Witchs castle, Portland

witchs castle


Witchs castle, as it has come to be known is believed to be a small stone trading shack or possibly and old isolated cottage in the middle of the woods. It was built in the late 1600's and has been left as ruins for many years. The name has been given to the earie story it has to tell!


The place has been named as such because it is believed that a cult of witchs used the area to perform rituals and spells. An intereting thing about these ruins is the stories of "ghost wars" which reportedly take place here. Ghosts are supposed to "fight" within the area of the ruins and if someone is close enough it is said that they wont be able to leave the area until its over.

The amount of accuracy in these stories can never be known without personal investigation, but if it's however true then this makes for a rather chillin tale indeed!

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