St Andrews episcopal church, Nogales

St Andrews Episcopal church


The original St Andrews episcopal church was built in 1903. In October 1968, the church was demolished to make room for interstate highway construction. On November the 30th, 1970, a new church was constructed on the northern outskirts of the area and still stands to this day.


The church is said to be very haunted indeed, it is a classic, story book haunting because the new, re-built church was constructed on top of an ancient Indian burial ground. The most commonly seen, individual ghost is that of an apparition wearing an old blanket who stalks the church pews. One incredible story of this location comes from some of the church employee's, who claim that one night during organ practice, a whole tribe of Indians materialized on the first fews rows of the church's seating.

During repairs on the church's sewer system one year, the Indian burial ground itself was discovered, cremation urns and bones were found, they have been dated to be around 1000 years old.

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