Nicholsons Home, Washington

Civil war hospital


The history of the building now known as Nicholsons Home is difficult to find, the original building is thought to be over 250 years old. The building was used as a civil war hospital but it isn't known if it was built for this purpose, the building today is a privately owned residence!


Many people died at this hospital for obvious reasons but there is one such patient that died here who refuses to leave. The ghost is known as Peg Leg - but some call him Hoppy.

He has a gold ring in his left earlobe and is dressed in soldier's clothes. The word is, he was forced to serve in the service after he was caught for piracy on a vessel headed for the southern tip of Florida.

He was captured on a ship called "The Marietta" which was a smaller vessel with 13 other pirates on board. He surrendered when the battle was being lost from the US war vessel - the others died under their oath to their Captain. Basically he was a traitor to his fellow pirates. He lost his leg due to battle, and eventually died from infection at the hospital from gang green that set in his amputated leg.

A peg is in place where his leg used to be. Some say you can hear the faint tapping of his peg leg in this place around sunset. His apparition has also been seen many times roaming the halls of the building, he is thought to be a friendly ghost and never seems to cause mischief or harm!

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