Plas Mawr, Conwy, Wales

Plas Mawr


Plas Mawr (meaning great hall) in Conwy, Wales has been standing for over 400 years and is strongly considered as on of the best surviving examples of and Elizabethan town house. The house was originally built between 1575 and 1586 for a man named Robert Wynn and the ornamental plasterwork still carries his initials to this day.

During the 1700's the building was split into different homes, that housed 25 people at one point, and after this acted as a school. The hall has a colourfull history... but does anyone haunt one of Wales' most historic buildings?


Whilst living at the house Robert Wynn lost two wives (both named Dorothy, oddly enough!) one too an illness, but his second wife died in more mysterious circumstances... She was standing in one of the towers, awaiting the return of her husband but accidentally slipped down the narrow staircase and was badly injured, unfortunately she was heavily pregnant at the time too.

A doctor (named Charles) was called for but he could do nothing to prevent death of both mother & child. Strangely the Doctor tried to escape out the chimney before Robert Wynn returned, and accidentally suffocated to death. His body still remains blocked up behind the chimney to this day, apparantly...

The spirits of Dorothy and Charles are said to both be grounded and are responsible for much of the activity. As well as these 2 prevailant ghosts, a lady in a grey dress has been seen on the second floor, accompanied by loud sighing noises and a man in Tudor dress wandering endlessly around the first and second floors. Although who they may be remains a mystery...

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