Pleasley Vale Mills, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire

Pleasley Vale Mills, Nottinghamshire


Pleasley Vale Mills is a rather mysterious location, apparently built on top of a stone age cave system! The four mills were built in 1784 and were originally used to make the finest silks & cottons. The workforce was made up of mostly small children, who were treated appallingly and often starved. In 1987, due to the decline in the industry, the mills were eventually closed and used as an office development for several businesses.


Many strange and terrifying experiences have been reported over the years. It's said that the most aggressive spirit is that of a male supervisor who likes to make men feel intimidated, especially in and around the Dye room. Many mediums have picked up on the fact that he committed murder and rape during his life on the premises.

One of the murder victims was a young lady who has been known to show herself on the top floor of Mill 1. Also on the same floor, people have burst into tears for no reason, felt nauseous, depressed and extremely disorientated. Could this be caused by the spirit of the young woman?

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