Orpheum theater, Flagstaff

Orpheum theater, Flagstaff


The Orpheum theater is know to be a local landmark in Flagstaff. Built in 1911, the building was born from an old opera house, which is said to be one of the oldest buildings in Arizona.

The first building was known as the majestic and most of it fell down in 1915 under 61 inch's of snow but was re-opened in 1917 under the new name, The Orpheum. It remains under this name and as a theater to this day.


There is only one main haunting story at this location, Which is said to be experienced late at night after the closing hour. Various reports claim of seeing a dark ghostly figure moving through the aisles in the screen room, as well as being seen in the projector room.

It is said that an employee hung himself from a hatch in the projector room shortly after the re-opening in 1917, however actual evidence in the form of a newspaper article or other such document cannot be found, but considering the times, it would of been very easy to have this incident unreported.

Other paranormal happenings include the taps being turned on in the bathrooms at full blast and the constant unraveling of toilet paper, even when no one is in there to do so. The sounds of footsteps were the source cannot be found and orbs being captured on film are also frequently reported.

Orpheum Theater

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