Queen Anne Hotel, San Francisco

Queen Anne Hotel, San Francisco


The Queen Anne Hotel opened it's doors on February the 15th, 1890. The building was originally called the Miss Mary Lake's School For Girls, and was an upper class education center of very high architectural standards.

The building has changed hands several times from the owners who originally built it, and it wasn't made into a hotel until 1995. Many of the original features still remain from when it was Miss Mary Lake's School For Girls. It is still open now as a hotel.


The main ghost reported to be at this location is that of Miss Mary Lake herself, it is said she is unhappy with the sale and altering of the function of the building, and she roams the halls and corridors, making regular appearances in the form of a ghostly figure dressed in a gown of the late 1800's fashion. She can be found mostly in room 410, which is the Mary Lake suite and also her old bedroom.

She is known to be quite mischievous, by pulling the hair and cloths of the staff and guests, as well as making tapping noises, briefly playing the piano and slamming doors. Many guests and staff members have reported seeing her on numerous occasions.

Other ghostly experiences at the hotel include cold spots around the building, and the feelings of nausea and headaches when in certain areas of the hotel.

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