The Wellington Hotel, Cornwall

The Wellington Hotel, Cornwall


The Wellington Hotel is situated along the North coast of Cornwall in a village called Boscastle. The building is one of North Cornwalls oldest Coaching Inns, dating back to the 16th Century.

Originally known as “The Bos Castle Hotel” it was renamed after the death of the the Duke of Wellington in his memory and the Castilian tower still seen as the main feature on the exterior of the hotel, was added and the hotel renamed.


Former owner, Victor Tobutt, was working at the reception desk when the figure of a man drifted silently past him. Looking up from the desk, he was more than surprised to see that the man wore leather gaiters and boots, a frock coat and a frilled shirt - 18th century coachman style! To Mr Tobutt's shock, the apparition disappeared through the wall, but when he began to describe what he had seen to one of his employees, the man completed the description for him!

Another employee, retired policeman Bill Searle twice witnessed a misty shape wearing what appears to be a cloak drift across the landing and disappear through the wall of a guest room. It's thought to be the spirit of a young girl who, crossed in love, flung herself in despair from the ramparts of the hotels tower. Whether this might be the true cause of the haunting we cannot know for sure... We'll just have to make up our own minds on this one!

Top of The Wellington Hotel

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