Church of Eternal Light, Bristol

church of eternal light


The church of eternal light was one of the three original church's in the town and was built in 1884, originally as a school house. In 1889 it was changed into a chapel and on February 18, 2001, it officially became a pagan spiritualist church and remains one to this day.


There is one main report of a haunting at this location, and that is the apparition of a women who can be seen wearing a dress of the early 1900's fashion, she is said to be seen walking the grounds and all areas of the church, who she is however remains unknown. There is a common tale about how someone was killed on the step's of the church by being struck by lightening, whether this is true or not is unknown as any official sources of information, such as in the form of newspaper articles cannot be found.

Other reports from this building include Orbs showing up on film within the main room of the church, and people who claim to hear whispers coming from an unidentified source, what is being said however is not clear enough to make out.

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