Bridgewater Triangle, south east massachusetts

bridgewater triangle

The Bridgewater triangle is an area of around 200 square miles in the southeast of the state. There are 3 main areas within the triangle have the biggest reputation, they are as follows:

hockomock swamp

Hockomock Swamp

Hockomock Swamp is in the center of the triangle. The area was called The Devil's Swamp by early settlers. The Triangle also contains several Indian burial grounds, as well as significant sites used by both natives and colonists during King Philip's War, which is said by some to be the source of several curses on the nearby land. It is thought the Native Americans had cursed the swamp centuries ago because of a dispute with the Colonial settlers.

dighton rock

Dighton Rock

Also found within the Bridgewater Triangle is the Dighton Rock. The rock contains a number of inscriptions by possibly pre-Columbian visitors ranging from Vikings, to Portuguese to Phoenicians as characteristics of each of these languages can be found on the rock.

River Forest

Freetown-Fall River State Forest

The Freetown-Fall River State Forest was purchased from the Wampanoag Tribe in 1659, and many Native Americans have claimed that the odd and evil events which transpired over the preceding 350 years are the result of a tribal curse. For decades the Freetown State Forest has reportedly been the site of various cult activity including animal sacrifice, ritualistic murders committed by admitted Satanists, as well as a high number of suicides.

Hauntings of the Bridgewater triangle

The amounts of reports of paranormal activity within the triangle is simply huge. Stories are not just surrounding ghosts though, pretty much every type of paranormal activity has been reported here starting from precolonial times.

The stories are so varied and include just about everything that could be classed as paranormal. they include poltergeist activity, balls of fire, Big Foot sightings, ghosts of Indians and soldiers, and reports of UFOs and large birds with ten-foot wingspans.

Hockomock swamp is mostly native American hauntings and include hearing Indian battle cries, drumming and singing. The Profile Rock, shaped in the profile of a Indian face, is considered sacred to Native Americans in the area.

UFO reports began in the early 1700's and continue through actual police reports today. There are also existing and current reports of a Big Foot-like creature. It has also been seen scavenging the gardens of homeowners whose property surround the swap.

The Freetown Fall River State Forest has been home to many cults dedicated to black magic. It has also served as the dumping ground for the bodies of murder victims and mutilated livestock. Animal sacrifice has happened here on many occasions, as well as satanic murders.

Ghost sightings include a hitchhiking ghost with red hair that wonders along Route 44. A ghostly trucker has been seen driving the road in Freetown.

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