Gladstone Pottery, Staffordshire

Gladstone Pottery


Gladstone Pottery first opened on the site in 1787 by the Shelley family. John Sheridan purchased the factory in the early part of the 19th century and the business flourished.

The factory opened as a museum in 1974, the buildings having been saved from demolition in 1970 when the pottery closed which was ten years after its ovens were last fired.


Staff at the Museum experience paranormal activity with startiling regularity. Running footsteps and doors being violently flung open are the most common experiences, with one security guard (after hearing loud, fast-paced steps) even pursuing the noises only to find no-one there!

The most active room in the premises is the "colour room", which is home to a wide variety of paints and glazes stored in several large shelving units. The jars of paint are ofter re-arranged and stones and light bulbs have been thrown across the room by a Poltergeist.

Heat sensitive cameras have even caught invisable handprints on jars of glaze and paints while the poltergeist phenomena is taking place! Could this be the work of the ghost of a man who was killed in an accident at the factory....?

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