Fairfield state hospital, Newtown



Built in the 1930's, Fairfield state hospital was originally a psychiatric hospital, which operated from 1931 until 1995. It remained a mental institution until 1995 when it closed down. In 2005 the land was brought with private money and is now used for municipal and cultural use.


The hospital has had a somewhat disturbing past, it is a class "Asylum" building and story's of how patients were treated reflect this. Treatments here were very cruel, including patient seclusion, electric shock therapy and frontal lobotomy. The suffering experienced at this hospital sets the perfect background for a haunting.

Reports of hauntings include feeling very uneasy within certain areas of the hospital, almost as if you were in danger. Apparitions have been seen wearing patient gowns roaming the corridors. Screams have been heard coming from empty rooms that were used to administer treatment when the hospital was functioning. Other reports are generally common one's, such as orbs appearing on developed film, footsteps and cold spots.

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