Haunted places in Oregon

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Haunted places in Oregon

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Brief History of Haunted places in Oregon

Most of Oregons history evolves around the indian tribes which used to inhabit the lands. Many tales of Indian spirits litter the area, which is not surprising since the state has been inhabited by indians for over 15,000 years. Providing an untold amount of burial grounds and war zones. The state has also seen its fair share of fighting between the europeans and native tribe's, creating more than a solid base for any classic ghost tale.

Featured Haunted places in Oregon

Portland, Witchs castle

Portland, White eagle cafe

Other Haunted places in Oregon

Albany - Albany cinemas

In the late 70s a farm house was torn down to make room for more screens. The back two auditoriums are said to be haunted. Incidents have been report such as sightings of a small ghost dog and small lights hovering along the floor.

Astoria - Liberty Theater

Old movie theater said to be haunted by a woman who is mainly seen in the upstairs women's bathroom, wearing Victorian era clothing. Is usually visible when looking at yourself in the mirror. She likes to stand behind you and look into the mirror as well. But when you turn around, she's gone. Reports from former managers of popcorn being made when they open up, and the soda fountain running. The managers were always the first to arrive and the last to leave. Supposedly a man was murdered in the downstairs bathroom, and another was pushed off the balcony as well. The theater was closed in 1998 for renovation. It is now a performing arts theater.

Baker City - Baker Hotel

Reports of parties on the second floor, especially in one room. Ladies of the evening are showing their ghostly appearance coming down the long stairway.

Bend - Congress house

Many people have seen ghosts that inhabit this house that is from the turn of the century. In fact, there have been a few families that have lived there that have either died or something tragic has happened to them due to living in the cursed house.

Bend - Old smoke stacks

teensagers sneak in there at night to see if it is really haunted and it is said that there are ghosts walking around and moving things.

Bend - Yardley estates

In the forest of the Yardley estates their is noises heard in the forests and some times if your playing games in the forest things will growl deeper then even a bear. Also you can hear footsteps coming near to you with no one there to make them.

Cannon Beach - The Argonutua Beach House

Some people claim that this beach house is haunted by the ghost of Ghengis Hansel, a man who mysteriously disappeared there after the storm in 1952. People who have stayed in the house have felt a foreboding presence, especially around the many secret doors and compartments, all of which are locked tightly shut.

Cave Junction - Oregon Caves National Monument

The Oregon Caves Chateau has a ghost named Elizabeth that roams through the rooms and halls. The story goes that she hung herself on her wedding night after catching her husband with another woman. She has been seen roaming the halls at night.

Corvallis - Cheldelin Middle School

A janitor died from a heart attack in the upstairs gym. When the doors are shut and locked, he can be heard whistling, pushing his broom, the sound of his keys jingling as he walks. The lights mysteriously turn on by themselves.

Damascus - Old Pioneer Cemetery

The Old Pioneer Cemetary in Damascus, Oregon is crawling with eerie ghost activity. Many strange sounds as well as shadows can be seen and heard whenever visited. Talk to anyone who has ever taken pictures there and they will all say that their film had at least a few extra visitors floating around in it.

Eugene - French Immersion School

Reports of a weird presence, lights turn on and off at random times, a man seen walking through the handicap gym, when no ones there, doors opening, everything always looks abandoned as if nothings been touched for years.

Eugene River side

Another excellent entry to our haunted places in Oregon section submitted by Jamie and remains un-altered:

My Ex hubby and I used to scuba dive.. and we would always find new places to dive and search and explore. well our neighbor Dan said that there was a place that ppl were going to to dive and such but if we were caught then we would probobly be kicked off the land.

well we went anyways a few times until one day when we were diving, I felt something wasnt right like we needed to leave I walked over to this portion of dirt right next to the river and way deep below the clay side of the river I found arrow heads. not uncommon to find they are STILL all over oregon.

I picked up the arrowhead and was about to tell my ex what id found and this figure was standing in front of me. a darkish shadow but visible and clear, it was an indian chief. he said nothing but I felt he wanted us gone he didnt scare me but I felt an energy of respect like, we were invading in a place we were NOT supposed to be. We hauled ass outta there and I did some research as to why in Gods green earth I saw an indian there of all places.

apparently we were diving next to an indian burial ground our stuff was sitting on grave sites. we were litterally dis respecting the graves of indians. Not good and we never went back.

As strong as the feeling of love I have for the man in my life is as strong as the energy of respect for this chief I was looking at was flowing thru me it was a freckin trip like I said, we hauled ass outta there and never went back ever. Out of respect for the Living Indians as well as the honor and respect for the non living ones, I shall only say the location was along one of the rivers north of Eugene Oregon. And ask that all who read this, respect them as well and do not try to find it.

But they are very real and I hope that my story will prove that as well as give new honor to the tribes who died and lived in this state.

Eugene - Lane Community College

The elevator in the center building is haunted by a janitor that fell to his death in the sixties. You can hear his yells for help at sunset. He likes to play tricks on the people that use the elevator after sunset by taking people to the creepy basement.

Florence - Heceta Head Lighthouse

There are many stories about the haunting here, the most widely heard is probably the story of an old woman who haunts the place, the wife of a lighthouse keeper. You can stay here and see for yourself, it's now a bed & breakfast.

Florence - The Lighthouse Keepers residence

haunted by a little old woman named Abby. She can be seen looking out windows and floating above the floor throughout the house. She is believed to be the wife of one of the lighthouse keepers from the early years of the building.

Gold Hill - Oregon Vortex

Several visitors to the vortex have seen John Lister, the Scottish scientist who discovered the area, standing at the top of the sloping floor of the old log cabin. He is usually seen resting against the wall, laughing and plucking his eyebrow. The visitors have asked the guide the identity of the man who somehow got ahead of the tour. One tour guide looked inside and recognized Lister from an old photograph. After the quick look, Lister disappeared. When the other tour guides looked inside the cabin, there was no one there. Anyone leaving the cabin by the back door would have been seen. Also, Native American legend says that horses would not come into the affected area known as the "Forbidden Ground."

Helix - Griswold School

Haunted by Dr. Griswold, the founder of the school, and his wife. They can be seen looking in the left window in the gymnasium, although Dr. Griswold has been seen more often.

Klamath Falls - Mazama High School Football Field

There is a legend that there is a graveyard under the football field which is why it's so high off the ground. After lost football games you can hear murderous cries from under the bleachers. However this may be typical urban myth.

Medford - Justice Building

The Justice Building in Medford Oregon, located downtown...every person who has ever worked for any of the janitorial companies to do cleaning in that building has experienced some sort of incident on the 4th floor...the cleanings would take place after 1:00 a.m. and the workers always worked alone and were in the building alone. Lights would get turned off....the worker would hear someone calling his or her name. doors would mysteriously slam shut and chills would run up and down your spine!

Newberg - Newburg Grafic

This small newspaper is housed in a extremely haunted location. Over the years employees have experienced strange time lapses and sightings of many apparitions.

Pendleton - Red Lion

In April 2006 one of the workers committed suicide. Ever since then, at least three employees have been having visits from him. People report seeing him walking the halls, or just being a mischief and messing with things, or people feeling like they are being followed. One worker reports they were one of the last people he spoke to and hugged before he passed.. And since then, they think he has been "following" and playing pranks on them. The worker and the man were very good friends. The last thing he fixed Was an ice maker. He now like to mess with the ice maker to let the workers know he is around. Others have reported being touched as well.

Portland - Hollywood Theatre

Built in the twenties at least 4 past managers have actually SEEN the spirit of a man in a white suit in the upstairs lobby. Rattling pipes backstage is also a common occurrence.

Portland - Oaks Park

This amusement park built in 1890 has been plagued with a ghostly apparition of a lone child in 70's style clothing for over 20 years.

Portland - Scapponia Park - North of Portland

There is said to be the ghost of a man and his dog. In the late 1800's there was a horse thief who lives in an old cabin in the area of Scapponia Park. One night an angry mob took the man and hung him and shot his dog. It is said that they are buried together under a large oak tree in the camp ground.

Portland - Willamette River

For the past two years a phantom rowboat has been sighted along this river. It has no one on the boat but when the coastguard goes to retrieve the boat it disappears right in front of their eyes.

Redmond - New Redmond Hotel

people have claimed to here foot steps walk back and forth in the halls. There have been pictures taken and in the pictures there are clearly orbs in the lobby hall. Feelings of a strange presence in the rooms in the middle of the night. Apparitions of a woman have been reported.

Salem - Capital Building

The capital was burned down twice by fire. One of the elevators shows its history when the carpeted floor mysteriously smolders. The capital has had to be evacuated once because of this unknown fire.

Salem - Elsinore Theater

They say a boy was murdered in the men’s bathroom and you can still see the blood in mirror. Also the owners daughter fell off the top balcony and haunts the area she fell.

Salem - Footlocker Downtown

The footlocker in Salem center, used to be a parking lot where a little girl was killed, and now employees say that they have heard and seen her ghost back in the shoe room.

Salem - Oregon State Hospital

When walking in the old sections of the tunnels that run under the various buildings, you can sense that you are not alone. On the older section of the building (Administration Building) You at times will catch a site of figures in the windows, This building is also the site of which One flew Over The Cuckoos Nest was filmed. The building is condemned, however still has tormented spirits that occupy its halls and rooms.

Salem - Pentacle Theatre

A ghost called "Shelia" roams this theatre. She seems to be benevolent, and there is some disscussion as to wether or not she was one of the founders of the theatre.

Troutdale - Edgefield

This complex is now owned by the Mcminamin Brothers and they run this as a vineyard / brewery / restaurant and B&B. However it's original use was that of a Farm and then later as a nursing home. It is said to have strong activity above the wine cellars (which was once the morgue) and in the cellars themselves. McMinamin's even posts some of the hauntings on their website.

Warrenton - Stevens State Park - Battery Russell

The bike path is haunted by a man in his twenties holding a flashlight looking for enemy soldiers. The Battery itself is also haunted, strange sounds can be heard in the deep dark places that go into the hillside and cold spots are everywhere. The bunkers on the far hill are also haunted. Supposedly by a menacing figure in fatigues holding a large knife. Very creepy place to be even in daylight.

Willsonville - Dammasch State Hopital

Dammasch State Hopital:(mental hospital) opened in 1961 and closed 1995 demolished down.

The hospital that lays on the cross roads of Wilsonville and Sherwood, that was abandoned about 6 years ago when patients kept escaping.

There has been sightings of a girl screaming and a window crashing. (like jumping out of a window) which a patient had done while the asylum was still standing. as well as a janitors keys jingle as he walks down the corridors. but nothings there. or the whispers.

its the scariest place ever! blood in the basement on the walls and fingerprints.

Wolf Creek - Wolf Creek Inn

Owner, workers and guests at this lovely Victorian inn built in the late 1800's have all seen the apparition of a vampire creature with blood dripping from his mouth. And passing motorists on the old country freeways have seen him as well. One such story which made national news was when two hikers in the area witnessed the vampire while hiking around the wolf creek area, then later that night at the hotel they were bitten on the neck by the creature when they were in bed and it left strange unidentifiable bite marks on their neck.

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