An interview with Ty Poland

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An interview with Ty Poland

The Haunted Hovel was recently contacted by a man named Ty Poland who claims to be a touch exorcist, meaning he is able to exorcise people, places and objects by touching them, he also claims to have psychic abilities. The interview below in un-alterered and contains all of Ty's words exactly as he wrote them.

Q: Can you tell us a little about yourself? What is it that you can do and who you are?


Since birth, I have attracted Spirits like a magnet. From age seven to eleven, I was taken from church to church laying healing hands on the sick and terminally ill. When I turned fifteen, items moved around the home without me even thinking about them. From age sixteen to twenty-one, I was in constant spirit communication with my Shaman Grand-Parents, past reletives, other peoples past reletives and sometimes pets.

It was also at this time that I developed the use of Tarot, Yarrow Casting, Stone and bone casting, Reiki Healing, and Astral Projection. At age twenty-two, I started working with NH M.U.F.O.N. in Crop Circle Interpretaion and Alien Abductees.

Plus gave lectures on the Paranormal, Supernatural, and UFology. At age twenty-five, I combined all my abilities and used them to solve Cold Case Files, finding missing adults and children. At age thirty, I worked most of the time teaching meditation and cleaning homes, buildings, and lands of hostile or disturbing spirits.

At age thirty-five, I was viciously attacked by several Demonic entities and required outside help from a couple of Wiccan friends. After that, I developed the ability of being a Touch Exorcist. Plus, being able to see long distance into overly haunted locations that were up for investigation by Ghost Hunters worldwide.

At this point in time, I am the President and Founder of a non-profit organization called R.O.N.E. = Restoring Old New England. This organization was put together through my own visions and premonitions over all my forty-seven years. R.O.N.E. is a three part organization in the act of providing for those who are and have been going through life in hardship and sorrow.

Providing homes for the thousands of Veterans and families with children. Also, it is within this heart of mine to create an Amusement Park for all handicap individuals in or out of wheelchairs, for free admission. Plus, a top Paranormal / Supernatural Scientific Rural Lab for all paranormal groups that make a donation to R.O.N.E's children fund.

Q: At what age did you discover there was something different about you and how did you find out?


My strongest discovery came at age fifteen. Both my parents said "Oh my God, he's got it too."

Q: Can you tell us about your closest experience with the paranormal?


I solved a cold case file of a pregnant woman and her two year old son. They were shot and then�buried partly alive. The female spirit gave a full description of her attackers, the automobile, and licence plate numbers. The case was 25 years old or longer.

Q: Which area of the paranormal do you find most interesting and why? Such as UFO's, EVP, orbs, poltergeists, etc.


Normally, I would say all of it. But, more than anything, would have to be High Abilities in Kids.

Q: Could you give us your definition of what you believe a ghost actually is?


The Spirit energy in the form of a human or animal. sometimes an object. Sometimes displaced from its soul and sometimes not. It can react with the living in many different ways.

Q: I understand you've had some experience with using your abilities on TV for paranormal investigations. Would you be able to tell us about that?


The best time I had was with a GH Team that was on Discovery Channel. The photographer was not use to anyone telling him he could not take a picture of any location he so desired. I told him "DO NOT" take a picture of a particular spot on a concrete floor. Because his camera would explode into flames. But, as soon as I had walked away, he took the picture and his $5000.00 digital camera went up in smoke. Then he cursed at me. With the same Team, we investigated a Masonic Hall that was under construction. We had not yet stepped inside the doorway and I started speaking in multiple languages in a trance. When I was done and open my eyes, they had all fled from the building. Talk about "Run Dude Run"...

Q: Finally, are there any other words you would like to share with the readers?


I just have one very important thing that I express on everyone. If when or while you were growing up and you showed a few abilities and now that you have grown into an adult and show none. They are still there if ever you need them, just be not afraid. For they are a gift from God or whomever you believe is the creator/s. Start slow and they will fill you with the power of who you really are.

Thanks Ty for taking the time to talk to the Haunted Hovel!

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