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Brief History of the state and it's hauntings

As with most states, the main reports of hauntings often include stories about native Americans, as they existed in this territory as far back as between 10,000 to 12,000 years ago. As for colonization, both the English and Spanish have visited this state, sparking various conflicts across the region.

Featured Haunted Places In Utah

Brigham, Brigham train depot

Brigham, Brigham young university

Lehi, Lehi historical hospital

Roy, Roy high school

Other Haunted Places In Utah

Beaver Dam - Voodoo Caves

An old underground pipe; with satanic writing that ran water out into the river. A worker was unclogging the pipe after it dried up and then the water started to flow again, he got pinned down and drowned. Word is if there is any satanic threats in the cave then the water will start back up again and there is no way out once it starts. Many witnesses have supposedly reported this.

Benjamin - The Pump House

There is an old pump house in Benjamin. It used to be used to regulate the arrogation flow to the farmers. It is said that there where two workers, working alone their one night, and one of the men got caught in one of the machines, got pulled in and died, the other man trying to pull him out got his arm caught and died from loss of blood. Needless to say they don’t use it anymore, and all electricity to the place has been shut off. But when driving by after dark, most every night, through the cracks in the boarded up windows you can see light shining through, generated from an unknown source. Upon approaching the house you can hear people talking, and music playing in the background. but no one is inside. Authorities have been called by numerous residents claiming to hear "trespassers" in the old pump house, but upon inspection, they find no one, and no evidence of entry.

Bountiful - Cemetery

Voices heard in the old wood cemetery, strange smells and sounds 1 tombstone belongs to a temple worker for the salt lake temple and it is always warm.

Bountiful - the haunted museum

An old building on eaglewood drive once used as a mortuary, a mink farm, and most recently a museum. The museum is abandoned, but still houses many LDS "artifacts" and has been seen with dark, shadowy people on the property with a very eerie presence felt.

Bountiful - Viewmont High School

Ted Bundy abducted one of his victims from this high school. Reports of seeing her and his yellow VW bug still exist to this day.

Brigham City - Dove Creek Camp

This abandoned labor camp was once used for Chinese immigrant workers that were used for laying the first transcontinental railroad tracks. It is haunted by the sounds and voices of the Chinese workers who lived and died there, ghostly lights have also been reported.

Brighton - Silver Fork Lodge and Inn

Employees complain of lights and appliances turning on and off, missing tools, whispers and moans , cold spots, apparitions, and other paranormal activity.

Byron - Rocky Mountain High School

You can hear people in the weight room but when investigated, it is always empty. It is rumored someone hung themselves up there. Typing in the typing room has been heard and in the library there is a feeling of being watched.

Cedar City - Brickhouse

The Brickhouse is now known as Betty’s Cafe and is located on Main Street in Cedar City. Employees have reported seeing a very active presence within the old home. The ghost has been spotted late at night wearing a plaid shirt.

Cedar City - Southern Utah University - Auditorium

There are quite a few spirits that haunt the Auditorium Theatre at SUU. In a tunnel that runs under the stage, there have been many sightings and experiences. Also, in the grids above the stage, there are two playful ghosts that lurk.

Clarkston - Town Church

In the ward house the chapel is upstairs. It has been reported that after hearing the organ playing, a man ran upstairs to see who it was because he should have been the only one in the building. He could not see any body, but the organ was being played right in front of his eyes, keys and floor pedals. Soon the playing stopped and he saw a silhouette of a old woman drifting away from the organ.

Clearfield - Stede's Pond/Train Tracks

There have been many drowning of children at Stede's Pond over the years. Cries for help can be heard there and occasionally at night a sinister whispering of "come here." Also, whispering can be heard at the train tracks by the pond. People have heard crying along the tracks and have felt trains go by when no one has been there. More people have been run over by trains in this location than any other in Utah.

Echo - The Kozy Café

Since the Owner of the Cafe (Fat) passed away, waitresses have heard from the bar, someone order a refill on coffee after hours while they are closing. They have also heard the bar stool squeak as it turned and old cowboy boots scuff across the floor to the jukebox, shortly afterward that Johnny Cash song (Fat’s favorite) will start to play and the volume will go up. But there is no body there.

Ephraim - a small house near the elementary school

Witnesses saw a black shadow in the back yard of it and sometimes the door bell doesn't work and other times it does and you can hear strange noises inside of it.

Hill AFB - BLDG 1205

Many employees have reported seeing a figure late at night roaming the halls wearing sandals. When anyone tries to speak to this figure the only thing that is said is "Chonklas"

Honeyville - Crystal Hot Springs

A former worker/student reports to have heard and seen several strange noises and images. The main building houses three different floors. The second floor was called the blue room and used for hosting parties. Several employees have heard doors shut and heard foot steps above on the third floor. A silhouette walking in front of a computer screen that was always left on has been seen from outside after it was closed up. There were many other strange stories from other employees as well; feelings of an evil presence, shadows where there should be none, doors opening and closing and footsteps in upper floors.

Jordan - West Jordan Sugar Factory playhouse

When walking passed the sugar factory playhouse, there is a definate figure staring out of the top silo. It has been said that there was a man grinding sugar in the 90's and he fell into the grinder. It is believed this figure in the window is his spirit lurking. it is also believed that When you go into the tower you can here strange machine sounds, screams, gusts of wind towards you, and a foul smell. nobody has gotten to the top but nobody has dared.

Kaysville - Kays Cross

An old memorial built by a man who's family was murdered. In the middle of a wooded area, there are reports of people in black cloaks and "dogmen" chasing people away.

Kearns - Kearns JR High

In the middle school where many students attuned all there class have spoke of a family at the top of the stairs standing there looking at you and walking away really slow, the shadows of what the middle school students speak of is a mother, a father, 2 girls and one boy.

Layton - Bell Printing

Bell Printing purchased this building about 3 years ago. A former employee reports the feelings of being watched, apparitions, strange laughing and employees hair being touched.

Layton - Layton Hills Mall

It's rumored that the Layton Hills Mall was built on "ancient Indian burial ground." However, unlikely that may seem, the Mall is haunted. Nearly every employee in all the stores has encountered unexplainable activity. The night security guards and cleaning crew frequently encounter "shadows" and hear strange noises. The potted plants are usually uprooted every day but nothing shows up on the security cameras. A former employee reports the phone would ring off the hook, but the caller id would show that no one called. Mannequins in store windows would move overnight. Other weird stuff happened there as well.

Lehi - Lehi Historical Hospital

This hospital is over a hundred years old, the windows are broke and the back stairs have collapsed. At night there have been reported sights of a nurse that is hanging from a steel flag pole. the story is that she was working late in the ward and a doctor went crazy and hung her out there.

Logan - Grapevine Restaurant

Ex-employees talk about strange goings on while working. Such as dishes flying against the walls and breaking, brooms being moved from one room to another as if being carried by an invisible entity. To put a stop to these things for a while they had to speak sternly, such things as "Stop it!" and "Knock it off!"

Magna - Cyprus High School

The schools auditorium is haunted. The stage lights go on and off mysteriously and bats fly through the room during assembly's, upon inspection they cannot find the bats or anywhere for them to nest or hide. Also, there is a man dressed in clothes circa the 1930's. The school has burned down once and was rebuilt twice since it was constructed in 1910.

Mendon - The witch tree

I have never been to the haunted witch tree in Mendon Utah, but I have heard of others going there. I guess there was a lady who was accused of witchcraft and was lured into the mountains of Mendon. She was then tied to a tree, and before being torched she cursed the land, and the tree she was tied to.

The tree to this day stands alone with a fence around it. Nothing else is there. No sounds of birds or animals, no other trees or plants. Just an eerie silence.

It is told that if you enter into the fence crazy things start happening.

Minersville Creek

It is said to be haunted by a mysterious lady dressed in black. She was very rich and was crossing the country with some men. The lady had a feeling the men was going to steal her money so she hid it somewhere down by the creek. When the lady wouldn't tell the men where she hid the money, they killed her and the money was never found. To this day, people go to the creek in search for the money, but they never find it. People have said to have seen her roaming the creek, keeping people away from her money and scaring people away from the haunted creek. Nobody knows what would happen to them if they found the money, and they hope they never find out.

Mt.Pleasant City - The star house

This one of our haunted places in Utah was submitted by Brandie and remains un-altered:

I have heard alot about a house in Spring City, I am not really sure if it is haunted or not. It is the Upside Down Star house.

The story is that a long while ago like when the house was first built the star was right side up but then 3 evil satanist witches moved and the star turned. They killed little kids and burried them in there back yard under the old cars.

People have claimed to have gone into the house and found the map but have been chased out by Nashing teeth.

I have no Idea if its a story or for real all i know is i remember walking down the street and i kid you not i bielieve i saw a woman with her arm streached out. like she was beckoning or reaching for something, wierd thing is no one dare's go to that house and it has not anyone living there for years. and the old cars are still out back.

Nephi - Men's State Correctional Facility

The current men's state correctional facility sits on the site of a former WWII German prison camp. During the war, one of the guards at the camp had two of his brothers killed in combat in France. The day he found out, he went to work, climbed up the guard tower and started shooting, before he was eventually shot and killed by another guard. According to inmates and staff at the current facility, strange sounds, and electrical disturbances along with other phenomenon occur frequently.

Ogden - Historic Radisson Suite Hotel

There is a ghost named Mrs. Eccles. She stops the elevator on the 5th floor. Most people don't see her. But you feel her as she walks past you and smell her perfume.

Ogden - Thoughts Continuum

People have said that when they go there that they have seen books fly off of the shelves and have felt entities there.

Orem - The Old bomb shelter

People have heard the sounds of a girl crying out for help and the sound of a man's muffled voice. Rumor has it that years after the shelter was abandoned from the war a girl was raped. Inside it is dark and wet and always chilly.

Park City - the Snowed Inn

was built as an upscale replica to the owners distant grandmother. Grandmas spirit now lives in this Victorian mansion and likes to make her presence known to individuals staying there. The rooms are themed around the original home and grandma likes to occupy the bedroom themed after her own. Her mist has been seen ascending and descending through the floors, and she has also shown up in pictures taken by the staff of the Victorian hotel.

Provo - Rock Canyon

The history on this place is that dozens of rock climbers have died right at the mouth of the Canyon, where the huge rocks start, there has also been one or more killings up there and some satanic rituals have been performed up there. People have heard noises, and have actually seen a 70's/80's dressed man standing on a rock peek, then proceeding to run/glide down the ROCK mountain at a faster then normal pace. When leaving you can feel a presence trying to follow you.

Salt Lake City - Alta Club

The Alta Club, a private club, once held hotel style rooms on the top floor in which member's could live in. In the early 50's, one member, who had been living there for years, fell asleep on his couch with a burning cigar in his hand. It proceeded to start a fire; evidence of the soot can still be seen today above the outside windows on the top floor, which consumed most of the top floor as well as taking the man's life. Several people have seen a man matching his description, per a previous photo, walking on the top floor. He usually is seen walking down the hall to where his room had been or disappears upon a second look. Also, in the basement, several workers have reported smelling a lilac perfume and some even feel a gentle touch on their shoulder.

Salt Lake City - Armstrong Mansion

Many guests of this bed and breakfast in downtown Salt Lake City have reported odd things happening, such as the light fixtures shaking in the rooms, and seeing images of persons in the mirrors. Some have reported being locked in their rooms.

Salt Lake City - The Deveraux Mansion

There has been sightings of an eight year old little girl who you can see in the upstairs window. People say you can hear her humming, singing, or even talking to herself sometimes. Others say that she can be seen in pictures taken by visitors and they say she looks like pictures on the walls that were taken in the 1850's. They say that when she gets mad she throws things on the ground and she even shuts doors when they are left open. Workers say they feel cold spots sometimes when they walk in certain places.

Salt Lake City - Shilo Inn

There is strange echoing laughter in the indoor pool next to the Lobby. The Pinball machine by the exit to parking on the upper level played by itself on several occasions. The mother and one of the daughters helped throw the other children off the balcony. They then jumped. One child survived. The father, thinking he was Jesus, took his own life in one of the canyons around the same time as the children's deaths.

Salt Lake City - The Capital Theater

Reports of malfunctioning equipment & the elevator has been known to open without anyone pushing it, and taking you to a level you did not push.

Salt Lake City - ZCMI Department Store

The store downtown has been known for the cook who worked in the store's exquisite restaurant, who passed away a few years back, is still preparing meals and the sort for groups of women (who have also passed on) in the store's restaurant.

Springville - Grant School Elementary

The ghost of a former Band teacher that died in a car accident on the way to school one morning, is sometimes heard playing the piano in the cafeteria which also serves as the auditorium.

Tooele - Mercur - Mercur cemetery

Mercur was a mining town in the late 1800's. Most of the town was destroyed by a fire. The cemetery has a definite spiritual presence. We have heard voices, screaming, mining sounds, and foot steps, as if we were being followed.

Utah & Arizona state line - Lake Powell

Lake Powell is an artificially created lake. Prior to it's being damned, it was an ancient riverbed canyon with Prehistoric Native American figures etched into the rocks. It was sacred to many different tribes and reportedly many people had died and been buried there. After the canyon was turned into a lake, many people have drowned or died in mysterious ways while recreating at the lake. It is also said that flute music can be heard playing, along with laughing and crying.

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