Roosevelt high school, St. Louis

Roosevelt high school


Roosevelt high school was built in the mid 1900's, the school has a large campus and has always served as a public school.


Part of the schools campus was built on an old cemetery, only the Head stones of the graves were moved to another location but the actual bodies remained in place. Many people have claimed to have seen apparitions walking on the football field, which is were part of the cemetery was, only to vanish into thin air.

Also on the fourth floor of the building a fire broke out, killing several student's as well as three firemen. Reports of hauntings from this area include hearing the sound's of banging on walls and door's from empty room's as if someone were trying to get out, also footsteps are heard coming from empty corridors and the sounds of faint scream's are heard coming from the rooms were the students were burnt to death.

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