Hotel Andra, Seattle



The Hotel Andra is located in the center of the busy city of Seattle, Washington. The building has 10 stories, with 119 rooms and was completed in 1926. Since it's opening the building has always functioned as a hotel and will continue to do so.


The hotel has had a number of ghosts reported over the years by staff and guests alike. One of the most common sightings is that of a woman who appears to guests as they lay in bed, she has been described as wearing cloths from the 1930's era and just appears to stand there at the edge of people beds before fading away.

Other common occurrences are that of items moving around on their own, such as being found in different places to where they were left and even levitating right in front of people.

Also many guests have complained about loud, early 1900's Jazz music coming from the 9th floor when they are in bed. The music doesn't actually have a source and this has puzzled many a guest and staff member alike.

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