Hellens Manor, Herefordshire

Hellens Manor, Herefordshire


Hellens Manor in Much Marcle, Herefordshire was originally constructed in the early 11th century and inhabited by french monks, who were sent by William the Conqueror to educate the locals.

The Manor passed to the Walwyn family in the late 14th century and the same descendants still own it to this day. Somewhere on site, there is a secret underground tunnel which legend would have us believe, contains many rare and forgotten treasures.

People have even tried seances and table tipping to communicate with spirits who may know where the entrance may be. The manor now acts as a museum as well as a home and hosts private and public tours.


The first recorded incident of a haunting at Hellens Manor goes back to the mid-Victorian times. It's said that paranormal activity got so bad during this period that servants refused to stay in the house overnight.

One of the major hauntings during this time was a hooded figure who would wake people in the middle of the night by constantly pacing back and forth in their rooms. There was also a gentleman who stayed at the house in the 1920's who left in annoyance after he kept being woken by a 'dotty old member of the family'. Of course, there was no-one else staying there at the time...

The most prevalent spirit is that of Hetty Walwyn, who was imprisoned in her own room for 30 years for marrying the wrong class of man. The only thing she had to communicate with the outside world and servants was a rope operated bell. After 3 decades of being trapped in the same room, she went mad and committed suicide.

No one knows how she killed herself, but many psychic mediums see visions of blood on her bed. Many people describe the room as violent, with a heavy oppressive feel to it. Many people have heard a woman's scream and have seen odd spirit lights at night.

In Bloody Mary's room the ghost of a monk who was murdered by round-heads has been seen floating across the floor and near the bed. It's thought his spirit hasn't passed on because the round-heads made him renounced his religion due to torture before his horrific death, and being a man of God he's fearful of what might happen if he enters the spirit world.

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