Vegors cemetery, Stratford

vegors cemetery


The site of Vegors cemetery has existed as a burial ground for longer than any official records are held for. The site was used as an Indian burial ground for 4 different tribes.

In the early 1800's, settlers moved the graves of the Indians into four different burial mounds to make room for their own dead. Stones are in place on the site to identify were the mounds are. The site remains as a cemetery to this day.


As with all cemetery's, many bodies are buried here, but it is often unusual to find a high number of both Indian and white graves in the same location.

Reports of hauntings include apparitions of both Indian and white settlers walking the cemetery grounds, Indian activity is more often reported though, maybe due to the desecration of the graves when they were moved.

Also near the site of the cemetery is spirit lake, at this location two white settlers killed an Indian chief and his family, including four young children, this incident has become known as the Spirit Lake Massacre of 1857.

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