The Manor House Hotel, County Durham

The Manor House Hotel, County Durham


The history of The Manor House begins between the 15th & 16th century and originally started out as a farmer's dwelling.

Unfortunately, records have either been lost, destroyed or were never properly kept, as not a great deal is known about the building's history, but it may have acted as a courthouse or even a covent during it's earlier years.

Then, in 1914, Reverend Lomax - the local vicar - turned the manor into an orphanage for a while. The house now acts as a Hotel and also a Country Club!


The most commonly reported spook, is that of a young boy who haunts Room 6 and has often been heard crying and is thought, by mediums, to be looking for his mother.

Upstairs to the first floor and the ghost of a lady (nicknamed Betty by the hotel staff) wanders around looking for something... Could this be the young boys mother? Many people claim to have experienced random cold spots throughout the property, which isn't exactly a strange occurrence in an old property, but it happens so frequently that both hotel staff and guests alike report it regularly.

Some visitors reported having felt strange feelings of being followed, or watched. On more than one occasion, the strong, pungent smell of tobacco smoke has filtered through Room 4, although no-one was smoking at the time....

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