of them.

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